Exact Values

Resistance Poison Resistance
10 30
50 114
99 150

Resistance is a Stat in Dark Souls



Resistance increases physical and flame defense and resistance to poison.

  • Defense (including physical and flame) are also affected by your total level and the diminishing returns from both appear to stack, causing resistance's effectiveness at higher levels to become negligible. Poison defense does not suffer from this double diminishing return effect, although armor and the poisonbite ring are better options.
  • Resistance offers a static debuff on damage. 1 point of res = 1 point less damage taken, or 1% less damage taken, whichever value is -lower-. Attacks that would normally kill you have about a 7 time multiplier on damage reduced. This only has effect on PvE enemies in game, not other Players and hence is not useful for PvP.
  • Resistance offers a reduction in fall damage take by the player (Confirmed False [Can provide proof upon request])

NOTE: Starting Classes level's are unaffected by their Resistance level. Leveling resistance at bonfires should increase your level like normal. It can be useful in areas like Blighttown and the painted world of Ariamis but poison resistant armor sets are sufficient for survival. It is generally not recommended to level up resistance.

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