Endurance Stamina Equip Load
10 91  50.0
20  110  60.0 
30  133  70.0
40  160 80.0
50  160 90.0
60  160 100.0
70  160 110.0
80  160 120.0
90  160 130.0
99  160 139.0

Endurance is a Stat in Dark Souls



Endurance controls the player's Stamina, max Equip Load and resistance to Bleeding.

  • Stamina will not be increased after 40 Endurance, but Equip Load and Bleed Resistance will.
    • Actions reduces stamina such as dashing and attacking, stamina regenerates with a brief pause on actions. When stamina runs out, any actions cannot be carried.
    • Stamina is capped at 160 when endurance reached level 40. See the information box on the right side.
  • The roll and run speed of the player will vary with the amount of equipped weight.
    • Equip weight above 100% of total Equip Load leaves the player unable to roll and run.
    • Equip weight between 50% to 100% of Equip Load gives slow movement, and causes the player to 'fat roll'.
    • Equip weight between 25% to 50% of Equip Load gives medium movement.
    • Equip weight below 25% of Equip Burden gives fast movement.
  • Stamina regeneration is also reduced by higher equip burdens, at the same equip loads as roll and run speed reduction.
  • Stamina regeneration is also increases passively by the following item/equipment.
  • Max equip burden can be increased further by wearing Havel's Ring, Ring of Favor and Protection or Mask of the Father.


    • Anonymous

      06 Apr 2018 21:27  

      Does stamina regenerate on a by-point basis or a by-percentage basis? That is, does stamina regenerate at X points per second, or by X% of your maximum stamina per second

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