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Blacksmith Vamos is a Character in Dark Souls. He is found in The Catacombs, working as a blacksmith and serving player with various upgrades and ammunition. Despite the somewhat violent introduction and the suspicious appearance, Vamos will not harm you unless attacked first.



  • He can ascend fire weapons to +5 by default.
  • Giving him the Large Flame Ember will enable him to ascend fire weapons to +10.
  • Giving him the Chaos Flame Ember will allow him to ascend +5 fire weapons to chaos weapons.
  • See the Upgrades page for more information regarding weapon upgrades.



This Blacksmith is accessed through The Catacombs. After the first bonfire, continue along the level until you come to a spiral staircase that breaks off. Carefully walk (NOT roll) off of the bottom of the stairs, staying against the outer wall - there is a platform directly below. From there, you should see another platform (with a lootable corpse) ahead and below; then you can safely drop to the bottom. Step into the hole there and you'll be greeted by a cut-scene of Vamos approaching you and smashing out a wall, suggesting it would be best if you left else you might cause him to lose his focus. (The cutscene will save your character from an otherwise lethal fall should he or she be lucky enough to fall directly into the hole from higher up, but this is beyond risky.) Vamos will remain here unless killed. Be careful not to accidentally lead any of the wheel skeletons just outside into his nook - they'll kill him pretty fast, due to their attack style.



Icon Use Price


 homeward bone icon
Homeward Bone
Titanite Shard
Upgrades weapon to +5 800


 weapon smithbox icon
Weapon Smithbox
Grants the Player the ability to upgrade weapons at the Bonfire 2000(?)
 armor smithbox icon
Armor Smithbox
Grants the Player the ability to upgrade armor at the Bonfire 2000(?)


 standard arrow
Standard Arrow
 large arrow
Large Arrow
Higher Damage/Less Range 50
 wooden arrow
Wooden Arrow
 standard bolt
Standard Bolt
 heavy bolt
Heavy Bolt
 wood bolt
Wooden Bolt


Fire Upgrades Standard weapons +5 ascend to Fire Reinforcement. 200
Large Fire Upgrades Requires Large Flame Ember: Fire weapons +5 ascend to +10. 200
Chaos Upgrades Requires Chaos Flame Ember: Fire weapons +5 ascend to Chaos Reinforcement. 200



Vamos can be tough to kill at low levels, but at higher levels he shouldn't put up much of a fight. He's fairly slow with mostly close quarter attacks, and his only weapon is a Pickaxe. Although he is a large special character, he can still be parried and backstabbed. His smithy is a bit cramped for fighting, so it can be beneficial to clear out the wheel skeleton pit first, and then fight him there.
Sometimes most of his attacks will not hit at all when in range, apart from the spinning attack (bug?).

His attacks are as follows:

  • Pickaxe swing.
  • Overhead chop.
  • Jumping ranged chop.
  • Spinning double attack.



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