Power Within

Spell Type Pyromancy
Type Self Buff. Cannot be used if any other self buffs are active, or vice versa.
Slots Used 1
Uses 1

Power Within is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls. To cast a pyromancy, you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies


Pyromancy of Carmina, who harnessed the power of flame to actualize the inner-self. Short strength/endurance boost, but lose HP.
Excessive power eats away the life-force of its caster, and like all dangerous spells, Power Within was kept secret for eons.


  • Personal Buff. Cannot be used if any other personal buffs are active, or vice versa.
  • Duration: 100 seconds.
  • Increases Attack power and Stamina regeneration, but gradually drains HP.
    • Increases all damage dealt by the user by 40%
    • Increases stamina regeneration by 73%
    • The Lingering Dragoncrest Ring  extends the duration of the effect to 150 seconds, lowering the rate of HP drain to suit the extended duration.
    • There is no easy way to cancel the spell once applied, it will even continue its duration while resting at a Bonfire. Only death, warping with the Lordvessel; or using a Homeward Bone, the Homeward Miracle, or the Darksign will end it.
    • It is possible to "safely" use the Red Tearstone Ring in conjunction with Power Within by reducing the character's max HP to near 200, which can be achieved by being both cursed and wearing the Dusk Crown Ring with a low vitality stat, then equipping the Sanctus when both Power Within and the Red Tearstone are active. Sanctus's meager regeneration will then be adequate to offset the HP drain, keeping the player alive while maintaining the Red Tearstone effect.


Acquired From



  • The total duration of the spell consists of 101 ticks of HP loss unless the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring is equipped, which lowers this amount to 99 ticks.
  • Power Within is a Self Buff and interferes with other such buffs (i.e. Great Magic Barrier, Green Blossom, Transient Curse, etc.). As long as it's active it's not possible to cast other Self Buffs and vice versa.


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    • Anonymous

      18 Apr 2020 04:22  

      i just spend 2 hours gaering everything needed for the kaioken buff (PW+RTR+Sanctus) it didnt work, hp dain is faster than its regeneraion

      • Anonymous

        11 Mar 2020 19:46  

        Pretty busted pyromancy, I've been using this with my Strength build and i mostly use this as "Melt bosses before they can blink" spell, or as "Finish off tough bosses before they react" spell.

        • Anonymous

          15 Feb 2020 19:41  

          It says that it will not work with personal buffs and I just realized that it includes transient curse. I was going to the 4 kings and had the curse active for the ghosts and power within will not show active until the buff expires.

          • Anonymous

            10 Feb 2020 19:03  

            Power within not working. Andcyes I tried to attack an enemy, no damage differences. And I don't have anything equipped with buffs. I've tried pwi on two different characters, same issue.

            • Anonymous

              20 Jul 2019 20:07  

              I use a chaos zweihander and power within. I only have 16 str and 10 dex and I do 800 to 850 dmg per swing. This is actually busted.

              • Anonymous

                10 Jun 2019 07:17  

                Best pyromancy in the game. On a STR build I used the Man Serpent Greatsword at 40 STR, 30 FTH for Sunlight Blade, and then Power Within. I saved this combo for boss fights. Even at just +10 I was doing insane amounts of damage. It's a great build for taking out the Four Kings quickly. At +15 MSGS nothing could stand in my way. I dominated everything and everyone I came across. I really felt like a king or a deity.

                • Anonymous

                  12 Feb 2019 02:37  

                  Does the damage buff of Power Within scale with the level of my Pyro flame ? Or I can just keep it at level 1 to use ?

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Dec 2018 05:18  

                    I play in the PC the remastered one, and when u are to die to the boss, just close the game. When u come back, u are with all flask in front of the fogs door. But, the power within cant be cast again, u need to teleport to the bonfire or die.

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Nov 2018 00:55  

                      So, If I applied a buff to a weapon, say Sunlight blade, is power within increasing my damage output by 40% before or after the buff is calculated?

                      • Anonymous

                        19 Sep 2018 05:53  

                        if u do use the ring to extend the duration wouldn't bountiful sunlight off set the self damage for the first minute?

                        • Anonymous

                          19 Sep 2018 00:54  

                          Great for soul farming allows for almost permanent running and 40% dmg boost allows for overkills which net 20% more souls

                          • Anonymous

                            22 Sep 2017 19:32  

                            the most OP spell perfect for every boss fight, plus it with ring of fog +10 upgrade weapon 4 hit kill Nito for cheese cake yo!

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