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physical protection dark souls dks strike protection dark souls dks slash protection dark souls dks thrust protection dark souls dks magic protection dark souls dks
139 ~ 227 139 ~ 227 139 ~ 227 139 ~ 227 110 ~ 180
fire protection dark souls dks lightning protection dark souls dks poison resistance dark souls dks toxic dark souls dks bleed resistance dark souls dks
84 ~ 137 104 ~ 169 C C D
HP 116 ~ 193 (NG+ 285 -316 )
Drops 200 - 400 Souls (NG+ 800 - 1000 )
Eye of Death

Basilisk is an Enemy in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Enemies are hostile creatures that respawn when players rest at a Bonfire or upon death. Special enemies that do not respawn are classified as Bosses, Mini Bosses or Invaders.


Basilisk Information

Basilisks are creatures known for their ability to run upon water, but the only water these creatures encounter are the infested grime of the sewers. Their oversized eyes are their trademark feature; interestingly, however, these are not their actual eyes, which are in fact miniscule, as illustrated on the right.
They aren't very dangerous when fought alone, but combat can be tricky when in group. Deals very low damage, and only during their jump attack, but they can spit a fog that can curse you when you stay inside it. When killed, there is a very small chance that they'll drop Eyes of Death that can be used to rank up in the Gravelord Servant Covenant.





  • Jumping Attack: At medium range, they'll jump in your direction like a frog. The jump deals minimal damage, but they also release a curse mist during the jump which cannot be blocked.
  • Fog Spew: They spew a fog of mist that can curse you if you stay in it for too long. The curse mist can be blocked as long as you stay in front of them.



  • Basilisks have very low HP, so a couple of swings will generally be enough to kill them. When in large numbers, just be careful to not be cornered or surrounded as you could be cursed very easily (especially in The Depths in the first playthrough). You can also fight them at range, using firebombs, a bow or a spell in order to not get caught in their fog. Alternatively, pyromancer can one-shot them using fireballs, as they are very vulnerable to fire. Only the Sanctus and the Greatshield of Artorias have a 100% damage reduction against curse. For starting characters, wooden shields like the Cracked Round Shield and East-West Shield also have high block rates, but the Crystal Shield sold by Domhnall has none.
  • It is extremely important you avoid staying in the mist they generate, as it applies the curse status if you stay in it too long. Stay back while they do their ground-based mist spray as they'll generally run out from the mist moment later making them open to an attack. They are weak and slow, but are huge trouble in numbers. Avoid getting cornered by them if you can. The best equipment to wear for fighting Basilisks are armors with high curse resistance such as the Crimson Robes, the Dingy Robes, or the Antiquated Dress. Also the cursebite ring works very well as it allows prolonged exposure to the mist. It is recommended to two hand your weapon so it is easier to hit them for their jump attack. Their breath attack is actually very slow and a perfect time to attack from behind or side. As soon as you see them start to puff up, do not be fooled if small streams of curse fog breathe out, you can still kill it to avoid it making one entirely, Alternatively, start strafing and attach from side which will leave you well outside the area of the curse mist.
    A high humanity count will also increase your curse resistance.



  • Prior to patch 1.05, their curse would stack, so you could be cursed 3 times in a row and end up with 1/8th of your total health.



Basilisks are found in the Depths, and in The Great Hollow and Ash Lake (stronger version).

Location Health NG+ Health Souls NG+ Souls Respawn
Depths 116 285 200 1000 Yes
The Great Hollow and Ash Lake 193 316 400 800 Yes


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    • Anonymous

      Hitting these things consistently is an absolute goddamn nightmare. It's like the devs meticulously shaped their hitboxes to the exact proportions of their bodies and then shrunk them down. That, alongside their constant hopping and jumping, makes me feel like I'm trying to shoot a moving target from a mile away with a rubber band while I'm facing the wrong direction.

      • Anonymous

        I hope these f***s go f*** off!!! Terrible f***ing enemy in a terrible f***ing game!!! Dark Souls f***ing 2 is f***ing better!!!

        • Anonymous

          Fell down a hole, one of these dudes was there, didn't know what curses were, went through agony wrangling up enough souls for a purging stone, got that, go back into the depths, fall down another hole almost immediately after returning, got cursed again, i think I'm done for the day lol.

          • Anonymous

            Before I died to them for the first time, I didn’t find them so bad. They gave a lot of souls for that point at the Depths and only took 2 hits max from Drake Sword and they didn’t really have attacks besides curse fog which I could evade. Then I got cursed one time I got lost after rescuing the pyromancer. Then I hated them. I found it harder to evade the curse after almost like I subconsciously froze whenever I saw that curse meter and I found myself dying to them way more often. When cursed, EVERYTHING because deadlier as I died faster to moves that’d normally leave me enough health to get back and heal. Suddenly those rats and random hollows were much scarier. It was a pain.

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