Man-Eater Shell

man eater shell enemy dark soul
physical protection dark souls dks strike protection dark souls dks slash protection dark souls dks thrust protection dark souls dks magic protection dark souls dks
382 ~ 420  191 ~ 210 478 ~ 525  382 ~ 420  344 ~ 378 
fire protection dark souls dks lightning protection dark souls dks poison resistance dark souls dks toxic dark souls dks bleed resistance dark souls dks
268 ~ 294  306 ~ 336 D D S
HP 740 ~ 865 (NG+ 1161 - 1358)
Drops 200 - 1000 Souls (NG+ 400 - 2000)
Purging Stones
Twinkling Titanite

Man-Eater Shell is an Enemy in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Enemies are hostile creatures that respawn when players rest at a Bonfire or upon death. Special enemies that do not respawn are classified as Bosses, Mini Bosses or Invaders.


Man-Eater Shell Information

Large clam shell creatures that walk about on five thin legs; their mouths are full of human skulls, and unlike most foes, upon death they do not disappear but fall down with their shell open instead. Dangerous foes to those caught unaware, but useful for farming, as they drop two extremely rare and useful items.





  • Shell Bash: The Man-Eater Shell angles down its shell, braces itself, and then bashes forward, dealing heavy damage and knocking the player backwards off his feet if left unblocked. Can be blocked or backstepped, and followed up with an attack of your own.
  • Shell Swipe: The Man-Eater Shell angles down its shell and then swings side to side, dealing moderate damage and knockback; often comes in twos. Poor forward range.
  • Devour: The Man-Eater Shell flaps its shells before lunging forward and grabbing the player with its mouth, requiring mashing the L1/R1 buttons in order to get out with minimal damage. Easily side-stepped and a good time to land return strikes.
  • Arm Thrust: The Man-Eater Shell thrusts two of its arms out in a rapid motion, dealing moderate damage and low knockback. A very fast attack that is particularly troublesome when you're in the middle of an attack of your own, and the reason to always approach shield up.



  • The Man-Eater Shell is worth 1000 souls and drops two very useful and otherwise hard-to-attain items, making it attractive for farming. Just warp to the Crystal Cave bonfire, aggro the six Man-Eaters in the room beforehand one by one, and collect your items.
  • The Purging Stones in particular prove valuable when facing Seath the Scaleless, as his crystal attack has a high chance of inflicting Curse status. Their appearance in the room before is not a coincidence.



The Man-Eater Shell is fairly slow-moving, but its attacks hit for a lot of stamina, so if you see yourself running low move backwards until you can recover. If your strong attack is strong enough to stagger it, a one-two strong attack followed by a backward roll is a generally effective combat technique. Always approach with your shield up and make sure to hit second, responding to its attacks rather than risking getting bashed away in the middle of a swipe. On larger weapons ( Bastard Sword and up) knowing your weapon's range is helpful here, as you can outdistance all of its attacks

Another effective strategy, though time consuming & most effective with a ring of fog equipped, is to remain at a distance & shoot them with two poison arrows in rapid succession to inflict the poison status on them and wait. It will greatly reduce their health, making them much easier to finish off with melee attacks, or you can just hit them with a couple of back-to-back poison arrows again in which case it will quickly finish them off.


Location Health NG+ Souls NG+ Respawn
Crystal Cave 740 1161 1000 2000 Yes
Ash Lake 865 1358 200 400 Yes
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    • Anonymous

      The "Devour" attack seems to cause around 50-ish points of durability damage to all the equipment.
      I was a victim of this attack and my armor, weapons and even my miracle-casting weapon that was not equipped suffered damage (and broke with only 50 max durability on it) while I was in the Ash Lake. Some more testing/confirmation and a mention of this effect in the page would be nice.
      *I had the dragonhead-form from the Covenant (only weird thing that was worth mentioning).

      • Anonymous

        Use Havel's armor and his dragon tooth it just takes 2 hits for me and I can kill them and I have 143 poise with his armor and the wolf ring

        • Anonymous

          Can't tell you how many times I've run from Duke's Archives all the way to the bottom of Crystal Cave just to die to the last one of these ****ers because it stunlocks me .. I have 38 poise, is that too low or are these ****s just that annoying ?

          • Anonymous

            These f***ers are f***ing bulls***!!! They f***ing stagger me, then f*** me to f***ing f***er death!!! F*** this f***ing game!!! Elden Ring is f***ing better!!!

            • Anonymous

              So if poison arrows work what happens if I hit them with a Dung Pie? How many Dung Pies does it take to kill one of these?

              • Anonymous

                Whoever wrote the 'Strategy' section really likes to complicate things.

                The easiest way to farm these little shiets is with pyromancies - works on any build, even SL1. Get an upgraded pyro glove and spam your strongest, quickly castable pyromancies on them (GCF, Great Combustion, Fire Orb...). These guys are hilariously easy to stagger with fire, they're weak to it AND its a way quicker method than 'shoot them with poison arrows'.

                Poison arrows...roflmao, this isn't Dark Souls 2. Poison here is as useful as Rhea was in the Catacombs.

                • Anonymous

                  In the remaster in the crystal caves, if you stand next to a dead one for long enough, you can hear whispering.

                  • Anonymous

                    Good soul farming spot at the bonfire after Seath. With Symbol of Avarice and 10 humanity you get a lot of purging stones (410 item find), and 1200 souls per kill. Purging stones can be fed to frampt for 1000 souls each.

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