Blacksmith Andre

Blacksmith Andre is a Character in Dark Souls



Andre of Astora is a Character in Dark Souls. He is located in the basement of the old church, a disused building that connects the Undead Parish with the Darkroot Garden. He will repair and upgrade your weapons and armor for a fee of souls and materials. He can also ascend certain weaponry if given the proper ember. He also sells Titanite Shards, Smithing Boxes for weapons and armor, a Repairbox for use at bonfires, and assorted weaponry. The crest of Artorias can be purchased here for 20,000 souls.



Andre's Shop

Icon Name Use Price
Titanite Shard Upgrades weapon up to +5 800
Crest of Artorias This Crest opens the closed gate within the heart of Darkroot Garden, which can be farmed multiple times and leads to the Sif Boss Battle and the Forest Hunters Covenant. 20,000
Weapon Smithbox Grants the Player the ability to upgrade weapons at Bonfires 2,000
Armor Smithbox Grants the Player the ability to upgrade armor at Bonfires 2,000
Repairbox Grants the Player the ability to repair items at Bonfires 2,000
Longsword   1,000
Broadsword   1,000
Bastard Sword   3,000
Battle Axe   1,000
Warpick   800
Caestus   200
Pike   2,000
Large Leather Shield   800
Tower Kite Shield   1,000
Caduceus Kite Shield   1,000




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