Lower New Londo Ruins is a location in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Access Lower New Londo is granted by turning the lever in the Spiral Staircase Tower in Upper New Londo to open the seal and drain the flood waters into the Valley of Drakes. With the water lowered, there are a number of ways to access the area:

  1. The large doors opened with the seal lever leads to the Valley of Drakes; access in granted between the two areas.
  2. The two elevators (one in the first tower and the other near to the seal lever) are now operational after lowering the water level.
  3. Back at the very start of the area, after crossing the two wooden bridges, go to the back on the right where you collected the Transient Curses from the body in the pot earlier & drop down to the lower area below - this is the easiest way to get to Lower New Londo from Firelink Shrine in the likely event of your death, as the expense of a small amount of fall damage (~4 measures)

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Full New Londo Ruins Lower Walkthrough

Below the Tide Line - At the Seal Door

The Darkwraith Knight Rises - The elevator in the Spiral Staircase tower brings you down to Lower New Londo Ruins and if you notice to your right, the large seal doors that lead to the Valley of Drakes, are now open. Shortly after exiting the doorway of the elevator, a new enemy will emerge for the first time, since the flooding - Darkwraith Knight. This is the standard enemy of the Lower New Londo Ruins, meaning you're set to encounter several of them as you explore. That being said, here's a few things to know about the Darkwraith Knights:

  1. Out of combat, they are relatively slow movers; meaning they are quite susceptible to backstabs, and this should be exploited.
  2.  Avoid going toe-to-toe unless you have good armor and poise, as they can power through your stamina with either their two-hit power or four-hit regular combo.
  3. The white glowing of their fists indicate danger to you, as this is a charge-up for a grab attack that will not only immensely do in your HP, but may nick your stored humanity as well.

lnlr woodenstructuredrakevalley

Traverse The Fog pt 1 - After your first Darkwraith Knight, on your right are the seal doors to the Valley of Drakes; but we are going left. Head into the ruined doorway and up the stairs into a wooden structure. In this structure, head right to find a door that will lead you to a Large Soul of a Proud Knight and another Darkwraith Knight, in the room on the left. Head into that room to find a fog gate.

lnlr fogknight

First Square Tower (Lower Floors)

Slimy Mess - After traversing the fog gate the first being immediately on your right as you walk inside.  Take a few steps forward (before you're standing level with the wooden wall on the right) and move back to towards the fog gate. This will lure the first Darkwraith Knight, into a well-enough lit area. After defeating the first, you can lure the second that is in the dark, to the left. This one has his back towards you so take the opportunity to backstab him, if possible. On the right sits a large slime-like monster; this new enemy is called the Mass of Souls (NOTE: They have the ability to spawn Wisps; floating disembodied heads that explode in proximity to you - a telltale sign is when they start to shake and glow red.one). The old reliable combination of attacking and rolling, is most appropriate when facing this blob -  it's spear tongue attack has a very decent range behind it so dodge to the side rather than backwards. After defeating the Mass of Souls, continue down the hall until you find another Darkwraith Knight on the right, behind the wooden stall. At the end of this room you will find two doorways: 

lnlr doorwayssouls

Left - Leads to an elevator and a lever to activate it, to take you to the Upper New Londo Ruins.

Right - Past the short corridor you'll find a stairwell leading up. At the top, go straight to pick up a Soul of a Brave Warrior then head back and follow the only other pathway; continue along this pathway, up the staircase, which you then turn left to find a chest holding a Very Large Ember. Head back down the staircase, and at the bottom, turn left and continue until you've reached the edge of the platform. Jump down.

Below the Tide Line - Between the Towers

Getting There - From where you land, head left and descend into the shallow pool of water. Go straight until you find a little ramp you can climb to reach the dry land and battle another Darkwraith Knight. Head towards the direction the Darkwraith Knight emerged from to find a Large Soul of a Proud Knight.

From there, move just a few steps forward and to your right, you should see a blocked archway; you can hit it to reveal a secret passage across a thin walkway. At this point, you should shoot an arrow (at about head level) into the darkness on the other side of the walkway to reveal and lure another Darkwraith Knight. Cross the walkway to find a chest containing a Titanite Chunk. Heading in a north-east direction when exiting the arch, you'll notice some stairs with item on it, we'll head up here in a second.

lnlr hiddenarchway

Note: This outdoor area between the first and second tower is where you'll drop into when you come from Firelink Shrine, outlined above in option 3 in the ways to access the Lower New Londo Ruins. So, should you die after lowering the water, which is almost a certainty, then ensure you know how to access this shortcut in order to limit your frustration, as it is the quickest way to get back to where you were.

Look to the left of the stairs to find a corpse draped over a well holding six Cracked Red Eye Orbs, move around the right of the well to find another little area down some stairs with another Darkwraith Knight. Explore the area to the end if you wish, with all that it holds being only a short drop to take you back to the seal doors to the Valley of Drakes. Head back to the stairs we left momentarily, picking up a Large Soul of a Proud Knight while ascending them.

Second Square Tower (Lower Floor) & the Path to the Abyss

Who You Gonna Call? - Before entering the building, lure the two Ghosts that will come through the left wall by standing around the entrance then backing away (Note: You may not always be able to lure them successfully, if that's the case then just be aware of the two ghosts that can attack you from the left wall). Once they're gone, proceed inside to lure the two Darkwraith Knights first, then deal with the Mass of Souls (Tip: If you get it's attention and get it to follow you out the door you came in then it will get stuck in the door, making for an easy ranged kill; keep an eye on its Wisps too!). A third Ghost will attack from the left wall once you enter the room deep enough. In the right corner of the room, you'll find a chest containing a Titanite Chunk.

lnlr massstuck

Turn 180 degrees from the chest to find a door leading outside. This will lead you to the fog gate, over a walkway. As you may have guessed, we're taking a right - because who would want to focus purely on objective, when you can take a million detours? - to find yet another Darkwraith Knight lurking in the darkness, around the corner. If you look around the area on the right to find the summon sign for Witch Beatrice; Beatrice's summon sign will only appear if you already enlisted her help for the Moonlight Butterfly boss in Darkroot Garden.

Ring Bound By Light - Before you head through the fog gate, ensure you have equipped the Covenant of Artorias Ring. If you don't have it then prepare for a deathly black demise, on the other side of this fog gate in the form of The Abyss. You won't be able to exit once you go through, so ensure you have obtained this ring by defeating The Great Grey Wolf Sif in Darkroot Garden before entering. With the ring on your finger, traverse the fog gate... 

The Abyss: Boss Fight - The Four Kings

lnlr foggateboss

Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.

Notes & Trivia:

  • There is a "Soul of a Proud Knight" in Ingward's tower. It's around the opposite side from where you come in. Before entering the Banshee room with the ladder, it's a 3rd doorway (across from where you enter this junction room).



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    • Anonymous

      Joke's on those darkwraith motherf***ers. They already killed me a half a dozen times so there's no humanity left for them to steal.

      • This ghost town is already driving me crazy. I died idiotically while I was trying to parry a Darkwraith and respawned in the Undead Parish, since I warped to Firelink Shrine before going to New Londo Ruins and forgot to rest at Firelink. I said to myself "No big deal, just warp back to Firelink Shrine.", but guess what happened. My finger slipped on the D-Pad and instead of down, I pressed up so I got warped to the ****ing Painted World of Ariamis. Can't wrap out of there, I have to clear all the curse spitting hollows and harpies all over again. Talk about a first playthrough.

        • Anonymous

          I'm doing my first playthrough ever and recently finished new londo ruins. Heh, guess if you don't know anything about particular location and that it's a pain in the ass to many players you gonna breeze through it no problems with zero deaths. xD


          • Anonymous

            New Londo made me quit DS on the day it originally came out.. It's probably my fault for not noticing the stairs up to undead burg and bum rushing NL and rage quitting when it dead-ended in a death pit at the bottom of a 20 mile long set of stairs.... No.. It's New Londo's fault.

            • Anonymous

              To anyone complaining about a bonfire, you literally can kill like 3 enemies and open a shortcut that lets you get to lower new londo. From there, it doesn’t take much to run to the boss, so suck it up

              • Anonymous

                Yeah, my issue with this place isn't the difficulty, but the sheer amount of trekking you must to to get here and complete it. If you die by some stupid **** beyond your control, looked being backstabbed though a ****ing fog wall because your character has to sensationalize going through doors. But this is NOTHING compared to the amble to Sif. All those ****ing ladders....wake me when it's over

                • Anonymous

                  Free aim backstab tip:

                  If you drop down to New Londo via the shortcut from Firelink the darkwraith just before you enter the shack (near the drakes) is great for practicing the un-targted running backstab where you run past and do a 180. He's facing away from you and will 99% of the time just start turning to face you when you run past him so no worries about taking damage.

                  • Anonymous

                    Four King a'int that hard. Just use Havel's Ring with Havel's set, a Claymore+10, and that's it. You just need to get close to one instance and be agressive; dual-hand your weapon and quickly smack them with it.

                    It's also preferable to equip together a greatshield like the Tower Shield. It's useful when you raise it up all the time while approaching one instance and after backrolling when they made a 360° spin that will be followed by either it grabbing you or blasting a large radius AoE attack

                    • Anonymous

                      I don't recall there being a single instance where in-game lore refers to darkwraiths as "knights".

                      Why is the next indicated area Duke's Archives? There's 3 connected maps from the archives, none which are New Londo Ruins.

                      • Anonymous

                        The first two darkwraiths can be dealt with fairly easily by aggroing them and then running back to the elevator. If you activate it as they're standing against the outer edge, they get killed as you go up.

                        • Anonymous

                          I was scared absolutely*****less of this place from back when I wandered into it the first time I played DS, so I stocked up in Transient Curses, grabbed my Cursed sword so I wouldn't run out too quick and... I got 4 TCs from the first two pulls. Now it's kinda funny how inoffensive they can be as long as you keep your shield up and your CSR on. I'd venture to say it's even a decent soul farming spot, even.

                          • Anonymous

                            new londo: welcome to spoopy town you: ok, where is the bonfire? new londo: we don't have one you: this is gonna be awful

                            • Anonymous

                              Dreaded coming to New Londo Ruins. It's not all bad IF you take your time to get the loot. If you can master parry/riposte then the lower levels of New Londo Ruins are a breeze. I'm not, but still managed to get a few P/R against the methodical and dangerous Darkwraiths. Fight them 1 on 1 and if you're not sure of your parrying ability look for that backstab opportunity!

                              • Anonymous

                                No need for bonfires or shorter distance. You run past 2 ghosts and 3 knights. Maybe, you press dodge 1x if your pathing is off in the room with 2 knights. The distance and mobs are less than some other bosses. Less qq and more "git gud."

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