Stone Guardian

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HP 560 (NG+ 879 )
Drops 1000 Souls (NG+ 2000 )
Stone Greataxe
Twinkling Titanite

Stone Guardian is an Enemy in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Enemies are hostile creatures that respawn when players rest at a Bonfire or upon death. Special enemies that do not respawn are classified as Bosses, Mini Bosses or Invaders.



Stone Guardian Description

Large, animated suits of armour made of stone. Similar to Great Stone Knights, though slightly smaller, wielding a Stone Greataxe, and lacking a shield.





  • Normal Greataxe Attack
  • Two Handed Greataxe Bash



  • With high HP, high magic defence, high Poise, and powerful attacks, these devils are no doddle to dispatch. Though most of their attacks are clearly telegraphed, they also hit very hard, so the slightest mistake could be fatal. Blocking is also impractical unless you have an extremely high Stability shield and have lots of stamina. Watch out for their signature attack, when they slam their axe into the ground and pull it out with explosive force. The telltale sign of this attack is the screen shaking while the guardian makes a low groaning sound. They won't use the explosion pull if you're too far away, however. All in all, the best way to deal with these stoney souls is patience. Attack only when it's absolutely safe to. And when in doubt, run!



Location Health NG+ Souls NG+ Respawn
Royal Wood 560 879 1000 2000 Yes


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    • Anonymous

      Seems like they are quite weak to strike damage, my +10 Dragon Tooth was easily able to kill them in about two or maybe even just one hit(s), any sharp weapon that didn't deal strike damage at the same upgrade level takes waaaay more hits to kill them, so blunt weapons like Greathammers are the way to go for easily killing these things

      • Anonymous

        Can’t f***ing dodge their f***ing attacks!!! F*** this f***ing re***ded Artorias of the f***ing Abyss expansion!!!

        • Anonymous

          Nobody mentioned how elevator is the best farm. It's really easy for me to dispatch those guys with a hole, then finish the rest with pyro.

          • Anonymous

            A lot of the info on this page is wrong, These guys only give 600 souls when killed, not 1k. And the twinkling titanite drop rate is no where near 20%. I've killed about 20 now, while wearing covetous gold serpent ring, and have yet to get one. I suspect this is a typo and its only supposed to say 2%.

            • Anonymous

              Killed like 10 of these guys and my reward for nearly getting two shotted multiple times is 0 twinkling titanite, thank you rng

              • Anonymous

                These are some of my favourite enemies in the game. They lack a shield and tranquil stun that the main game guardians have and yet there so much tougher to fight. Varied moveset and their animations are so polished and enjoyable to fight against.

                • Anonymous

                  do they pull out little binoculars and look around? i think i just saw one doing that but he was a little far for me to tell

                  • Anonymous

                    I find these guys surprisingly dangerous. The area of their attacks is huge, and they pivot until the last moment. I find them extremely hard to dodge.

                    • Whoever wrote the description for strategy really needs to write more, he has a very entertaining way of writing and good at it in general. He should be a writer which he probably is. Definitely gave me a chuckle keep it up man!

                      • i know this is a bit late but i want to help those who r beginning. I've found that the best way to fight this buddies is a close fight rather than a "safe" hit n run. You see, it seems that the axe's hitbox is a bit far from their bodies so u can roll their attacks once u learn the timing. All their attacks (including the slam) can be dodged by rolling frontwards, but u have to be very close, so this can be translated to keep running like body blocking and roll every attack. There r three key times where u can hit. When they swing twice their axes, after the slam and after the hard swing (u will notice that there is an attack where they hit just once and then recover) . But there is a trick u need to know, when u roll the slam attack, turn to its back, they dont gonna use the aoe (when they release the axe violently) . Also u can bite the aoe and hit once.

                        • Anonymous

                          Just so you guys know, it's 2% for the stone greataxe, otherwise I'd be the luckiest person in the world to get 14 Twinkling Titanite's in a row

                          • Anonymous

                            ***** these things. After dying to these four times, I just equipped the Paladin armor and eagle shield, and ran like***** through the whole area.

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