Large Titanite Shard


Titanite shard for weapon reinforcement. Larger titanite material.
Reinforces standard weapons to +10, and raw weapons to +5.
Titanite shards are fragments of the Legendary Slabs. Titanite is etched into weapons to reinforce

Large Titanite Shard is an Ore in Dark Souls.


Large Titanite Shard Usage


Large Titanite Shard Farming

  • Best way to farm Large Titanite Shards is once you reach the top of Sen's Fortress, rest in the bonfire at the top, and go to kill The Berenike Knight you can find there, this knight has an extremely high chance of dropping 1 Large Titanite Shard, and respawns when you rest at a bonfire.


Large Titanite Shard Location

Type Location Details
Purchase Sen's Fortress Sold by Crestfallen Merchant for 4,000 souls
Purchase Anor Londo Sold by Giant Blacksmith for 3,800 Souls
Drop Depths Dropped by Slimes (rare)
Drop Blighttown Dropped by Giant Leech
Drop Darkroot Garden Rare drop from forest invaders, when using the Cat Covenant Ring as a Forest Hunter member
Drop Sen's Fortress Dropped by Tower Knight
Drop Sen's Fortress Dropped by Undead Knight of Balder (rare)
Drop Painted World of Ariamis Dropped by Tower Knight close to the boss (guaranteed drop)
Drop Oolacile Township
Chasm of the Abyss
Dropped by Oolacile Resident.
Trade Firelink Shrine Feed normal Titanite Chunks to Kingseeker Frampt
Treasure Blighttown Swamp. Inside the leeches nest, close to The Great Hollow entrance
Treasure Blighttown Swamp. Right beside the location of Quelana of Izalith, close to the waterwheel.
Treasure Depths Behind a pillar above the boss, in the area where the Channeler is located
Treasure Sen's Fortress x2 In a chest after the first Serpent Mage
Treasure Sen's Fortress x2 On a corpse behind a man serpent, right before crossing the last pendulum bridge
Treasure Sen's Fortress x2 On a corpse near the top, close to the tower knight




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