The Great Hollow is a hollowed out tree where you'll have to traverse a series of twisting branches and roots leading down until you reach the bottom. It's a relatively small area but made difficult by the perilous downward journey and tough enemies contained within. It's reached by attacking the two illusory walls at the top of a path on a giant tree root in Blighttown swamp. It serves as the gateway to Ash Lake.

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Full The Great Hollow Walkthrough

To access the area head left toward the large tree from the Blighttown swamp bonfire and you should see a huge tree root going upward like a ramp that you can walk up. At the top, you can hit the wall to the left of the corpse (holding the Plank Shield) to reveal a secret area with a chest. Behind the chest you hit this wall too to reveal another secret passage leading down to The Great Hollow.

As you enter the area you'll see a bonfire, ensure you use it before continuing. In general there is only one direction to go - down - and doing so requires you to navigate a series of intertwined branches and roots which makes the details of the route difficult to describe in writing, so please excuse the limited directions. Figure out your route down through trial and error and once you're familiar with it you'll find you can make your way down in no time. The area contains various forms of titanite (there is at least one titanite chunk of each color and there are even two of certain colours) and some soul items. The easiest way to find them all is just to explore, none of them are overly difficult to reach but almost every treasure in this area requires you to jump from one branch onto other branches or mushroom tops below. Also of note are the numerous Crystal Lizards in the area, which seem to spawn randomly in various locations upon each bonfire reset - they also provide titanite drops once killed.

From the bonfire, as you go down the first root you can roll off toward the centre of the area and into the hollow tree below to get the Cloranthy Ring. Continue to proceed down the roots and you may come across an area with three Basilisks. Survive them and keep going down until you will reach a set of two ladders leading down further to a dense canopy of roots. There's two more Basilisks down here waiting for you but be careful when fighting them as the floor here has some holes that are easy to miss - you don't want to fall down. Down them there is another root canopy with four more Basilisks, but if you go to the edges of the holes on the canopy your on now, you can grab the attention of a couple of them who will then walk off the edge of their canopy to their death.

Look near the base of the tree here and you'll find a ladder leading down, but there's also a hole nearby that you can drop down to collect an item. Down on the next level, be prepared to deal with the remaining Basilisks quickly. If you survive, look on the sides of the canopy for a root that slopes down and proceed down it to continue. Partway down, you will begin walking on large mushroom tops instead of branches and roots and will start encountering some small Mushroom People - they are not too much trouble. Further down near the bottom you'll see 3 large Mushroom People as well as some more small ones. Be careful here, and defeat them if you can. If not, be prepared to dash past them to reach the bottom and exit out the fog gate into Ash Lake.

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  • The spell fall control will make the jumps down the tree quick without much life loss, however any fatal jump with the spell is still fatal.


Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.

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