Transient Curse


Limb of the victim of a curse. Temporary curse allows engagement with ghosts.
The only way to fight back against ghosts, who are cursed beings, is to become cursed oneself.
The safest method, however dreadful, is to cut off an arm of the dead.

Transient Curse is a Consumable in Dark Souls.

Transient Curse Usage

  • Lets you interact with ghosts for a limited time, since you must be cursed to hit them.
  • Ghosts are encountered in New Londo Ruins.
  • The effect lasts for 5 minutes.

Transient Curse Location


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    • Anonymous

      How to know your transit curse effect is still active without fighting ghosts? There are 2 ways:

      1) Item is blacked out, marking it can't be used - most common method but you will need to switch to estus flask and switch back every time you heal.

      2) Visual glow effects on character (like stamina regeneration from gras crest shield) turn their color to pale gray instead their original color for the duration of the curse.

      • Anonymous

        In case anyone else was wondering, having a Transient Curse active does NOT protect you from being cursed by Basilisks or Seath. I hadn't seen any info on this one way or the other so I went to the Depths and tried it out, got hella cursed.

        • Anonymous

          I fought what I can only assume is a vagrant holding a transient curse in the chasm of the abyss. The weird thing is, it didn't look like a good vagrant, but more like a pale grey leech. I'm somewhat of a veteran to the game, but not this area, so I don't know what to think.

          • Anonymous

            is there anything else that can hit the ghosts other than using transient curse or the cursed greatsword of artorias?

            • Anonymous

              Can sb help me ? ... I don't have any transient curse's left... Because the merchanter is not selling it any more and i used all the free ones ... So far i killed siff and unlikely i created greatesword of artoris (not the cursed one) ... The only merchanter that sells curse's is in new londo but i can't get ther withought dieing ... Can i reforge this greatesword and get Boss soul back ?

              • Anonymous

                Transient Curse will also interfere with Great Magic Barrier. So either run like hėll or wait for it to Expire before dropping into the abyss.

                • Anonymous

                  I think it should be noted that this counts as a personal buff and will stop you from casting the Pyromancy: Power Within. So when you're standing ready to drop into The Abyss wondering why you can't cast Power Within, you'll have to wait out the Transient Curse.

                  • Anonymous

                    Can players drop these? Asking because I killed Ingward by accident and I’ve gotten every curse in the level and would rather not farm.

                    • Anonymous

                      is there a way to check how much time you have left for your temp curse? i know i can check by pulling up the equip item but i don't want to get caught in the middle of a fight

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