Blue Titanite Chunk


Titanite chunk for weapon reinforcement. Blue titanite has powerful magic energy.
Reinforces magic weapons to +9, and enchanted weapons to +4.
With the discovery of chunks in Lordran, the race to locate the Legendary Slabs has begun. But could they be mere myth?

Blue Titanite Chunk is an Ore in Dark Souls.


Blue Titanite Chunk Usage

Used for magic and enchant upgrades.

  • Blue Titanite drops from the Crystal Golems found near the Hydra in Darkroot Basin as well as the area before crystal cave.
  • Farming tip: You can easily range down the golems by leading them up to the tower, standing just out of range on the other side of the doorway and hitting them with spells or ranged weapons. However do not do it without the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and some Humanity. Otherwise the drop chance is far too low.
  • Farming tip for Duke's Archives Garden: Excellent drop rate even when hollow with Covetous Gold Serpent Ring. Clear out golems and head through cave until the Moonlight Butterfly, kill it to try for a slab, use a homeward bone, repeat. Expect 2 to 6 Blue Titanite Chunks per trip. High drop rate may be related to recent patch, as these golems used to have a reportedly low drop rate.


Blue Titanite Chunk Location



  •  Blue Titanite Chunks display the rune "Laguz", which means "water".


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    • Anonymous

      golems in darkroot have a 4% drop rate, whereas the ones in the archives and crystal caverns have the listed 8% drop rates

      • The Black Knight near the Darkroot Basin bonfire drops one and one is looted off of a corpse in Duke's Archives in the Crystal Golem area that leads to Crystal Cave (go down the ladder to the Crystal Golem area and turn around, it's straight back near a Crystal Golem.)

        • Anonymous

          With an item discovery rate of 350 (1 Humanity + Covetous Gold Serpent Ring), farming the crystal golems in Darkroot Basin:

          Kills: 80
          Blue Titanite Shards: 8
          Discovery rate: 10%

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