Iron Golem

Location Sen's Fortress
Health * NG: 2,880
NG+: 5,270
Souls * NG: 40,000
NG+: 120,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Iron Golem is a Boss in Dark Souls.


Iron Golem Information

 The last trial of Sen's Fortress, the Iron Golem. The boss is located on a bridge at the top of the fortress, and must be defeated in order to reach Anor Londo.

Make sure to kill the Firebomb Giant atop the tower first, by ascending the stairs in the same room as the fog gate. If you do not, he will start throwing huge firebombs into the fight with the Golem, making it much more challenging than it needs to be.





Notes: It was possible to activate the ring during the boss fight, if you stood on top of it after the Iron Golem crushed the rocks around it. The ring was invisible, but could still be activated to proceed to Anor Londo without killing the boss. This glitch was however, fixed in a patch.



It is important to know a bit about the Golem's main move-set. He is a resourceful fighter, making use of a lot of his body to attack. His main weapon is his axe which he uses to slam down onto you, can be very easily dodged as it is slow.

He uses his other hand to club the ground, smashing the player if caught in it. He can also combine the two by slamming his weapon into his hand, creating a blast wave that provides a little bit of range; normally happens when out of his melee range.

If you spend too much time under him, he will eventually do one of two things: start stomping his feet which can be very bad if you get caught in it, so roll away if this starts happening, or grab and sweep you from in between his legs.



When you start this battle, you will be on the opposite end of the area from the Iron Golem. Take note of where he begins; it is on a narrow path with sheer drops on either side. Hurry over to it, and get ready to attack. You will need all the power you can muster here. Blocking will be challenging as the Golem's swings will eat up large amounts of your stamina. 

Consider putting your shield away and going in two-handed. Immediately move through the Iron Golem's legs and start attacking his back heels. You need to be careful of certain attacks while here, in particular the Grab and Sweep, or his stomp (he grabs back through his legs, so don't go thinking you're invincible back there). Getting hit by either of these could result in being knocked off the platform yourself, killing you. Nevertheless, you should stay positioned behind either the Iron Golem's feet. While here, you must attack as often as possible, concentrating attacks on one leg if possible. If you can do enough damage to a foot in a short enough span of time, he will start wobbling. This is the signal for you to keep piling on the hurt; do this enough and the Iron Golem will trip and fall over backwards, for a long enough time for you to deal some serious damage. If you can make this happen on the narrow strip of platform where the Iron Golem first appeared, he will fall backwards off the platform and die instantly.

A higher-leveled hero can weather his blows with a tough shield and slog it out, blow for blow. Someone with good timing and a lighter weight armor could play the maneuverable route and dodge and dive for the victory, as most of his attacks are well-telegraphed.

Img0044.jpgA spear will probably hinder you here (you might be considering using the lightning spear you just picked up), as many of your attacks may whiff harmlessly at the nothing between his legs.

Easy Melee Strategy

Just lock on him and when he raises his axe to hit you just roll FORWARD between his legs and hit his legs a few times. He will try to turn and hit you again but just keep rolling through his legs. He will fall down when his health is very low and then you can just end his misery.

Watch out his other left foot cause sometimes he tries to crush you with it and forget the shield in this fight. No need to block.


Mage Strategy

A good tactic for magic users is to get in range and just spam him with magic. When his attacks are getting into range just run through his legs and spam more magic. It'll take a little bit of time because he has so much health but if you keep at it you won't get hit once during the battle.

Asylum Demon Hammer Stun-Lock Strategy

If you took the time to defeat the Asylum Demon on your first encounter and were rewarded with his Hammer, it is extremely useful against the Golem. The best strategy to use is to simply hit the Golem once, this will put him in a stun state and he will be unable to do anything while you attack him, resulting in a sound beating.


In the tower to the right of the boss fog wall, over a small bridge, you can summon the phantom Iron Tarkus to aid you in the battle against the Iron Golem, assuming you are in human form of course.




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    • Anonymous

      I enjoy fighting, and his armor and weapon are super sick as well. It can be paired easily with the Tower Shield, just be color alone.

      • Anonymous

        I wish you could replay bosses as many times as you want PURELY because I just love watching Tarkus solo this stupid mfer. Love you, Tarkus... <3

        • Anonymous

          His AI suddenly froze in the middle of the fight. He looked like he was having a seizure and fell of the platform. And this was in the remastered version.

          • Anonymous

            My first try, I have no idea what he does, I roll away from a few of his attacks and he ends up near the edge. I hit him and he falls down and dies. Didn't even get him to 75%. Easy 40k souls

            • Anonymous

              I was fighting the Iron Golem w/o music enabled, and I heard a humming sound throughout the fight that ended once the Golem was defeated.
              Could I get a second opinion on this? I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else.

              • Anonymous

                Villagers created him to defend their home from the chosen undead but the chosen undead used him to farm for iron haha

                • Anonymous

                  Im trying to do the anor londo throw but whether I use a great sword or an ultra great sword, I keep getting chucked about a mile too far and high. I Just enter the stratosphere and fall to my death 45 seconds later. Any advice on how to make this work? I assume it's a position thing but no matter where I go on the walkway I get thrown to the same wrong spot.

                  • Anonymous

                    After summoning some phantoms for help, we bullied him so hard he fell off the ledge, and not only did I not know that was possible, it was absolutely hilariously. We didn’t even break him down to 75% of his health

                    • Anonymous

                      I managed to knock him off balance near the boss entrance but he didn’t fall over the edge ... instead he fell straight through the floor. Does this happen on the bridge every time? I usually cause him to fall over on the main platform so I can get the free damage in. This was funny af to watch but seems to exploitable so I can only assume it was a one off glitch

                      • Anonymous

                        Best strategy for me has been to enter the boss fight and stay still til he swings his gust attack (almost always hits the center). Run straight at him and go between his legs and start attacking from behind. Land 2-3 strong attacks and get out of range because he will try to grab you. Once he resets his position, repeat. Under 25% equp load works best and two hand your weapon. Blocking with shield can be worse than getting hit as you will slide and could get knocked off. He's slow but hits like a train and if you get too greedy he'll punish you.

                        • Anonymous

                          Guy summoned me playing NG+ ?. I knew something was off when he was wearing giants armor and the wooden blacksmith hammer and also when my super powered dark bead hardly scratched the boss. Luckily we got him staggered on the narrow walk way and made him fall off the cliff. Instead of 20K souls I was rewarded 60K!

                          • Anonymous

                            The co-op souls are great for such a quick and easy fight. Something is off though...

                            10K souls for spidy, 20K for this dude and only 25K for O&amp;S?? First two are a cake walk to the boss and not much of a challenge then you got the silver knights and two bosses to fight at once... Just for 5K more!

                            • Hi guys Iron Golem here to say don't summon Iron Tarkus guys please I have a business to uphold I could tell you all weren't fans of my more strong message

                              Too bad

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