Frog Ray - Dark Souls Remastered
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137 137 103 137 103
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88 103 D D E
HP 162 (NG+ 370 )
Drops 80 Souls (NG+ 320 )
Green Blossom

Frog-Ray is an Enemy in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Enemies are hostile creatures that respawn when players rest at a Bonfire or upon death. Special enemies that do not respawn are classified as Bosses, Mini Bosses or Invaders.


Frog-Ray Information

Red frogs with black dots. These frogs seem to be a hybrid of a regular frog and a sting ray.





  • Vertical Tongue Whip: Extends decently far towards the player, the tongue will make a bounce like animation once it has hit the player or environment.
  • Horizontal Tongue Whip: Extends quite far as well as it is very similar to the follow up special of the one hand whip attack.
  • Note: The Frog-Ray has a very far back backstep and can hop pretty high towards the player.



These enemies should be no threat whatsoever. Kill them one at a time and you will be fine. However, they are usually found in the company of Stone Knights and can hinder your kiting abilities. Their bodies also fall through the map quite often, so try to pick up any items they drop quickly.



Location Health NG+ Souls NG+ Respawn
Darkroot Garden 162 370 80 320 Yes



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    • Anonymous

      Wow, I've had DS1 for over two years now and did countless playthroughs but not once have I come across this area, until now. Just randomly found it because I punched that one tree for no reason in particular. lol

      • Anonymous

        The statement by anon below is surprisingly true. For anyone interested in crazy things normally unnoticed in the game, you can lure one of these things to the shallow pool of water where the first stone golem spawns and it will float across the water using a new animation. It will also get new moves, such as spitting the grey gunk stuff that the mass of souls attack.

        • Anonymous

          If you lure the first to the watery area they have attacks they can only do in the water. They can swim and can spit the same substance as the mass of souls in new londo. Baiting them to do it os very easy. I love these guys and nobody knows about these attacks. It really is interesting as only the first one can do it as the rest leash before the water. I theorize they were originally more plentiful in the game and we're originally where the crystal golem near hydra were. Praise the froggies.

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