Magic Defense

Magic Defense

Magic Defense is a Stat in Dark Souls.


Magic Defense Information & Notes


Magic Defense

Defense against Magic damage attacks. The following are equipments, items, or spells that increase Magic Resistance.


Shields and Weapons


Attunement  ♦  Attunement Slots  ♦  Bleed Resist  ♦  Curse Resist  ♦  Dexterity  ♦  Endurance  ♦  Equip Load  ♦  Faith  ♦  Fire Defense  ♦  Health  ♦  Humanity  ♦  Intelligence  ♦  Item Discovery  ♦  Level  ♦  Lightning Defense  ♦  Physical Defense  ♦  Poise  ♦  Poison Resist  ♦  Resistance  ♦  Stamina  ♦  Strength  ♦  Vitality


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    • Anonymous

      15 Aug 2021 04:34  

      Starting and Light armor needs to be labeled, Light and Medium because there's no way Paladin set is light armor.

      • Anonymous

        16 Jun 2019 04:30  

        Damn i was hoping for infomation on how the stat works, like does it take base damage from your attacks up untill a cap (deal 200 damage and the enemy has 300 mgk def would they take any damage)? Does it even have a cap? Does it work like anbsorption? Is there some sort of really wierd calculation? Is there a way tp negate damage?

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