Self Buffs
, also sometimes referred to as Personal Buffs or just Buffs, are a type of effect in Dark Souls

Effects of Self Buffs

  • Self Buffs are placed by the player on themselves and change certain aspects, stats or values for their duration.
  • They differ from Ring or Equipment Effects in that they are mutually exclusive:
    • There can only be one Self Buff active at any given time.
    • During the duration of a Self Buff no other Self Buffs can be cast.
  • Self Buffs end either on their own after they expire or can be removed by the player by reloading the area. This can be accomplished by:
  • A Self Buff usually places a visual indicator on the body of the character for it's duration.

List of Self Buffs

Self Buffs can be placed by using certain Consumables or casting Miracles, Pyromancies or Sorceries.

Icon/Name Duration Description Acquired From Type
Transient Curse
5 minutes Lets you damage ghosts for a limited time Found on multiple bodies in New Londo Ruins.
Possible drop from Ghosts.
Purchased from the Undead Merchant (Female) for 4,000 souls (4 in stock).
Purchased from Ingward for 1,000 souls.
Green Blossom
60 seconds Temporary boost to stamina recovery speed Dropped by the Frog-Rays in the Darkroot Garden.
Purchased from the Crestfallen Merchant for 1,000 souls apiece.
Purchased from Marvelous Chester in the Royal Wood for 1,200 souls.
Elizabeth's Mushroom.png
Elizabeth's Mushroom
30 seconds Regenerates HP for 30 seconds 1 found in the Royal Wood
3 acquired from Elizabeth.
60 seconds Gradually restores HP over time for a short duration.  Received from Reah of Thorolund after rescuing her from the two hollows in the Tomb of the Giants. Miracle
Bountiful Sunlight
60 seconds Gradually restores HP over time for a short duration to you and nearby allies.
Must be part of the Princess's Guard to use. 
Pisaca - Little Sister Miracle
Magic Barrier
40 seconds Reduces incoming magic damage for a short duration.
Reah of Thorolund 6,000 Souls Miracle
Great Magic Barrier
40 seconds  As Magic Barrier but reduces even more magic damage.
The Great Hollow - Ash Lake Miracle
Seek Guidance*
30 seconds  The Seek Guidance miracle allows the player to see more messages on the ground as well as their positive and negative ratings. Additional developer messages, providing hints, can also be seen in some areas. Petrus of Thorolund 2,000 Souls
Reah of Thorolund 500 Souls
Karmic Justice
60 seconds  Karmic Justice is a self-buff that lasts for 1 minute. If the player takes successive hits in PHYSICAL damage (meaning melee and non-magical), the spell explodes, dealing massive damage to all nearby enemies and knocking them all down. A very effective miracle for players who wear cloth armor with no poise. If they get stunlocked by a combo, this spell can save you from certain death. Oswald of Carim 40,000 Souls Miracle
Power Within
100 seconds Increases Attack and Defense but gradually drains HP Blighttown (Underneath the  Parasitic Wall Hugger) Pyromancy
Iron Flesh
30 seconds Self-buff, raises defenses and poise.
Note: User becomes heavy and unable to move freely: can only walk, can't run, sprint, dodge, or jump.
Laurentius 2,000 souls Pyromancy
Flash Sweat
60 seconds Covers the player in water, reduces fire damage. Laurentius 2,000 souls Pyromancy
30 seconds Masks all noises of caster. Sen's Fortress (treasure)
Griggs of Vinheim (drop)
Fall Control
45 seconds Reduces damage and noise from fall. However, terminal falls will still kill you even with this active. Griggs of Vinheim 1,500 souls Sorcery
Hidden Body
30 seconds Masks your presence, making detection harder. Dusk of Oolacile 2,000 souls Sorcery
30 seconds Granted when using L2/R2 with Havel's Greatshield equipped (must meet Strength requirement to wield). Increases poise and seems to make enemies stagger when they hit you. One of the chests behind the illusory wall in Anor Londo Special Equipment


  • *Seek Guidance is unique in that it can still be cast while other Self Buffs are active (it still prevents other Self Buffs from being cast).
    • It will however not show additional messages when cast this way.

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