Phalanx - Dark Souls Remastered
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225 169 281 225 192
fire-defense-dark-souls lightning-defense-dark-souls poison-resistance-dark-souls toxic-resistance-dark-souls bleed-resistance-dark-souls
147 168 C C C
HP 335 (NG+ 525 )
Drops 500 Souls (NG+ 1000)
Large Leather Shield

Phalanx is an Enemy in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Enemies are hostile creatures that respawn when players rest at a Bonfire or upon death. Special enemies that do not respawn are classified as Bosses, Mini Bosses or Invaders.


Phalanx Description

A large group of 13 individual disfigured, human-like blobs that only appear as guards in the final courtyard in the Painted World of Ariamis, carrying spears and Large Leather Shields. They resemble the Phalanx boss from Demon's Souls. They are particularly susceptible to slash and fire attacks Slow and easily handled individually - the danger here is their large number and stubborn defense, but they are easily sidestepped and attacked from behind.




  • Spear Lunge
  • Spear Hurl
  • Spear Swipe



The only way that these guys pose much of a threat is if you charge out into the middle of them and try to kill them in melee one by one. There's a large barricade of crates between the entrance to the courtyard and where they're clustered; it's much safer to hide behind the crates and wait for them to come to you. As they turn the corner, they'll leave their sides exposed, and you can easily stab them to death then. Once you've cleared out most of them, the stragglers can be handled without fear of getting randomly skewered.

  • Near where the Phalanxes spawn there are three large metal cubes in the snow. Take cover behind these while luring them out one by one, attacking them as their soft flesh becomes exposed. They are weak to fire, and in general, from the rear. Another good strategy is to approach them from behind the cubes and let off a poison or toxic mist trying to get all of them affected (you usually can). You may have to cast another mist but after waiting a couple of minutes you will have killed all of them with little to no bloodshed. Remember to switch to a shield right after casting!
  • When entering the area where you fight them, be wary of the Spear Hurl attack. Quite often any hesitation will cause you to be peppered with spears, which will make short work of your block - even with a greatshield. Stay on your toes and get to cover ASAP.
  • Another strategy is to run right at the cluster then throw down a fire orb, killing 4-5 then rolling around the cluster of them and continuing the process (as they have slow turn speed) until few of them remain, then I melee the rest.
  • First equip either Ring of Fog or Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring. Stand behind the three stone blocks on the right side. There is a gap in the blocks, while walking towards the pillar cast Chaos Storm (don't stop walking, when the spell eventually casts, you will stop) and 90 - 95% of the Phalanx will be dead, kill the rest.
  • Use a two handed power attack of moonlight greatsword it just destroys them in clusters.
  • Using magic makes things even easier. Charging in and hitting them with Wrath of the Gods will take them all out with little fuss, allowing you to very quickly farm an obscene amount of souls by running back to the bonfire. Lobbing spells like Fire Orb or gassing them with Toxic Mist will also get the job done.



  • With the door open you can easily run back and forth between kills to easily net over 8k souls with Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and The Symbol of Avarice.
  • Weapons such as the Dragon tooth and Dragon Greatsword or any high weapon that nets a high enough damage threshold to break the guards of more than one of them at a time make excellent additions for soul farming .(provided you have the strength to use them)
  • The equipment that I recommend and that I use, are heavy hitting weapons that fall into the Ultra Greatswords category to bash past the Phalanx's defenses (other weapons are fine, this is just a recommendation). Armour isn't really much of a concern here. I do heavily recommend a strong Pyromancy Flame, and that you use Fire Tempest or Chaos Storm. For the final pieces of equipment (this is optional, it will just bag you a lot more souls), I really recommend that you use the Symbol of Avarice (this can be easily obtained following the guide given on the page) and the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring (also easily obtained following the guide on the page). These two items will increase your souls earned by 44%! Now for the technique. Rest at the first bonfire in the Painted World, and equip all the recommended items. Next, run forward and use your sword to easily take out the Zombie and precede through the gateway (explore the level a bit if it's shut, it's easy to open from the other side). You should see the Phalanxes now. Now run, or walk, forward towards them. As your doing this (you might need to time this, otherwise you could die if you're at a lower level) use Fire Tempest or Chaos Storm when you're close enough. This should kill most of them, however, it's unlikely that they'll all die, so use your melee (or your weapon of chose) to finish off the rest. Now they're all dead, make a short run back to the bonfire to repeat the process! You should receive a HUGE amount of souls from a short space of time. If you're not using the ring or symbol, then you'll receive 6500 (13000 in NG+). However with the ring and the symbol, it will be 9360 (18720 NG+)! This can be done in just under a min almost every time!



Location Health NG+ Souls NG+ Respawn
Painted World of Ariamis 335 525 500 1000 Yes


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          Instructions complicate that way too much. I figured the farm by myself and i did quite a bit of it, and really fast, with a zweihander. Dual wield, slash, go around a bit, slash, go around a bit, and they're all gone really quickly. The first slashes will take like 3 or 4 of them at once.

          • Anonymous

            Something to note is that there are 7 of those large boxes in the area. If there are 14 of these guys (like someone said below) that means it's likely two came in each box and got out. Creepy

            • Anonymous

              I am on NG+ And I got 10000 souls by killing each one of them! Then I killed xanthous and now I get one 1000 per each one of them! Can someone explain me why this happened?

              • Anonymous

                This page states there are 13 phalanx in the courtyard and quotes a rate of 6500 souls per trip, but I just counted 14 and consistently get 7000 per trip (playing Remaster on Switch). With avarice / silver serpent and overkill (WotG @ 30 faith with power within and ring of the sun's firstborn) I get 12,096 souls per trip. At peak efficiency each trip takes me ~34 seconds which works out to over 21k souls a minute or 1,275,000 souls an hour.

                • Step 1: Pyromancy Flame. Step 2: Havel's armor. Step 3: Chaos Storm. Step 4: Farm like Old Macdonald! Even if these guys somehow break your poise a lot of them will still die in the process; often only a few will be left for you to smack into submission, or sometimes you'll just kill all of them!

                  • Anonymous

                    A few tips for farming: 1. You want as many souls as possible, so use "Covetous Silver Serpent Ring" to get 120% souls, add "Symbol of Avarice" and make it 144% and finish it up with "Overkilling" every single one of them, that way you have a total of 172.8%! Now instead of 7,000 souls you get 12.096! 2. Getting the Ring I mentioned before and the Symbol isn't that hard, the trick is to get Overkills easily, so let me explain - Phalanx have 335 HP, to get the Overkill souls bonus you have to do 150% damage of the enemy's health, Meaning you need to do AT LEAST 502.5 every hit. There are many ways to do it but instead of putting 30 points into stats all you need is Power Within and two-hand your weapon, I go with the Silver Knight Straight Sword because it's swift and makes it easy to hit them, but go with whatever you want.

                    • Anonymous

                      If you lack an area damage spell to take them out, they can still be farmed quickly and safely by wearing the ring of fog or using hidden body. These guys are VERY stupid and VERY slow, you will be able to run straight into them and start hacking away without any retaliation, as they seem unable to determine your location even when you're right on top of them. This may not be exactly the case, but even if they can sense you in their immediate vicinity they can't turn to face you fast enough to hit you before they're dead. With Quelaag's Furysword I could kill them all in just 3 or 4 two-handed R2 attacks. As fast as anything.

                      • Anonymous

                        Did they lower the drop rate on these? Same thing with slabs, from the dark wraiths in New Londo. Spent a lot more time farming than I like.

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                          Is it ever explained what they actually are? I know they're Hollows, but what the fuck turned them into slugs, lmao.

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