Balder Knight

Balder Knight enemy dark soul
physical protection dark souls dks strike protection dark souls dks slash protection dark souls dks thrust protection dark souls dks magic protection dark souls dks
137 ~ 275 137 ~ 275 137 ~ 275 137 ~ 275 100 ~ 200
fire protection dark souls dks lightning protection dark souls dks poison resistance dark souls dks toxic dark souls dks bleed resistance dark souls dks
103 ~ 207 89 ~ 179 D D C
HP 129 ~ 385 (NG+ 245 - 695)
Drops 160 - 500 Souls (NG+ 800 - 1000)
Balder Side Sword
Balder Shield
Light Crossbow
Balder Helm
Balder Armor
Balder Gauntlets
Balder Leggings
Titanite Shard
Large Titanite Shard

Balder Knight is an Enemy in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Enemies are hostile creatures that respawn when players rest at a Bonfire or upon death. Special enemies that do not respawn are classified as Bosses, Mini Bosses or Invaders.

Balder Knight Information

Also known as Balder's Undead Knight, these fully armored undead knights hail originally from the land of Balder. They are seen carrying either a straight sword, rapier, or crossbow. Balder was the homeland of the Knight King Rendal, but it came to ruin after a great many Undead were spawned.


All Types

Longsword Type

Rapier Type

Crossbow Type



Stay behind your shield, and only attack when they are vulnerable. They have moderate health, but their attacks are usually predictable. The longsword variant has many attacks that leave it vulnerable for countering, so just take a couple steps back to wait out the attack, then step in with your own. The rapier variant will attempt to parry and riposte. You can tell when it will attempt this because it will change stances, pointing it's rapier towards you whilst keeping it's shield up. You can safely kick them out of that stance, or just take the chance to heal. The crossbow variant is easy enough to deal with; just approach with your shield raised, and attack when it switches weapons.



Location Health NG+ Souls NG+ Respawn
Undead Parish 129 (Balder Side Sword)
151 (Rapier)
Sen's Fortress 380 (Balder Side Sword & Rapier)
134 (Light Crossbow)



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    • Anonymous

      the rapier and buckler balder knights are probably the most interesting and entertaining enemies to fight in this entire game in my opinion, why?
      because it feels like everything else goes unga bunga on your ass where as these balder knights wait you out and runs forward and stabs and retreats and guard up to set up for parries, it's not often you will see an enemy behave defensively.

      • Anonymous

        These guys will backstab your ass as soon as you try to turn around, i was fighting one in the parish and as soon as i pressed 'S' he backstabbed me, it often looks like a lagstab.

        • Anonymous

          Unless you want to pvp with it, just don't farm for this weapon. It's a waste of time honestly if you are just running through the game. With how dead online is, you are better off just playing with whatever you come across and find fun. It took me like 2 hours in total to get mine, and I just wanted to see what the fuss was all about. This is just a twink killer imo, but with 200 hours of playtime I've only come across 3 different twink invaders, and like 7 total invasions. Leo ring poking is op

          • Anonymous

            Those drop rates can't be accurate. After over 60 of those knights killed I have 4 Balder Shields and still no Sword, yet both are supposed to have a drop rate of 1%.

            • Anonymous

              How can I tell which ones use the side sword, and which use the rapier? I'm only here for the side sword because it's supposedly so good D:

              Thanks to anyone who helps with this~

              • Anonymous

                Suggest an update to this. I was farming for a Balder Side Sword, and one of the Longsword types actually dropped a Rapier. I thought I might just have the types confused, so I killed a rapier guy, and he dropped one two. Apparently both drop rapiers, but not yet sure if they both drop side swords.

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