These lava filled ruins are accessed via a passage beneath the bell tower in Quelaag's Domain, and so it is available quite early on in the game. However, a Golden Fog Gate blocks the way near the end and hence you cannot access all the area until you place the Lordvessel. The enemies within are quite tough (two of which were previously bosses, earlier in the game) and it also contains three separate boss fights. It serves as the gateway to Lost Izalith, once you beat all its challenges.

Demon Ruins Walkthrough


Full Demon Ruins Walkthrough

Cooling the Lava

Upon entering the Demon Ruins from Quelaag's Domain, you will find a bonfire surrounded by Egg-Burdened - they won't attack so long as you leave them alone. Walk past them, down the long stone path and you'll see that the area at the bottom is a dead end due to the lava. So, head back up and you should see a large stone arch to the left of the path you just came down that leads toward a stone bridge and a fog gate. There are no enemies between here and this fog gate, so run over and go through it to enter the boss arena for the Ceaseless Discharge - the source of the lava. Travel forward and you will eventually see it lurking beyond the cliff's edge, but the battle won't begin until you either attack it or pick up the Gold-Hemmed Black set that's down a passage to the right of where you first see it. The armor set is worth getting for its fire resistance and light weight.

Boss Fight: Ceaseless Discharge

After you defeat the Ceaseless Discharge, much of the lava in the area below will cool and turn to stone so that you can descend all the way down the long stone path to the area at the bottom.

The Hardened Lava Lake

Standing at the base of the long stone path, looking out over the now-cooled lava, you will see ‍‍‍six‍‍‍ Taurus Demons in the distance on the left side of the area. They are impossible to fight as a group, so lure them out one at a time. There is a chance that they will drop a Demon's Greataxe. Once they are all dead, you can retrieve a couple of items from nearby corpses. The first requires a running jump over a small piece of lava to retrieve a Large Soul of a Proud Knight. Jump back over the lava again, head to the right and look in the middle of a nearby a pool of lava to find the other item - the Chaos Flame Ember. You'll need to go into the lava to retrieve it though, so equip your most effective fire resistant gear, and perhaps Flash Sweat, then try to quickly run in, pick up the item and then run back out again; but don't be too surprised if you die doing this. With that in mind, consider equipping a Ring of Sacrifice as a Plan B. (Tip: the Orange Charred Ring, obtained after you kill the last boss of this area, makes getting this ember a non-issue)

Now, go back to the long stone path you originally came down and go from here around the right side of the lava lake. As you go you'll notice a Capra Demon making his way toward you. This is only the first of many of these in the Demon Ruins and they're quite tough customers, as you may recall from your encounter with one back in Undead Burg. However, at least you have ample space to deal with them here - unlike your first encounter with one. Once you take him out head toward where he came from to find the path that you should follow to proceed. This path will follow along a wall and as you turn the last corner you'll see it leads further into the ruins, toward an area with five more Capra Demons.

Note: If you are in human form when following path after the first Capra Demon, the darkwraith Knight Kirk will invade your world behind you. This is the second of his three invasions - the first was in the Depths and the third lies ahead in Lost Izalith. If you defeat him in all three of his invasions you'll be able to obtain his armour - the Thorns Set. Also, it would be advised to fight him on the path where he appears or back up in the hardened lava lake. Whetever you do, don't run down the path into the ruins, as the crowd of Capra Demons waiting there will make the fight impossible.

The Demon Ruins

As you know, Capra Demons can be tough - even by themselves - so taking on the group of Capras ahead at the same time is ill-advised. Try to lure them out one at a time instead. Another method for dealing with them is with poison arrows; shooting them a few times from up on the path and awaiting their death is a safe way through and can be done without any of them charging you - the Bow of Phariscan be very helpful here for its longer range. (Tip: You can avoid fighting them entirely by simply jumping off the path just before it enters into the ruins for a shortcut to the bonfire below, but beware that you'll also land beside a Burrowing Rockworm. There is a staircase nearby the bonfire to allow you to go back up and take on the Capra Demons if you wish.)

After the Capra Demons you'll descend a staircase and at the bottom a Stone Demon will approach you. These slow moving enemies stop when they get close to do a straight forward, or a slowly turning, fairly short distance flame thrower attack that's easy to dodge. Kill that one and turn right - don't go down the wide stairs to your left yet. Go to the back wall, turn right, and navigate around the rocks under the staircase to find two Green Titanite Shards. Turn back and you'll see a bonfire and a Burrowing Rockworm (mentioned in the 'Tip' above). Take out the rockworm with a ranged attack to access the bonfire and the nearby Soul of a Proud Knight. Now go back to and descend the wide stairs, where you'll encounter four more Stone Demons on your way down.

Note: From the top of the wide stairs, look over the edge on the right and you should be able to get an early glimpse of the Centipede Demon boss, prior to fighting him later.

Before getting to the bottom of the wide stairs, look around - you'll see a path ahead leading to a fog gate and path to the left leading into some more ruins. You'll likely also notice the three Taurus Demons - one on the path ahead and two on the left path. As you reach the bottom of the stairs, the Taurus Demon ahead will start coming for you, so watch out. Once you get off the stairs another Rockworm will pop up from the ground to your right, but it doesn't actually get in the way and can be ignored if you wish. You can take out the Taurus ahead, the Rockworm, and the Taurus to the left with poison arrows. To do this with-out attracting their attention use the Ring of Fog or cast Hidden Body (be sure to move back up the stairs a bit so they don't see you when the spell wears off). If you have no arrows though, then good luck with the melee fight.

Now go down the path to the left and take on the final Taurus Demon. The ledge he's on is not ideal for a fight so, again, poison arrows are a viable option. If you have none then you could try to pull it back to an area more conducive for a straight melee fight. Once he's gone, continue down the path and toward the chest in the distance, but be warned that five more Rockworms will drop out of the ceiling on this path. Firstly a single one will drop, so move forward slowly, then once dropped you can dispatch it carefully. Then, as you near the chest at the end of this path, four more will drop down and attempt to box you in. As soon as they drop, sprint forward between the two ahead of you to get out of harms way. You can now get the Large Flame Ember from the chest and then take out the Rockworms at your leisure before walking back to the wide stairs. An alternate path is to have less than 50% load, and run like a bat outta hell. You can get to the chest and pickup the Large Flame Ember. Then to get back, stand facing the center of the four demons and yet again run like hell. (Tip: if you get closed in by the four Rockworms that drop out of the ceiling I advise using the Silver Knight Spear to whittle away at their health, it is long enough that they won't attack you, but you can still harm them with your spear.)

The Ruins' Demons

Back at the stairs, advance toward the fog gate ahead. On your way to it you'll see a path to the right that leads to another Capra Demon and a Soul of a Brave Warrior (Tip: A single well placed arrow will stagger him and make him step back off the edge of the cliff he's standing beside, allowing you to get the item) Now go back toward the fog gate again and take out the final two Stone Demons on the stairs leading to the gate. Now, there are two ways to go from here:

  1. Through fog gate you will find the Demon Firesage boss arena, then leading further into the Demon Ruins once it's defeated. This is the path that most will follow due to the specific requirements of the alternative route, detailed below.
  2. There's another passage to the right before the fog gate with traversable roots leading down to a big door. This door is a shortcut that allows you to easily travel back from Lost Izalith to the Demon Ruins later, but it can also be opened early from the Demon Ruins side. To enable this you must be a level 2 Chaos Servant (which will cost you 30 Humanity), otherwise it will simply not open from this side. Using this shortcut allows you to skip the Demon Firesage and Centipede Demon boss battles and it'll also skip the lava field section of Lost Izalith. However, doing so will cause you to miss out on the Demon's Catalyst and Orange Charred Ring that are dropped by the bosses. You can of course come back later to kill these bosses if you wish. (Note: If the player received the status of Level 2 Chaos Servant in a previous playthrough, this status will be present in any future playthroughs. Producing 30 Humanity for Quelaan is no longer necessary)

So, assuming that you're not a level 2 Chaos Servent, you'll be going to through the fog gate to take on the Demon Firesage. Otherwise you can skip right ahead to the "Walkthrough 2 (Chaos Servant Entrance)" section of the Lost Izalith page.

Boss Fight: Demon Firesage

After killing the Demon Firesage, you gain access to another staircase. From here, you can progress either up or down the stairs. Going up the staircase will take you past more Stone Demons and a Soul of a Brave Warrior. At the top you'll find a familiar looking circular platform, and stepping onto the center of it reveals it to be an elevator that will return you to Quelaag's Domain - opening a very welcome shortcut. At the bottom of the staircase there is a branch that leads down to a bonfire, as well as the fog gate to the Centipede Demon's boss arena. On a ledge beside the branch that leads downward there is another Soul of a Brave Warrior. Before going through the fog gate, be aware that Knight Solaire's summon sign is nearby the bonfire if you're in human form, and he's quite helpful in the Centipede boss fight. Head through the fog gate to meet the Centipede Demon.

Boss Fight: Centipede Demon

Once it's dead you will obtain the Orange Charred Ring. Once equipped, this ring will allow you to walk on lava and only receive minor damage - which is a god-send for what's ahead. If you explore the arena after defeating the Centipede Demon, you'll find a corpse with two Green Titanite Shards tucked away in an alcove (make sure to wear the ring you just received). Go back to the entrance of the Centipede boss arena and walk past it, following the wall on your left, until you find the exit that leads to the next area: Lost Izalith

Demon Ruins Map


Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.

Notes & Trivia:

  • Kirk, The Knight of Thorns - He appears on the path leading down to the ruin with the Capra Demons, and you must be in human form for him to invade. Please see here for more info on Kirk and his invasions.



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