Kingseeker Frampt

Kingseeker Frampt is a Character in Dark Souls



Kingseeker Frampt, the Primordial Serpent, is in a deep slumber beneath Firelink Shrine when the Chosen Undead begins their quest. He wakes after the second bell of awakening has been rung and can be found inside the watery area of the church ruins – his snoring can be heard in the area after the first bell-chime.


Frampt drops nothing and does not die. Instead, he will retreat beneath Firelink Shrine and will not return. You can still access the Lordvessel by jumping down the hole or by letting Darkstalker Kaathe carry you there from the Abyss (if you sided with him).


  • He will relate to the player their destiny, as well as other story-related information.
  • He may be asleep when you approach him but you may wake him by attacking him once. Alternatively, jump down the hole to the Firelink Chamber (you suffer no damage) then warp back to the Firelink Shrine and he should be awake. If you choose the alternative and haven't placed the Lordvessel, Kingseeker Frampt will assume you are working with Primordial Serpent Kaathe and leave until the next playthrough. (absolving your sins will not make him reappear)
  • Once you obtain the Lordvessel, talk to him to place it in its altar.
    • When you obtain the Lordvessel, talk to him to access the altar and unlock the last area of the game.
    • The Lordvessel can alternatively be used to access another Serpent, in the Abyss, if the player plans to join the Darkwraith Covenant.
  • You can feed him items for souls (you 'sell' stuff to him) See TRADE table below for items to exchange for souls.
    • Frampt will generally offer only 1 soul for things he dislikes, such as the Soul of Smough, or objects related to Seath (e.g. crystal equipment).
    • Frampt will offer higher value to items associated with the gods, such as lightning weapons, or items associated with women, such as parts of the Maiden or Antiquated sets.
  • Breaks down Titanite into its smaller components. For example, it converts Titanite Chunks into Large Titanite Shards.



  • If you join the Darkwraiths before obtaining the Lordvessel (i.e., you kill Ingward for the key) you may still have Frampt believe you are not a traitor if you abandon the covenant before ringing both bells.
  • If you drop down to the hole when Frampt is up, he will get angry and disappear. "You fool you could not be the chosen one." Be sure to talk to him and make him take you down and place the Lordvessel. However this will not ruin your game in anyway, only unable to feed items.
  • If you deal too much damage to him, Frampt will also disappear.

Trade (Feeding Ores)

Ore Qty Returned Qty
Large Titanite Shard 1 Titanite Shard 5
Titanite Chunk 1 Large Titanite Shard 3
Green Titanite Shard 1 Titanite Shard 5
Blue Titanite Chunk 1 Green Titanite Shard 3
White Titanite Chunk 1 Green Titanite Shard 3
Red Titanite Chunk 1 Green Titanite Shard 3
Titanite Slab 1 Titanite Chunk 2

Trade (Items) *incomplete list

Item Returns to you
Arrows and bolts 5
Weapons (normal upgrade path) 50
Pyromancy Flame 1000 (upgrade +2)
Dragon weapons 5000
Crystal weapons 1
Divine weapons 100
Armor 100
Most Consumables 50
Dung Pie 200
Humanity (the consumable) 1000 each
Twin Humanities 2000 each
Prism Stone 10
Eye of Death 500
Sunlight Medal 200
Purging Stone 1000
Soul of a ..., Large soul of a ... (any normal) 500
Core of an Iron Golem 8000
Soul of Priscilla 15000
Soul of Ornstein 8000
Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly 8000
Soul of Quelaag 10000
Soul of (Great Wolf) Sif 4000
Fire Keeper Soul 1000
Cracked Red Eye Orb 500
Copper Coin 1000
Silver Coin 3000
Gold Coin 5000
Dingy Set (Hood, gloves, robe, and skirt) 1000 each piece
Havel's Ring 1000
Hornet Ring 1000
Cat Covenant Ring 1000
Ring of the Evil Eye 500
Most Rings 100

GLITCH: As of patch 1.03: sometimes Frampt does not offer to break down certain ores in NG+ mode. (Example: I have every type of ore, yet he only gives me the option to break my Titanite Slab). This can be fixed by going to your bonfire and accessing your bottomless box, depositing EVERY ore into the box and then talking to Frampt again. Go back and get your ores from your bonfire, he will then act as normal and offer to break any of your ores.
Note: It is no longer possible to gain infinity souls by buying items then selling them to Frampt, he no longer giving you more souls than the price of them.


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    • Anonymous

      Well i jump down the hole and place the lordvessel then he disappeared and i thought i somehow sided with Kathe or game bugged/glitched...

      • Anonymous

        sell him the useless wearables and weapons you accumulate over your playthrough. i cleaned out my inventory of rags and helmets and got myself a nice 15k souls.

        • Anonymous

          Didn’t even start dialogue with him. Saw this abomination from hell, so I started blasting

          After about 30 arrows he left. Definitely an intimidating but easy boss

          • Anonymous

            I accidentally fell down into the firelinking chamber post Anor-Londo, and he left. Oh well, guess I'm siding with Kaathe.

            • Anonymous

              Personally I’m not sure if frampt dislikes smough and seath, since even though he pays so little for their equipment related stuff, I’m left wondering how come he takes the dragon stuff and pays dozens for it…? He probably disliked dragons given the fact they were the ones who gwyn and his gang fought against. This included seath the scaleless who fought with gwyn, as for smough, he’s one of the few who guarded gwynevere at anor londo, so honestly it’s kinda confusing. Maybe he doesn’t want to dishonor the two of them, and as for fire related stuff, it’s for the chosen undead’s quest, he disliked dragons, and reah and dusk, the two who seemed to be related to light and fire, takes their related items and such to aid the protagonist? Idfk

              • Anonymous

                Basically Frampt is a cheap POS and it's not worth feeding him anything for souls, your better off farming.

                • Anonymous

                  did frampt kill the firekeeper in the first firelink you find (the one that doesnt talk) ? she's dead now but i dont know how/why and the only other change is frampt is in the firelink

                  • Anonymous

                    I fed him titanite but he did not crush it into smaller pieces. do I need to give him the lordvessel for him to crush titanite?

                    • Anonymous

                      People wonder are concerned they are be played by a fool by this guy or if they should wonder if they are being lied to by kaathe, but I wonder why Chris isn’t continuing the redfield heritage in resident evil.

                      • Anonymous

                        How do I wake this guy up?? Tried jumping in the hole and reloading. Can I get away with hitting him to wake him?

                        • Anonymous

                          he's a stupid *******, I was just trying to go back to the undead asylum and he from nothing said"YoU'rE a TrAiToR yOu Do NoT dEsErVe AuUuUgHh"

                          now im going to do the """bad""" ending. **** that guy.

                          • Anonymous

                            if you ever wondered how can one turn metal into just found your man (oh dont get me wrong he aint no alchemist!)

                            • Anonymous

                              after misguiding a numberless amount of chosen undeads he chooses rap career and sings
                              ...Im begging to feel like a Dung pie . Dung pie...
                              ...all of the undead from the front to Blight town . Blight town...
                     who thinks their length is enough to Go down . Go down...
                              ...they say they feed me like like a trash can . so call me trashpent...

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