Darkwraith Knight

Darkwraith Knight - Dark Souls Remastered
physical_defense_dark_souls.jpg strike_protection_dark_souls_dks.jpg slash_protection_dark_souls_dks.jpg thrust-protection-dark-souls magic-defense-dark-souls
309 309 309 309 231
fire-defense-dark-souls lightning-defense-dark-souls poison-resistance-dark-souls toxic-resistance-dark-souls bleed-resistance-dark-souls
200 216 B B B
HP 525 (NG+ 888 )
Drops 1200 Souls (NG+ 3600 )
Titanite Chunk
Titanite Slab 
Dark Hand 

Darkwraith Knight is an Enemy in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Enemies are hostile creatures that respawn when players rest at a Bonfire or upon death. Special enemies that do not respawn are classified as Bosses, Mini Bosses or Invaders.


Darkwraith Knight Information

The Darkwraiths are the servants of the Four Kings, the former rulers of New Londo who fell to dark. They are the enemies of man, and any living thing that has a soul. The entire city was once sacrificed and flooded to contain them, for that is how great a threat they were. They were never meant to roam again.
Guarding the lower area of the New Londo Ruins, these fierce servants of The Four Kings are equipped with a Darksword and a Dark Hand as a shield. They can grab you if you stand in front of them too long, and drain your humanity in the process. The grab is telegraphed by a white light pulsing from their offhand. Quite quick, but easy to circle around and backstab. Easily can 4 shot you if your guard falls from the initial strike. Don't let them surround you.





The Darkwraith Knight is very offensive, he will walk towards you and use a variety of attacks. First off, if you use your shield to guard this attacks, he will kick you reducing stamina, so a shield with good stability and total protection against physical damage is recommended. His blows are very fast and can swing for 2 consecutive attacks like the dark knights do. He uses the Dark Hand in two ways, a warping black shield and a death grab. If you get hit by the latter, you will see how your character is thrown to the ground and hurt badly.

  • To defeat the Darkwraith Knight with ease, wield your shield very close to him, wait for the kick animation or the grab spell then back off a little and smack him for 1 or 2 hits.
  • You can wait for his attack animation to finish and hit him one or two times. Be careful has the number of swings he throw at you may vary from 1 to 4.
  • As usually known in Dark Souls, try not to fight them in groups.
  • Extreme caution may be necessary to avoid being swarmed. Darkwraiths have a very long aggro range and are totally invisible for most of it. Several of them could be running your way long before you know it.
  • While making their moves, they cannot be interrupted, as some other enemies. This can keep you stunlocked. If your move won't kill them, always stay with shield up until they finish their combos, or else you will get hit.
  • They are very easy to backstab.
  • The Dark Hand grab also steals one humanity point if successfully executed.
  • They're also susceptible to parries. Their running stab attack is easily parried, so try to bait them into doing this. Else block or evade their entire combo and parry the last overhead swing, or block the first two-handed overhead attack and parry the follow-up.
  • The True Greatsword of Artorias has a damage modifier against Darkwraiths, so it's very useful when exploring the New Londo Ruins.



Location Health NG+ Souls NG+ Respawn
New Londo Ruins (lower level) 525 888 1200 3600 Yes



Notes & Trivia

  • Some believe them to be freedom fighters, defenders of the human race, but they may rather represent evil Humanity.


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    • Anonymous

      im suprised that that crybaby raging guy isnt here he is literally on every other page except for the one that has the enemy he shoud actually be crying about

      • Anonymous

        I got less lucky, first slab after my 200th darkwraith with 410 discovery, but still felt great to see that icon pop up! Almost want to kill another 200 just in case luck is kinder when I’m less desperate…

        So many bonus hands and double chunks!!

        • Anonymous

          Two handed Ultra Greatswords/Great Hammers are great against these dudes, mainly cos it's a little hard to the Edgy Feckers to do their damn 5 slash combo bs when they're eating dirt from a good ol' Dragon Tooth/Zweihander pancake-maker slam

          • Anonymous

            god ill just get that stupid crystal weapon achievement in NG+, why the hell do they even need a slab you cant even use them forever.

            • Anonymous

              I like how the strategy page says "offensive" instead of aggressive. If I didn't read the rest of it I may have thought they were racist or something

              • Anonymous

                My friend and I were doing a co-op run in new londo and he got grabbed by a darkwraith. He immediately yelled “HE GAVE ME THE GOOD SUCK” as loud as he could…he was grounded for a week.

                • Anonymous

                  oh look every darksouls fan ever a ass hole that loves to destroy ever bit of fun joy and loves to ruin peoples day because it tickles their **** and makes them feel happy because

                  well their parents made a mistake by not aborting them

                  • Anonymous

                    when ever i get attacked by them i always shout in my head friendly fire I'm on your side I'm a DarkWraith to

                    • Anonymous

                      A farming enemy that can actively lower your item discovery. That's actually really funny, intentional or not

                      • Anonymous

                        i cosplayed as one with the name and everything it cared my friends to death when they joined my game only to see a darkwraith stud at firelink shrine it was hilarious

                        • Anonymous

                          Honest question, is there a stipulation for them to drop slabs? This is my first playthrough and I'm sitting at ~140 chunks and 15 hands. No slabs. I haven't killed enough where I haven't ruled out just being unlucky, but if the statistics are right I should be getting about 1 slab every ~40ish chunks. Thx in advance

                          • Anonymous

                            i was co-oping with my friend in blind, at 0 umanity. At the first knight he drop a slub, lucky bastard, his first slub in the game.

                            • Anonymous

                              These guys are the best/fastest way to farm for titanite chunks. More of them per-run. They can be more dangerous than the Royal Sentinals in Anor Londo, but these guys have less life and CAN BE one-shotted with proper setup. I use forward-strong-attack with a two-hander weapons and they die. My brother can parry their first attack and riposte with a strong thrust-weapon and they die. Never tried with a spell, tho. Carry a Transient curse, or (jagged)ghost blade because sometimes the ghosts show up un-invited.

                              • Anonymous

                                I have killed over 300 darkwraiths at this point, collected 11 or 12 dark hands, over 100 titanite chunks, and zero slabs. I have never hated dark souls more then I do right now. I wish I could go back in time to tell myself not to bother, and just play with +14 weapons. A couple evenings of my life I'll never get back.

                                • Anonymous

                                  You either parry the running attack opener and one shot them or get combod into enough pieces to feed the depths for a week

                                  • Anonymous

                                    using cursed sword of artorias with a two handed AR of 521 u can backstab overkill these guys doing 790 damage in NG for 2073 souls while wearing averice and silver serpant ring. overkill all 11 and kill the 2 drakes before and on the bridge and the 2 ghosts in the room for 26377 souls per run. i average about 13 runs, 350 000 souls, 50 chunks and 1or 2 slabs per hour

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I’ve made several farming attempts for a titanite slab in the past and never succeeded and today I needed to farm 7 chunks and got a slab, go figure.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Me hubiera gustado no haber colocado la vasija del señor con Frampt, hubiera podido unirme a los Darkwraith's y conseguir su el set de ellos, son enemigos muy interesantes para mi y su agarre con la mano oscura que te drena humanidad es algo que jamás he visto en otro en enemigo del juego, además, su diseño de Skeletor oscuro es mi favorito, espero poder hacer su cosplay en Dark souls 3.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          These are fun enemies to fight. I've killed over 5 million souls worth of them while farming Chunks and Slabs. Very easy to parry and just generally walk around for a backstab. Only issue with them is their f****** kick. If you're standing in front of them to parry and they kick, well there goes your no damage run. That kick comes out way too fast, does damage for some reason, and also for some reason they're coded to use it even when you're not blocking (I never use shields). It's been a little while since I fought them in DkS3, but either their kick does no damage or they removed it entirely. From knew it was a garbage attack that had no reason for them to have. If you're in front of them while hyper fixed to parry, you won't be reacting to that pitiful excuse for a fair attack. Even when you're not fixing to parry, it's just really cheap and requires a twitch dodge input, which is discouraged against them because their other attacks punish twitch rolls.

                                          • Just finished a massive Darkwraith Knight grind getting all my armor to +9 and all my weapons to +14 and thought I'd share some (maybe) interesting stats and experiences.
                                            I took advantage of the route and also farmed the necessary Dragon Scales to upgrade all the dragon weapons to +5 from the Drakes for the first part of my grind. I finished that about 1/3 of the way through.

                                            Strategy: I used a Great Club +15 at 40 STR which one-shots them on NG with any two-handed attack. I used the Silver Serpent Ring & Symbol of Avarice to boost my souls earned and 10 humanity to get to 410 Item Discovery. I started with a few pieces of Havel's on staying under 50% weight so I would mid-roll. At some point I stripped down to minimum poise so I could fast roll/sprint to try and improve my run time, but I was a lot more inconsistent having some runs that took much longer and some that were shorter. My average time ended up being worse and I ended up putting the armor back on pretty shortly. Somewhere around halfway, I started using Sunlight Blade after the first knight before encountering the one right outside the shack so that I could get the overkill souls bonus for 6/10 of them per trip.

                                            I didn't use any transient curses and ignored the ghosts. When you get to the room with them, you can run in and hug the right side, take out the first knight with a running attack and the second one should come up either in front or behind you around the column and you can smash him with an R1. If you go quickly enough, the ghosts should just be getting into the room and you can roll/sprint out the door, quickly turn right to dispatch the last knight then run along the wall toward the ledge so you can put enough distance between you and them to homeward/bone.

                                            Now for some stats because I had to do something to keep myself occupied and interested:

                                            Total active grinding time: 19 hours, 7 minutes
                                            Total trips: 354
                                            Trips w/ Drakes: 105
                                            Trips w/o Drakes: 249
                                            Average trip time (w/ Drakes): 4 min 0 s
                                            Average trip time (w/o Drakes): 2 min 55 s
                                            Total Darkwraith Knight kills: 3,534
                                            Total Drake kills: 530

                                            Total Titanite Chunks: 1,026
                                            Chunk x1: 956 (6.6% raw drop rate)
                                            Chunk x2 drops: 35 (0.24% raw drop rate)
                                            Titanite Slabs: 20 (0.14% raw drop rate)
                                            Dark Hands: 125 (0.86% raw drop rate)
                                            Dragon Scales (from Drakes): 76 (3.5% raw drop rate)

                                            I find it interesting that when accounting for what should be a 4.1x increased drop chance from 410 Item Discovery (raw drop rates), all of my drop rates were ~75% lower than the stated drop rates. Maybe this means nothing since the sample size isn't infinite and I might just be unlucky, maybe this means that the effects of Item Discovery are not linear like I have read it to be (i.e. 410 gives less than 4.1x increase), maybe the listed drop rates were determined with empirical testing that was inaccurate or has changed with a patch; I really don't know but I found it interesting. To match the listed drop rates on average, I would have to have around a 3.08x multiplier from my Item Discovery and there wasn't a lot of variance from that number between each item, so I'm leaning toward non-linearity or different scaling of the Item Discovery stat than I thought I understood.

                                            Total souls gained: 7,237,032
                                            Number of Darkwraith Knights overkilled for bonus souls: 1,064
                                            SL increased from: 141 -> 176

                                            Number of humanity lost from Dark Hand grab attacks: 4
                                            5 Evil Vagrants killed
                                            1 Red Evil Vagrant killed

                                            It's interesting that there happens to be an Evil Vagrant spawn point past the corner of the building next to the ledge that drops down to the main entrance gates where the Drakes are. Since I was running over there to cast homeward, I saw a surprising number of Vagrants. I only missed out on one (I died to the ghosts because I was freaking out), so I saw 7 total over 19 hours. I hadn't seen any before this in my 150+ hours in game, so maybe people were actively spawning them or maybe people die farming here often and lose their humanity, idk.

                                            • The listed drops don't make sense to me. Where is the single Titanite Chunk drop and drop rate? They certainly don't drop x2 at an 8.47% rate; I'm assuming that's the rate for getting one. Anyone know the actual rate for getting x2?

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Covetous Gold Serpent Ring + 30 Humanity (unpatched version) for 410 Item discovery, and it took me around 4hrs to get 2 titanite slabs from the Darkwraiths in New Londo. I have 34 Titanite Chunks right now, no clue how many I had when I started farming (probably 3 or 4?). I've made over 240,000 souls killing Darkwraiths at about 900 souls a pop (plus an annoying Drake here and there at 500 souls a pop)... so you do the math lol. Killed maybe 1900-2200 Darkwraiths and have only received 2 titanite slabs hahahaha patience is definitely a must. But if you want it bad enough, get your item discovery up to 410, get a few Ring of Sacrifices ready, turn on some music and have at it!

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  What is the recommended Item Discovery rate for getting Titanite Slabs from these guys? I'm at 300 (using the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring).

                                                  23 Titanite Chunks, 6 Dark Hands, 0 Titanite Slabs. Been at this for about 17 hours total.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    If anyone's having trouble with these ****ers, keep in mind that their aggro range is reduced massively if you're not making a sound. Equipping the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring can allow you to detect them at the same time they see you, and once you memorise their locations, secure easy backstabs and safe farming. Try not to enter from the Valley of Drakes, though, you'll most likely end up in front of them.

                                                    I hope that helps fellow Undead in the same way it helped me. And as always, praise the sun!

                                                    • These *****ers were my absolute kryptonite, during my earliest playthroughs...then I decided I wanted to upgrade all of my gear to +10 and to face my fears....it took something like 2 days...New Londo witnessed a complete and utter Darkwraiths genocide XD I think I slaughtered 2000 of them, and got enough slabs to upgrade everything (full set of armor, shield, bow, main weapon and three secondary weapons). Off course, my fear went away xD

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