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Intelligence is a Stat in Dark Souls



 Intelligence governs the power of Sorceries. It also controls weapon attack power for weapons that scale with Intelligence. This includes Weapon upgraded with Magic Upgrade and Enchanted Upgrade paths and unique weapons, specifically Moonlight Greatsword and Velka's Rapier.

Sorceries require a minimum level of intelligence to cast.

(You can acquire without the required stats and even attune the spell, but attempting to cast will leave your character scratching their head, literally.)

NOTE: This stat does NOT increase the power of Pyromancy spells. Pyromancy Power only increases with the level of The Pyromancy Flame.

Intelligence does increases the damage of punch attacks made with The Pyromancy Flame.

NOTE: Some weapons (e.g. Velka's Rapier) require a minimum intelligence level to be wielded properly.

If you do not meet the minimum intelligence required, you will stagger every time you hit an opponent.


List of weapons and their Scaling

Also see weapon scaling.

Scaling - D

Scaling - E

Scaling - A




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    • Anonymous

      After leveling this skill enough, your character becomes smart enough to realize they should have just leveled str instead

      • Anonymous

        For INT builds, the "Enchanted" weapon upgrade scales from your INT. Level 4-5 enchanted can scale to Grade "A" making alot of your favorite weapons be strong and viable for you! (I'm a claymore-wielding sorc)

        • Anonymous

          Article might benefit from smaller ways intelligence affects sorceries (e.g. homing soulmass has 2 projectiles at 16 INT, 3 at 19 INT, etc); a note that Dex, not Int, affects casting speed; and a link to the Magic Adjustment page, which shows which catalysts are best for various intelligence ranges.

          • Anonymous

            Softcaps are 50 for spell casting catalysts and 40 for weapon scaling. Exception is logan staff softcaps at 45 instead of 50.

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