Secrets in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered are special hidden mechanics, locations, and events that the player may miss during regular gameplay. The wiki provides a list to interesting aspects for players to fully explore.


Secrets of Dark Souls

  • See Illusory Walls for secret walls that can be found in the game, revealing hidden loot
  • See Vagrants to understand the strange crab-like creatures you may encouter
  • See Egg Head to understand why your head may have turned into an EGG!
  • See Curse to understand why your health may be cut in half
  • See Rare Items for a list of hard-to-find items, weapons and armor
  • See Keys for a list of keys, where they are found, and the doors they unlock.
  • See the Lore page to understand the world of Dark Souls
  • See the Upgrades page to understand how upgrades work, and how to turn Boss Souls into powerful weapons
  • See Covenants for details on how to join and participate in all covenants.
  • See Faith-Int Talismans Adjustments and Magic Adjustment to understand the impact of stats on magic




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    • Anonymous

      In the firelink shrine I saw a soapstone writing that said "secret?" But the picture looked like it was of a higher level player. This didn't help me at all and I want to find out where this fucking secret is! By the way it had lots of positive ratings and it was in the flooded place

      • Anonymous

        I have finished dak souls once offline and am now trying pvp for the first time (free month of gold).As I understand pvp is between other players around your level (eg: if you are 40 then hou can invade/be invaded by levels 36 to44) as long as the boss of the area has not ben killed.I had a lot of fun pvp experiences, but recently, I have been one shot killed in undead parish by spells (crystal soul mass) and pyromancies (the one wih the pillars of fire) that can only be aquired after sen's fortess.At first, I thought these were really good players who used the soul exploit to get to upgrade their gear but not their soul level and who got to far inthe game while still a level 40 but then i realised that was impossible because crystal soulmass for example can only be aquired from Logan, who is trapped in sen's what gives? if not twinks, those are all hackers? or what?

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