Item Discovery

Item Discovery

Item Discovery is a Stat in Dark Souls.


Item Discovery Information

The item discovery rate determines the possibility of rare item drops when killing enemies.

Base value is 100, but it can be raised to the maximum of 410 via different ways :

  • Equipping either the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring or Symbol of Avarice will raise item discovery by 200. They will not stack.
  • Humanities raise discovery by certain amounts and stops after 10. See its article for a chart.

Hollow or human form does not affect the drop rate of your character.


Item Discovery Table

Humanity  Item Discovery
0 100
1 150
2 158
3 165
4 173
5 180
6 186
7 192
8 198
9 204
10+ 210


    • Anonymous

      13 Jul 2019 11:24  

      I've been farming mainly in The Depths & Blightown using the following method with good results--average 3-4 items every cycle, even without the Gold Serpent ring 1. Stack Humanity. I'm usually carrying between 3-10. Interesting note--I haven't seen a large increase in drop rate for 6+ humanity 2. Load area at bonfire and head out to hunt. Repeat 3-4 times 3. After those 3-4 bonfire reloads, QUIT game and restart 4. Rinse, repeat My most recent farming run in The Depths (without the Gold Serpent Ring) got 10 Large Titanite Shards, 18 Green Titanite Shards, and 12 Humanities within 20 minutes Quitting the game after a few bonfire reloads seems to really increase the non-ring drop rate for some reason, which is pretty useful in the early game. Hope this helps someone!

      • Anonymous

        02 Jul 2019 04:45  

        This page doesn't actually explain how this stat affects drops numerically. Is it a multiplier that applies equally to every item drop or does it work differently ?

        • Anonymous

          06 Apr 2019 11:22  

          I've been farming the Depths bonfire by the big rat that was in the sewer for humanity. At least 9 rats spawn in groups and 1 in the crate. You can just run down, kill them, and run back to the fire and reset. I'm using the Covetous Serpent ring, which is probably the best item in the game. The farm starts out pretty slow at 1 humanity per 3-4 runs but just use the humanity every time you get it until you have 10 and your item discovery is 410, I get about 1 humanity every 1-2 runs average. For some reason, Humanity is just super rare, unless you actually find people that will summon you on boss fights (WHich is limited by level, btw.). Or unless you are a god and never die in the game.

          • Anonymous

            22 Jan 2019 11:18  

            This***** doesn't even work. I tried it and still got nothing. Did more than 50 runs in the depths (farming humanity) and nothing

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