Repair Powder

Lightly enchanted golden powder. Repairs weapon equipped in right hand.
Use of a weapon depletes its durability, eventually rendering it ineffective.
Repair Powder is a precious method of repair on the battlefield, as it obviates the need for a Repairbox.

Repair Powder is a Consumable in Dark Souls.

Repair Powder Usage

  • Used to repair broken equipment in the field, without the need of a repairbox and being at a bonfire.
  • Both weapons and shields can be repaired (100 durability points), as long as they are held in the right hand while applying the powder.

Repair Powder Location



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    • Anonymous

      the fact that, at a bonfire you only need souls to repair items alludes to the idea that repair powder is ground up souls. also why cant you snort repair power to heal

      • Anonymous

        Yes, this is a completely useless item on the vast majority of weapons, but very useful if you have one of the few weapons that have durability-reducing weapon art like the Dragon Greatsword. Being able to hold 99 of these at any time means that you can spam the weapon art as much as you want without having to worry about your weapon being close to breaking after a few attacks. Not something I ever needed to use in PvP but great in PvE. As a MLGS wielding sorcerer, it provides me with what is essentially an infinite ranged attack option vs mobs which allows me to preserve my spell castings, whether for the area boss or any potential invasions.

        • Anonymous

          So many repair methods Ingame and yet the weapons rarely friggin break.

          A spell, powder, bonfire, the fuggin blacksmith, all useless because the durability makes no sense and every weapon even with 10! Durability never break.

          If they made the weapons really weak or something, or had not nerfed acid surge to the fuggin dirt I could understand a need for this pixie dust.

          But that’s just the players fault, complaining about a spell you barely saw or even needed to worry about 99% of the time.

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