Purging Stone


Ash-colored stone encasing a skull. Secret treasure of Arstor, the Earl of Carim. Reduces curse build-up and breaks curse.
Humans are helpless against curses, and can only redirect their influence.
The Purging Stone does not dispel curses, but receives them as a surrogate. The stone itself was once a person or some other being.

Purging Stone is a Consumable in Dark Souls.

Purging Stone Usage

  • Reduces curse build-up and breaks curse.
  • Does not remove the Transient Curse effect.

Purging Stone Location


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    • Anonymous

      Those items serve as well as insurance means. imagine gaining a lot of souls pror bed of chaos and for some reason you don't want to lebel up yet but don't want to sacrifice everything you gained and don't have sacrifice rings. just buy 198 of these and have a decent quantitity ensured for the next time you talk with Frampt.

      • Anonymous

        So, I went to face Seath in the library (where you must die) and to try to avoid the curse, I used Power Within to reduce my HP and I die faster, without getting cursed ... I was close to 5% HP when I entered the boss room, he obviously killed me pretty quickly, but my death screen for some reason took longer than usual, while the curse status was rising, even though I was already dead. So I died and now I'm cursed. I was so pissed off ..

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