Crystal Lizard

Crystal Lizard is an Enemy in Dark Souls.


Crystal Lizard Description

These lizards are located in various parts of Dark Souls. They are quite small, but are noticeable because of the blue crystals on their backs. Once they see you they'll attempt to run away and will then disappear entirely unless you chase them down and kill them or take them out with ranged attacks. They're worth finding and killing because they always have rare or semi-rare titanite on them, that you will receive upon killing them.


  • Undead Burg: In a barrel before the Taurus Demon
  • Darkroot Basin: Near a slope opposite the Hydra in the waterfall.
  • The Catacombs: After using the first lever, jump off the bridge into a room on the lower right.
  • The Catacombs (x2 Lizards): Same as above (room contains two lizards).
  • Tomb of Giants: After you leave the darkness it will be along a narrow slope.
  • The Great Hollow (x5 Lizards): Jump down to the fat branch that you can see from the starting bonfire, to the right of the main branch. Move on towards the far wall, until the branch curves, and comes close to the wall but doesn't end. Look down. Jump down to the branch below and to your left (there is a glitched area that may get you stuck; if this happens, quit and restart, and you will be freed). Then carefully drop to the platform below. as you will fall to the very edge of it. This platform leads to a tunnel that leads to a platform above the area with three Basilisks. There are up to five randomly appearing lizards along this entire route.
  • The Great Hollow (x2 Lizards): Again, jump down to the fat branch that you can see from the starting bonfire, to the right of the main branch. Go all the way to the end, and jump to the platform beneath. There will (randomly) be one lizard on this platform, and another in the tunnel, towards the deadend.
  • The Great Hollow: Move forwards from your starting point, it is near the U-shaped bend in the main branch.
  • The Great Hollow (x2 Lizards): Found after jumping down from the Basilisk Nest.
  • Lost Izalith: In the shortcut passage which connects the area before the Demon Firesage & corridor of the Prowling Demon.
  • Duke's Archives: Stairs before the first battle with Seathe the Scaleless.
  • Crystal Cave (x3 Lizards): Enter the crystal cave and jump down from the second Crystal Golem platform. Land on the transparent platform below this, and turn around to find a tunnel with three inside.
  • Royal Woods: After crossing the bridge where Kalameet (the dragon) first makes his appearance, the path will turn right, then left up around a bend. The lizard will be almost immediately in front of you.
      • Royal Woods: Just before taking the ladder down into Kalameet's valley, if you peer over the cliff to the right of the ladder (just beneath the waterfall) you will notice the lizard on a small ledge. Make sure to walk as to not alert the lizard. Target the lizard prior to dropping to the ledge. This lizard can usually be killed outright with a plunging attack.
  • Oolacile Township: after the first elevator, head down to the location of the mimic. Then down the round staircase. To your left is the roof with the lizard.


  • The easy way to catch and kill the lizards - just stay in front of the place where it appeared (don't worry if it escaped). Quit the game and load again. Be ready for a quick strike!
    An alternative is to use the Hidden Body sorcery or the Ring of Fog (combined with Slumbering Dragoncrest ring) to greatly reduce the distance that they notice you and attempt to flee.

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    • Anonymous

      16 Dec 2017 10:31  

      If you're really fast and good at jumps, The Great Hollow has 14 Crystal Lizards. Most I've managed to kill on my pyro, 12 on knight. Tips: caves & ledges. Fog & Slumber rings add drop agro from some. Pre-break all twigs so they won't hear you, clear the hollow between bonfire and ladders. Dying and logging resets lizards. Don't die.

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