Attunement Slots

0-9 0
10-11 1
12-13 2
14-15 3
16-18 4
19-22 5
23-27 6
28-33 7
34-40 8
41-49 9
50-99 10


Attunement Information & Notes

Increases the number of Attunement Slots available for Pyromancies, Sorceries, and Miracles.

  • Each Spell has a limited amount of charges. Spells of all three branches of Magic can be attuned to multiple slots for more total charges
  • Spell Charges are restored by resting at a Bonfire
  • Wearing special rings can increase the number of Attunement slot:
  • Leveling Attunement past 50 has no effect other than having a higher level, so stopping here is recommended
  • The maximum possible number of Attunement Slots is 12 slots (having at least 50 points in Attunement and equipping both rings)
  • Glitch Notes: Sometimes when gaining a new attunment slot, if a spell is not acquired right away, the atunment slot may become unusable








    • Anonymous

      29 Dec 2019 22:57  

      I swear I feel like my lock-on range is longer with 99 attunement (only did that because of a night of drunken stupidity on a randomly made char)... that, and my spells also travel faster, and area of effect larger. Not by much, but it feels like it's there at 99. Can someone confirm these?

      • Anonymous

        19 Apr 2019 22:16  

        in my opinion attunement is the worst stat in the game. only limpies would ever invest in this horrible stat. the only worse stat is strength which is arguably useless overall. if you noobs use strength or attunement you should git gud

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