With its perpetually setting sun and gorgeous architecture, the city of Anor Londo will take your breath away upon your first sight of it, but don't be fooled by its seeming tranquility. It's reachable via a small orange ring that appears after defeating the Iron Golem on top of Sen's Fortress, and is the home of Lordran's remaining deities and the Lordvessel- an essential artifact for completing the main quest.

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Full Anor Londo Walkthrough

Starting out in Anor Londo
The Bat Wing Demons that picked you up from Sen's Fortress will drop you at the top of some stairs that give a great view of the city. From here you'll see a huge cathedral taking up most of the view - that's where you're heading. Getting there isn't easy though, and getting inside is even harder. As you walk down the stairs from the entry point you will notice a Sentinel and a door on the left - don't worry about him though because as long as you don't approach him, he won't attack. Through the door you'll see two more Sentinels to your left with a chest behind the one on the right. They will similarly ignore you unless you approach them, so turn right and head through the door to the giant courtyard.

Exploring the Courtyard

On the left side is a doorway that leads down to a bonfire with the Darkmoon Knightess beside it, she is a Fire Keeper so her presence here allows this bonfire to refill 10 Estus Flasks right off the bat, no kindling required. You can kill her for a Fire Keeper Soul if you wish, but doing so will disable this bonfire for this play-through (although you can still spawn there after death). She is aligned with the Blade of the Dark Moon covenant, so if you want to stay on her good side it's advised to avoid betraying them.

Go back up to the giant courtyard, turn left and proceed toward the building containing two Sentinels with a chest behind each one. The Sentinels will fight you if you approach them but they can be taken out without getting their attention if you stand far enough away and use a bow. Alternatively if you take them on one at a time in close-combat they're not too much trouble as they are slow to turn and can be rolled through as well. Just watch out for their very long range and nearly 360-degree halberd sweep attacks, which can strike players even behind them. The chest on the right is a Mimic - attack it first for a Crystal Halberd or just leave it alone. The chest on the left contains a Twinkling Titanite. You'll likely notice a doorway on the right side of this room with another Sentinel guarding a starcase behind him, but there's no need to go this way yet though as it currently only leads to the golden fog gate that blocks the entrance to The Duke's Archives and you cannot traverse these fog gates until you place the Lordvessel - which you will collect after completing Anor Londo.

You can go back and get the chest we saw earlier in the room on the other side of the courtyard where you first entered if you want, but again you'll have to take on a couple of Sentinels to get it. It contains a Demon Titanite. After this, make sure you have full Estus Flasks and then go down the elevator that's on the other side of the courtyard, straight out from the bonfire room.

Beyond the Courtyard & Entering the Chapel

Once you get down and descend the following spiral stairs you will be on a walkway where you'll fight a Gargoyle similar to the one you fought on the roof of the Undead Parish, only this one is smaller and breathes lightning instead of fire. You can cut off its tail for an axe and it also makes the fight easier as he can't use it for attacking once it's removed. If his tail is cut off he will also pause and roar in anger/pain, giving you an opening for additional attacks. After you kill the gargoyle (he won't respawn) you'll find that there's little options of where to go now as the walkway you fought the gargoyle on leads to a sheer drop.

Turn around and look towards the building with the spiral stairs you just descended and you will see a staircase on the right of the building. Go to it, head down to the bottom of the stairs, take a right under the walkway and keep heading right around the ledge until you reach a chest with a Demon Titanite inside.

Head back to the bottom of the stairs and you will see a flying buttress/church arch on your right that you can walk up. Walk slowly up to the top and then roll on to the balcony to the right - see the image on the right for assistance in this regard. It is generally easier to roll off the buttress onto the balcony below if you do so at an angle, rather than going all the way up the buttress and then trying to roll straight forward onto the balcony. You'll see a broken window on the balcony leading into the chapel and once you walk through it, you will see a Painting Guardian drop down - these guys move like the thieves in Lower Undead Burg, so don't turn your back on them if you can help it. Kill the second one that's on the other side of the room and then go up the ladder.

The Chapel Rafters

Up here you'll be able to make your way across the other side of the chapel by carefully walking along the rafters. Additional framing on the rafters at the corners/intersections gives you a little extra leeway, but try to stay on the main rafters when possible. You'll see more Painting Guardians as you go along that will advance on you when they see you - there's a few ways you can deal with these; they'll sometimes start throwing knives at a distance but keep your shield up and they'll eventually give up and start running toward you. If you wait on the other side of a corner from them while they approach they'll usually fall off to their death when they try to attack at the junction. Alternatively, you can range attack them or fight them at the junctions where you can get a little bit of room to work with. Another option is using straight line attack weapons such as spears or thrusting swords, which should prevent you from moving laterally and falling. At around half-way across you'll encounter a chandelier with an item on it hanging by a chain from the ceiling. DO NOT jump down onto the chandelier - its chain will break and will send you falling to your death. Cut the chain of the chandelier instead while you're up here and it will drop down so you can get the item later.

Once you reach the end, climb down the ladder and you'll be beside a fog gate. To the right of the fog gate is a Painting Guardian down some stairs. Head back to the ladder and drop down onto the ledge where the three statues are. Run to the other side of this ledge and jump through the columns (you need to have good aim and timing here). Continue left and halfway up the stairs you will find another Painting Guardian. Onwards there's a chest with Divine Blessing inside. Drop back down to the ledge with the three statues again and use the same method as before to jump through the columns on the original side you were on to return to the fog gate.

The Staircase Tower and Darkmoon Tomb

Enter through the fog gate and to you'll be outside again. Continue across the bridge ahead you'll be at the top of a tower with a spiral stairs and a rotary lever. Turn the lever counter-clockwise and you'll see a cinematic showing that this staircase tower can rotate and move up and down. After the cut-scene ends you will have to fight another gargoyle. Once defeated, turn the lever counter-clockwise again so that the tower goes down further. Head down the spiral staircase now and over the bridge to a new room where you will find the Darkmoon Tomb bonfire and the Ring of The Sun's Firstborn.

Note: The large statue at the back of the room hides a secret down staircase that will only open if you have the Darkmoon Seance Ring equipped. At the bottom of the stairs you'll find a spot where you can kneel before a fog gate and converse with Gwyndolin and be able to join the Blade of the Dark Moon covenant and/or take on Gwyndolin in an optional boss fight. So, if you've defied the odds and have already been to the Catacombs and gotten the Darkmoon Seance Ring, then go right ahead. Otherwise make a note of the area and move on - you can come back here later in the game once you obtain the Darkmoon Seance Ring. Do NOT enter the fog gate unless you wish to fight Gwyndolin.

The Chapel Floor

Go back out, up the spiral stairs, turn the rotary lever clockwise to make the tower go up and then go back down the stairs where you can enter the ground floor of the chapel you traversed earlier along the rafters. In here you will encounter a decent amount of Painting Guardians that are easy to overcome if you stick to luring them out one by one. In here you'll eventually get to the fallen chandlier from earlier to claim the Sorcery: Great Magic Weapon. To the left corner of the chapel there is the Black Iron set, a Greatsword, and a Black Iron Greatshield. Near to these items on the wall is a large painting. This painting, if examined, will take you to the Painted World of Ariamis if you got the Peculiar Doll from revisiting the starting room in the Northern Undead Asylum. Please Note: Once you enter the painting you will not be able to leave until you reach the boss at the end of the Painted World of Ariamis. Once you're done in here, go back outside and back up the stairs where you'll see two paths: one leading to the walkway where you fought the first gargoyle from earlier (opening a shortcut to avoid traversing the chapel rafters again) and the other going toward a large staircase that leads up to the cathedral.

Infiltrating the Cathedral

At the top of the large staircase you'll be a the Cathedral's main entrance and there are two Sentinels guarding the door - they can be pulled one at a time to more easily take care of them (if you stand centrally near the top of the steps you should be able to just see the left Sentinel's head over his shield. You can kill both Sentinels from here with a bow and they won't even move to attack you). Once they're dealt with, face the cathedral and you'll notice the entrance door straight ahead is currently locked (it opens via a lever on the other side), there's a small locked door to your left (also only opening from the other side) and an small open door to the right. Go through the door on the right and you'll see stairs to your right leading down to a ledge with three Bat Wing Demons. Shoot the two visible ones with a bow to pull them one at a time and also be aware of the third one hiding to the left of the stairs here. Once you have dealt with the three of them go to the left side of the ledge to find an arch leading down. At the bottom there are two more Bat Wing Demons hiding behind the pillars on either side of you. Either take them on there or get their attention and back up on to the arch to take them out with ranged attacks, which will stagger them if they are struck in the head. Similarly, if you use the fireball pyromancy they will usually fall off the edge after you hit them once with it. If you have it, you can also use the miracle Emit Force to knock a demon down, and then run down and kill it with a melee weapon before it can get back to its feet.

Now heal up because the next section can be tricky - there are two Silver Knight Archers up on far away ledges firing at you with Dragonslayer Bows. If you have it, the Ring of Fog (or Hidden Body sorcery) helps a lot in this section as the archers wont be able to see you or attack until you are closer. One of the below strategies should suit your character build and play-style:

  • Method 1 (for melee builds): Equip and two-hand a greatshield (or if you have high enough STR, simply equip a greatshield). Sprint up the roof arch toward the Silver Knight's position, go left around the structure in the center and then run up the next arch to the top. Quickly turn right and follow the narrow ledge toward the Knight, rolling when he fires arrows to dodge them. Keep your shield up, get right up close and lock-on to him to ensure you're always facing him and he'll switch to a sword. As his attacks deflect, he will fall to his death off the narrow ledge. Now go back to the arch and go left to take on the other one using the same stratagy - over here you will find a Soul of a Hero.


  • Method 2 (for archers): Have poison arrows. Two hits close together are usually enough to poison an enemy. If you're standing in the right spot on the first arch that you run up, but before you get to the tower you have to walk around the edge of, their arrows will hit the tower. However, the arc of your arrows will allow you to hit them! (Note that the poison effect can apply and deal fatal damage even if you are too far away for the arrow impact itself to do any damage.) Poison both of them, wait for them to die. This also works on the Sentinels, who won't attack unless you're quite close to them. If you don't have poison arrows, go back to female undead burg merchant with 10,000 or so souls to get yourself a hundred poison arrows.


  • Method 3 (for magic builds): Equip a shield and your lightest armour and sprint up the arch toward the central structure. Once you hit the mid point you can rest up to recover stamina. By sprinting you should not take any damage from the snipers. Wait until the snipers stop shooting and then run around the structure and up the next section of the arch with you shield held aloft. Head right at the top and wedge yourself between the knight and the drop. If you have the the Soul Mass spell (available if you rescued Big Hat Logan) then equip this half way up the arch or before you set off from the mid point. Two of the orbs get knocked off by the building but it hurts the sniper without having to worry about the controls at a time you can easily fall. As a magic user this section is hard but passable if you focus on speed and movement - Soul Mass helps immeasurably.

    Another method for magic builds to get past the archers is to sprint up the arch to the central structure. Wait until the archers stop firing arrows at you. Equip the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring and then cast Hidden Body. Walk as fast as possible without drawing the attention of the archers around the central structure and up the arch until you can lock onto the archer on the right. Then hit him with your heaviest hitting spell, like Soul Spear.


  • Method 4 (Hybrid builds): Equip your spear, and your shield with the highest stability, and be sure to be below 50% weight. Equip the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring or Ring of Fog. Sprint up the arch to the mid point tower that you can hide behind. Wait for the archers to stop shooting. While still out of their view, cast Hidden Body if you don't have the Ring of Fog, and quickly Switch back to your melee weapon before you run. Quickly, move around the tower, and up the arch. Then, at the top, hold your shield up, move quickly over to the archer on the right. Stay in that corner before the curve, the archer will switch to sword. He will advance and while swinging at you, he will fall off (or you can help him off with your spear)


  • Parry method (all builds): Equip a good stability light or medium shield you can parry with, and the Dark Wood Grain Ring. Starting at the base of the walkways where the two batwing demons were located, run up while blocking, around the square central platform, and then up the next walkway. Do not stop; if you are moving properly all arrows should miss you along the way. Proceed to the top, and immediately head right towards the Silver Knight on the right. Roll along the walkway towards him, timed to roll through anything he shoots at you and particularly to reduce the odds the other knight shoots you in the back. As you approach, the knight should switch to his sword and shield. Block and wait for him to swing at you, then parry and riposte him. The best time to do this is after he does a shield bash at you, which he always follows with an obvious, slow right hand sword slash that is easily parried. With a sufficient weapon you should be able to kill him with the riposte while the other archer is unable to hit you. You may then proceed around the edge, or backtrack to kill the other archer in whatever way you wish. You may also accomplish this while blocking arrows instead of rolling, but this is more dangerous as the blocks will slow you down and may knock you off. With a little practice at parrying this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get through this trouble spot. If for some reason the knight refuses to switch to his sword and shield, use the corner of the curved catwalk as protection from his arrows and stab him in between shots by moving forward slightly then retreating. You can also hit him with various spells or miracles from there.

Once the Knight on the right is gone (at the very least), follow the ledge to the right and drop down onto the balcony below to enter the fog gate.

Inside the Cathedral

Once through, you'll be in a corridor with a spiral stairs at the end and a door on either side. Ensure you go into the door on the left first and not the door on the right to avoid a Silver Knight who; can frustrate greatly if you take the wrong door after you have just completed the difficult section above. In the left door you'll find a bonfire and Solaire of Astora. You can now take on the Silver Knight (Spear) in the opposite room and plunder the chest behind him for a 3x Sunlight Medal reward. Go out and take a right toward the spiral stairs. Behind the staircase, another Silver Knight (Sword) will be guarding two more doors, deal with him and enter the left door - the other one's locked from the other side. In this room you'll find a fireplace that has a secret passage in it - hit the back of the fireplace to reveal the secret passage. Follow the resulting stairs down and you'll be in a very dark room with 5 chests, one of which is a mimic. The mimic can be easily identified as being the only one that is sitting alone - every other chest down here will have another chest right beside it. The four other chests will contain Havel's Set, the Dragon Tooth and Havel's Greatshield. Killing the mimic gives you an Occult Club. Now go back out to the corridor and climb the spiral stairs.

At the top you'll see two doors: The one on the right is already open and contains nothing and the one on the left contains a Silver Knight and a Soul of a Hero. Look down over the balcony in this room and you'll see a Titanite Demon on the floor below. (Tip: You can target the Titanite Demon from up here and if you find the right spot you can kill him with ranged attacks, saving you a lot of hassle later. This will also remove a favorite tactic by PvP invaders, namely hiding in the Titanite Demon's room to either lure you into a difficult fight, or so that they can run up behind you when you bypass them and try to make it to the main cathedral.) On either side of the staircase you just climbed you'll find a mimic chest in a corner; one's holding a Gold Coin and the other's holding 5 Silver Coins. Walk around the staircase to find a corridor with a door on either side and a Silver Knight Archer in the doorway at the end - zigzag up the corridor to dodge his arrows and take him out, there's nothing on the balcony behind him but a nice view. The door on the right is locked from the other side but the left door goes into a bedroom and out the following door beware of the ambush on the right from a Silver Knight. From here, go up the stairs to find the rooftop courtyard; it has a Silver Knight Archer standing infront on an archway on the right and another doorway on the left. Steer clear of the doorway on the left for the moment and take out the Archer. Now go to the doorway on the left to find a Silver Knight waiting inside - kill him and go down the stairs he was guarding.

Aiding Siegmeyer

Down here you'll find Siegmeyer of Catarina again. Note that if you do not speak to him and do not kill the knights in the next room, he will remain here even after you defeat the Anor Londo bosses Smough and Ornstein, so if you are in a hurry or worried about invasions you can skip this area for now and return up the stairs to the roof. If you speak with him to exhaust his dialog set he'll tell of his plight, in that he can't go any further due to the enemies in the next room, so you should do him a favour and take them out for him (note: you do not need to speak to him first, you can clear the room and then speak to him for the same outcome). In the next room you'll encounter 3 Silver Knights, the first of which is on your immediate right waiting in ambush. Lure him back up to the rooftop to dispatch him so you can ensure you don't aggro the other Knights in the room, or accidentally hit Siegmeyer during the fight. You can also parry and riposte him in his corner, or even kill him through the wall (either near Siegmeyer, or from the hallway) with a sufficiently large weapon. Next, lure out the other two Silver Knights that are in the room one at a time with ranged attacks and then kill them as well. Next to the bed there's a chest containing 2 Demon Titanite and the door here leads to a corridor from earlier. If you speak to Siegmeyer of Catarina after the room is cleared, he'll thank you and reward you with the Tiny Being's Ring. More importantly, he will also move onto Firelink Shrine, where if you speak to him later and agree that you opened the gates, he will reward you with the useful Emit Force miracle. Now head back up the stairs and across the rooftop to the archway where the Archer was.

Inside the Cathedral - Wrapping Up

Head down the stairway and at the bottom you'll see a door on either side of the corridor, and a long stairway straight ahead. The door on the left contains a Titanite Demon - he can be a tough fight in close-combat but if you killed him from the balcony earlier then you can just go in a collect your prize - 2 Demon Titanite. (If not, then a good strategy is to whittle him down by darting in to do damage, then darting out to use the hallway as a safety zone to heal. Note: if you are worried about invasions, then it is best to do this after defeating the boss, or while hollow.) The door on the right leads to a stairway heading down into a room with two Silver Knights (Spear), one will start coming for you while you descend the stairs. The other Silver Knight is guarding two chests containing the Silver Knight Set. The doorway down here is a nice shortcut back to the floor with the bonfire. Head back up and go straight up the long stairway.

Once up at the top you'll be up on a side balcony of the Cathedral's entrance hall. If you look around you'll see a Silver Knight Archer on the balcony on the opposite side of the hall and two Royal Sentinels down below on the ground floor - but come back here to deal with them later. For now, follow the balcony you're on up the set of stairs on the left side and you'll eventually notice a broken window you can go through. If you pass by the broken window and keep following the wall around you'll find a passage with a stair case leading down - this leads directly to the Giant Blacksmith - but first go through the broken window to open a shortcut, get the rest of the items in Anor Londo and an alternative route to the blacksmith. Note that if you are in a hurry or have been invaded, you can also instead sprint down the stairs and leap off the middle platform, keeping the wall on your left and the pillars to your right. You will take some damage in the fall, but can sprint directly forwards towards the switch that opens the main Cathedral doors, which will then stay open even if you later die.

Outside the Cathedral

Go through the broken window, down the resulting steps and then carefully follow the ledge around to the right where you'll be able to drop into a small fenced off area and collect the Dragonslayer Greatbow and some Dragonslayer Arrows. There is a gap in the fencing here that you can walk through and drop down from, but note that you'll be dropping into an area with a few Bat Wing Demons, and it's a long enough drop so heal up. Down there there's a Bat Wing Demon to your right who you can plunge attack on the drop down if you carefully position yourself above him before you drop. Once you're down there's another Bat Wing Demon straight ahead beside a doorway and two more to the left down some stairs on a ledge, but they only react if you get reasonably close, so you should be able to take them on one at a time. Down on the ledge you'll find a corpse with a Titanite Chunk and if you look to the right as you're coming back up you'll see a door that leads back to the main entrance - opening a very welcome shortcut.

The doorway mentioned in the above paragraph leads to the Giant Blacksmith. You'll likely notice the chest that he's blocking access to; it contains the Hawk Ring. Don't feel you need to kill him to get to the chest though, as you can approach along the left wall and continually roll/push forward and wedge yourself in beside the Giant until you get a prompt to open the chest. It's highly advised that you don't attack the Giant, as he's the only one who can ascend a weapon to lightning status, make Boss Soul Weapons, and he also sells a variety of  titanite (including the otherwise very rare Twinkling Titanite, following patch 1.05). Sometimes the Giant Blacksmith will shift position slightly to either block or allow you to reach the chest. Just be patient and wait for him to move his arm again and you will be able to move past him. If you do accidentally attack him, do not kill him and go back to Oswald the Pardoner and absolve your sins (inside the Bell Tower in the Undead Parish). Note that some PvP invaders may attempt to lure you into fighting or killing the Giant Blacksmith in order to make your playthrough harder, so avoid any fights in his workshop. It is often better to let yourself be killed than risk killing him.

The Entrance Hall

Go up the stairs beside the blacksmith and you'll be back up on the side balcony of the hallway. Take a left here and go down to kill the Silver Knight Archer on the balcony before taking on the Royal Sentinels on the ground floor. You don't want to go down and take them both on at the same time, so try to get rid of them with ranged attacks where possible. You can also lure them on to the steps and plunge attack them for good damage. Also worth noting is that you can summon Solaire of Astora on the stairs down from where the Archer was, but you need to be in human form for this. He'll help greatly both with the Sentinels and with the boss battle ahead. Once they're gone you'll see the fog gate that leads to the boss battle, but before you go in you should unlock the main entrance door on the other side of the room by pulling a lever on the left of the door - opening up another shortcut. When you're ready, head through the fog gate and get ready for a fight.

Boss Battle: Ornstein and Smough

Princess Gwynevere and the Lordvessel

After killing the bosses you will be able to access the elevators in the corners at the back of the boss arena. Up them you'll notice a bonfire and a large door nearby leading to the chamber of  Princess Gwynevere. She will give you the Lordvessel, allowing you to now warp between selected bonfires, and guide you as to what's the next step in your quest. She will also offer the ability to join the Princess Guard covenant.

Note: You can also now kill Gwynevere if you want, but be warned that there are a series of quite serious consequences for doing so: firstly you will be unable to join the Princess Guard and  covenants (although you will be able to access the Blades of the Dark Moon again if you absolve your sins with Oswald of Carim). Also, the Darkmoon Knightess (the Firekeeper of Anor Londo's first bonfire) will become hostile and engage you when you meet her next at the base of the stairs leading up to the Cathedral, and killing the Knightess will disable her bonfire for this playthrough. Next, Anor Londo will now be permanently darkened after Gwynevere's death and the Royal Sentinels in the entrance hall will be replaced by some tough human NPCs. Finally, if you are in human form while journeying through the darkened city for the rest of the playthrough you can expect to be continuously invaded by members of the Blade of the Darkmoon covenant, who will attempt to make you pay for killing Gwynevere - so killing her is not advised unless you have no desire to join or stay on good terms with the Blade of the Darkmoon convenant, or wish to engage in PvP against Darkmoon invaders in Anor Londo.

Retribution for Anastacia

Now, if you are in the unfortunate position where Anastacia of Astora (ie. the Firelink Shrine Fire Keeper) was killed by Knight Lautrec, you should now take the opportunity to resolve this by going back down the to the hallway before the boss arena (killing the Royal Sentinels again if necessary) and using the Black Eye Orb that you should have picked up from her cell in Firelink Shrine after she was killed. Use it in this hallway and you will invade the same hallway in Knight Lautrec's world as a Spirit of Retribution to fight him and two other human NPCs - one is a mage build and the other is melee build. Focus on killing Lautrec as the other two do not need to be killed to be successful in the invasion. Once you take vengeance on him you'll collect Fire Keeper Soul and you'll be transported back to your world. Now go to a bonfire and use your new warp ability to go to Firelink Shrine. (Note: Once you're back at Firelink, you'll notice Siegmeyer of Catarina standing nearby to the bonfire - if you cleared the way for him earlier. Tell him that it was you who helped and he'll reward you again for your assistance with the Miracle Emit Force.) Now go down to the cell where Anastacia used to be located and use the Fire Keeper Soul acquired from Lautrec to bring her, and the Firelink bonfire, back to life. She'll be able to talk once resurrected, but she won't have much to say, until you place the Lordvessel.

Crossroads - What to do with the Lordvessel?

There are now two options for how you would like to proceed. The choice you make here determines whether you'll be able to discover the Darkwraith Covenant or not and also unlock the game's alternate ending:

  • Option 1 - To Ignore the Darkwraith Covenant: Head over to Kingseeker Frampt in the Firelink ruins and speak with him. This will trigger a cut scene and he'll take you down below to the Firelink Altar where you can place the Lordvessel and open the various golden fog gates in Lordran. Frampt will then give some further instruction on what to do next to continue with the main quest and will return you to the surface if you select his warp option. You can now trade with him again once you're back up top. When you're ready, go to Blacksmith Andre in the Undead Parish and proceed from here to the next area: Darkroot Garden. Talking to Frampt makes it impossible to find Darkstalker Kaathe later in the game and hence will not allow you to join the Darkwraiths during this playthrough or be able to get the alternate ending.


  • Option 2 - To Allow You to Find the Darkwraith Covenant: Ignore Frampt completely and go directly to Blacksmith Andre and proceed to Darkroot Garden. Ignoring Frampt from this point on will ensure you can find Darkstalker Kaathe in New Londo Ruins once you defeat the area's boss, but if you follow this path to it's conclusion then the next time you go to Firelink Shrine to find Frampt he will be very angry with you and will then disappear, hence not allowing you to trade items for souls or break-down titanite for the rest of this playthrough. 

Whichever option you choose, your next destination is Darkroot Garden to obtain the Covenant of Artorias.

Farming Silver Knights

The area right around the last bonfire is great for farming Silver Knights. There are approx. 12 Silver Knights between each floor and for 900 souls each that's an easy 10k souls for about 5 minutes worth of work! Using a powerful melee weapon (lightning claymore +5) and a shield you can block their attacks and simply strafe around them in a circle until you get a backstab. If your weapon and Strength are high enough you can usually 1-hit them with a backstab. The weapons they occasionally drop are pretty powerful too, although require high Dexterity to wield.

Soul Farming

If a player kills Princess Gwynevere, Anor Londo will be plunged into darkness. All mobs, except the Silver Knights and the Painting Guardians, will despawn and no longer be available in the current playthrough.

In the hallway leading up to the church (just before door to the Ornstein & Smough room) there will be two Giant Knights, both worth 3000 souls (first playthrough). These knights DO respawn. All in all, they are worth 6,000 souls per minute (jump down from bonfire, heal, run out and kill the two, teleport to bonfire and repeat). Alternatively, you don't necessarily need to jump all the way down, since as soon as you load at the bonfire, if you run to the lift to the right (your right if standing at the bonfire and facing Princess Gwynevere's room), the lift will reach the top as soon as you get there every time.

Soul Farming (After completing the Crystal Cave)

Another method for soul farming requires a high intelligence (>50), Crystal Soul Spear, Soul Spear (X2) and Homeward. From the last bonfire before you fought Ornstein and Smough, equip your catalyst (Logain's Catalyst is preferred) and select Soul Spear. Run out the door and go to the left around the stairs. Kill the Silver Knight behind the stairs, and the 2 Knights in the room to the right using 2 Soul Spears each (1 breaks their guard, while the second kills them). The last Silver Knight can usually be killed with a single spell, as he doesn't react when you enter the room. Run up the staris and head to the right into the hall before the boss. Select Crystal Soul Spear and run down to the first landing, then run back up the stairs and face the hall. You will see that the two Royal Knights will approach you, however to reach you, they will walk up the stairs, exposing their backs to you. Target them before they reach the landing and kill them with 1 Crystal Soul Spear each. From here, can run over to the other staircase, and kill the archer however you wish, then run back towards the beginning of the level, selecting your remaining 2 Crystal Soul Spears. Kill the two Giant Knights just outside the doors (they will be facing away from you), and trigger Homeward to return to the bonfire.
With an Int of 50, this run takes about 1:33-1:45 and will yield 16,682 souls with the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring.
Note: Although a Soul Spear will kill the Giant Knights in 1 hit, using the Crystal Soul Spear resulted in the knights giving more souls.


Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.

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      25 Oct 2017 01:48  

      WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No where here does it say that when you walk into Gwen... whoever's room, it will cause the chick at the bonfire to attack...FOREVER!!! Now I have to kill her and this bonfire is useless for the rest of this run. I didn't even hit her once( she destroyed me before I could get to her) and the covenant I just joined is ruined. Thank you, now I have to find a different site that has more accurate info.

      • Anonymous

        10 Feb 2017 08:02  

        The archers DO NOT auto fall off from walking up them with a shield and blocking. Thanks for wasting my time.

        • Anonymous

          12 Jan 2017 23:17  

          In section: Crossroads - What to do with the Lordvessel?
          Corrected spelling for Blacksmith Andre (was Andrei), and links were pointing to non-existent "Blacksmith Andrei" page.

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