Gwyn Lord of Cinder

Boss 0024 Gwyn Lord of Cinder
Location Kiln of the First Flame
Health * NG: 4,250
NG+: 6,745
Souls * NG: 70,000
NG+: 140,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Gwyn Lord of Cinder is a Boss in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. He is the final boss of the game, and the game will end automatically after you defeat him.


Gwyn Lord of Cinder Information

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder was a mighty warrior and the greatest of lords. He was known as the Lord of Sunlight and headed the efforts to end the Age of Ancients, together with Gravelord Nito, the Witch of Izalith, and the dragon-traitor, Seath the Scaleless. Commanding his knights, he led the Lords to victory and oversaw the Age of Fire. Despite being partially bequeathed to the Four Kings and Seath the Scaleless, his soul remains "a powerful thing indeed".

Around a thousand years prior to the start of the Dark Souls game events, Gwyn sacrificed himself to link the First Flame. His reasons for doing so are disputed, but what is certain is that his principal motivation was to postpone the end of the Age of Fire. He was succeeded by his children: his firstborn, the banished God of War who lost his status as a deity; his daughter Gwynevere, the Queen of Sunlight; and his lastborn Gwyndolin, his "repulsive [and] frail" son who Gwyn raised as a daughter due to Gwyndolin's affinity for the Moon.

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has spoken to Kingseeker Frampt, Darkstalker Kaathe, or the illusion of Gwynevere, that Lord Gwyn is the final boss of the game, and that it is the Chosen Undead's goal to either succeed him and end further Undead sacrifices, or start the Age of Dark: the apparent age of Humanity. Lord Gwyn can be fought after acquiring all Lord Souls and Lord Soul Shards and returning them to the Lordvessel at Firelink Altar, which will grant access to the Kiln of the First Flame. After fighting past five of his Black Knight, a Hollowed and haggard Gwyn awaits at the site of the First Flame, presenting himself as the final challenge.






"Once living, now Undead, and a fitting heir to father Gwyn thou art,
And beseech thee. Succeed Lord Gwyn, and inheriteth the Fire of our world.
Thou shall endeth this eternal twilight, and avert further Undead sacrifices."

- The illusion of Gwynevere, revealing the chosen Undead's destiny to succeed her father, Lord Gwyn.

"Lord Gwyn trembled at the Dark.
Clinging to his Age of Fire, and in dire fear of humans,
And the Dark Lord who would one day be born amongst them,
Lord Gwyn resisted the course of nature.
By sacrificing himself to link the Fire, and commanding his children to shepherd the humans,
Gwyn has blurred your past, to prevent the birth of the Dark Lord."

Darkstalker Kaathe, giving an alternative, darker account of Lord Gwyn to the chosen Undead.


  • The room is spacious and circular but there are many obstacles in the viscinity; put them between you and him for a few precious seconds of breathing room.
  • Learn his repertoire; you can beat most bosses without knowing their every move, but not so here. He’s too fast, so you need know what he’s going to do.
  • Do not use lightning-based weapons; Gwyn has an incredible resistance to them and will almost half the their damage output.
  • Gwyn is also EXTREMELY RESISTANT to Faith-based offensive miracles, such as Lightning Spear and Sunlight Spear, practically nullifying their usefulness.
  • Because of a BUG, Gwyn cannot bleed but can be intoxicated however it has 999 poison resistance.


Gwyn is crazy fast, extremely aggressive, deals both physical and fire damage, and has incredible melee range. He has an unpredictable pattern, and reacts to what you do quickly, and possibly more so than any other enemy in this game. He can easily dodge your attacks when not in an attack animation. While his Great Lord Greatsword can be obtained, only his holds the power of fire.



Gwyn unleashes a barrage of slashes. He has several slashing combinations and moves.

Starting with a very fast diagonal slash, then a horizontal one, and does this 2x. The attack will track, so the best way to avoid getting hit is with a well-timed roll as he winds his weapon to land a hit. He is also able to get a thrust in, during this attack, which can be very dangerous as it can stun you and leave susceptible to more damage. If you want to parry, you should block the fast first diagonal slash and parry the second. Gwyn delays the second swing a little so parry him only when he is about to attack.

If there is some distance between you two, he can break your guard by performing a single jumping slash attack that comes out in two variations. During the low jump his sword points left during the travel time and raises up just before he attacks. You can parry it by hitting the parry button during the raising of the sword. The high jump can be parried after Gwyn has reached the top of the jump and is coming down to attack. You need to estimate the timing because Gwyn usually jumps so high that he is off-camera when you should press the parry button.

Another combo which consists of a strong first slash followed by two lesser ones can take up a large portion of your stamina, if blocked. Parrying the first heavy slash is a good strategy. Gwyn slowly moves his sword behind him and then slashes at you. Hit the parry button when the tip of the sword is pointing behind him, straight away from you.



While running towards you, Gwyn thrusts his weapon at you. It can happen if there is some distance between you two or right after Gwyn backsteps. He can also thrust during combos. While the hitbox of a thrust may not be great, Gwyn may decide to switch to a slash midway combo, so always watch his movements and adjust your tactics accordingly. You can hit the parry button as soon as you see the running thrust attack coming. If you were close enough, it will often be a successful parry.


Grab Attack

If you find Gwyn making an attempt to grab you, roll out of the way or be prepared to be lifted into the air and blown up. The explosion will send you across the room and deal very high damage.



If you've been blocking Gwyn a lot at a close range, he will perform a front stomp kick, which will drain a large portion of stamina if blocked, and knock you down if not.


Gwyn has many different attacks, mostly involving a non-stop barrage of sword swings which will take down your shield and stamina quickly. So while he may seem as if he hasn't got any weaknesses, rest assured knowing he does, and if timing is one of your strengths, then you're in the driver's seat; Gwyn CAN BE PARRIED.

The standard strategy is to keep Gwyn far enough away so he misses his attacks made against you, while adding a combination of rolling and quick attacks and backing off. This way you can slowly whittle away his health and beat him. Also, hiding behind one of the large rocks near the center of the room so he hits the rock rather than you can be an advantage; when he goes for a grab and misses, go in for a hit and back off. You can also hit him after he finishes his 3-4 hit combo.


Strategy 1 - Parry

The easiest strategy would be to use Iron Flesh combined with Havel's Set, and parry Gwyn's attacks to defeat him. Blocking his first swing and parry his follow-up should make the parry more consistent. You can also use the Dragon Greatsword to stagger him as well, if 2-handed him while on Iron Flesh. This is by far cheapest way to beat him. He can be parried, over and over, making him beatable without taking any damage at all, if you're able to time his attacks.

You also have enough time after performing a riposte to drink an Estus. His reaction when you do so can be exploited - if you riposte and then drink an estus, Gwyn will ALWAYS think he sees an opening, and do the exact same move - a two-handed slash, which is one of his more telegraphed and easily parried moves.  Therefore, you can keep repeating the exact same chain of Parry - Riposte - Drink Estus, to bait 2-Handed Swing - Parry - ... etc, until he is dead.


Strategy 2 - Mage

Use Homing Soulmass or Homing Crystal Soulmass when you have put enough distance between you and the boss. If you make too much space however, he will dive bomb you. Then rush him with your shield up so that when your Soulmasses launch, he will be too busy attacking you to dodge. Do this three to six times (depending on your Intelligence) - and he’s done. In fact, this strategy works very well even without a shield. Lord Gwyn is very good at dodging Soul Spears and Soul Arrows, but he is terrible at dodging Soulmasses. He will try to dodge spells when you cast them by sidestepping without taking into account the slight delay before Soulmass spells go off. By dodging his attacks and repeatedly casting one of the two, Gwyn can be killed relatively easily.

Another method for casters (or anyone requiring some more room to heal, etc.) is to make use of the very large rock formation to the side of the room. There is a large rock that can be used to create a large amount of breathing room, and the only issue when using this strategy is leading Gwyn to the spot. It's best to start out in the middle, and then roll backwards until you reach the wall slightly behind the rock and then roll to the right, throwing yourself over the small uprising between the wall and the edge of the rock. This method will generally stop Gwyn's onslaught for a fair while as he fails one or even two non-jumping attacks, giving you an immensely gratifying break to heal up or load a Homing Soulmass. Beware though, this reprieve is only temporary and his jumping attack can clear the obstacle easily if you move far enough away from him to trigger it.


Strategy 3 - Safety First

Equip your best heavy armor such as Smough's Set or Havel's Set along with the Havel's Ring. The ring is crucial to be able to back away quick enough to dodge his kick or grab attacks. Next, equip a leveled Black Iron Greatshield, the higher the better. This will negate the fire damage from his attacks and absorb the majority of his strikes with ease. While he may be highly resistant to lightning damage, a leveled Lightning Greatsword will stun him and give you time to back away and let your stamina replenish. The key with this strategy is to stay close enough to him that he doesn't do his dive bomb but far away enough to still be able to back away from his grab attack. So just barely out of his swords reach whenever possible, but it's good to vary your distance to try to lure him into going for the grab or kick. As soon as you see him start to lean in with his shoulder - start to back away. After he misses the grab or kick, go in for a hard R2 strike. In order for this to work you must keep an eye on your stamina bar at all times and drop your shield after each attack chain to let stamina recharge; it is important to maintain a minimum of 50% stamina at all times.

Repeat this, and in no time he'll be gone. Another thing that works well is to keep moving and circling him with shield up in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. When he does his 3-4 strike attack, you can generally dodge all swings by momentarily moving side to side, as he swings each way, saving you precious stamina. There's no need to roll with this strategy but it can be done if you get caught without enough stamina to block and need to get away to recover. You will need a reasonable high SL for this strategy. Minimum strength and stamina in the mid 30's.


Strategy 4 - Ground & Pound

If you have the Iron Flesh pyromancy, purchased from Laurentius, and a good heavy damage weapon, you can take Gwyn within a minute or two. When you enter the fog gate walk a few steps forward and use Iron Flesh, raise your shield and wait for him to come. When you defend his jump attack, get double-handed weapon and don't stop attacking him; with a +5 Black Knight Greataxe you are able to stun him on every 2 hits, when this happens go to the back of Gwyn and continue attacking until he dies. Wear your strongest physical damage reduction armor and the Flame Stoneplate Ring before entering the fog gate. Just be careful when Iron Flesh effect ends!

  • A Black Knight Shield +5, has 74 stability and a 95% Fire damage block. Tank hits until he does his grab move which leaves him vulnerable for several seconds.
  • The Black Knight Sword +5 can stagger him every second two-handed hit. If you have a decent amount of stamina, simply beat on him until you are almost out. Stop attacking after the last staggering hit you can hit him with. If the last hit does not stagger him, he will have recovered by the time you will be able to get your shield out.

Strategy 5 - Nuke Mage

Recommended equipment:

Headgear: Crown of Dusk

Rings: Bellowing Dragencrest Ring (more spell power), Chloranthy Ring (for extra dodging)

Staff: Logan’s Catalyst OR Tin Banishment (more spell power, less casts)

Spells: Pursuers, Crystal Soul Spear

(This strategy requires the player to parry Gwyn’s opening lunge attack.)

Right after entering the fog gate, cast Pursuers and ready your Crystal Soul Spear. No matter what you do, Gwyn’s opening move will always be the same: Lunge Attack. Given the predictability of this first attack as well as it being among his most easily parried moves, it is a very good opportunity to exploit even as a pure caster. Upon a successful parry, fire a Crystal Soul Spear at him. By the time you’re done, the Pursuers will have hit him too, stunning him briefly. Use this time to cast a second Pursuers and stay away from Gwyn, buying time for the orbs to hit him again. Do not get greedy with the Soul Spears as Gwyn is exceptionally good at dodging every one of them, which is why this strategy requires you to parry him first. If you are uncomfortable with parrying him, just cast pursuers, dance around him and wait for them to hit him. Depending on your intelligence, equipment, and whether you parried his first attack, he might go down with the second pursuer cast. If you need to buy more time for the Pursuers to connect, you can also use some of the obstacles in the arena.


If Solaire of Astora survived the 'Izalith incident' (please note that you need to talk to him for his sign to appear - just killing the chaos bug with spells or by the shortcut is not enough). his summon sign can be found at the top of the last staircase leading down to Gwyn, You can use him to draw Gwyn's attention, To make him survive, concentrate more on protecting Solaire than fighting Gwyn.

As the Kiln area remains popular for high level PvP, It is easy to summon players to assist with the battle should you choose. The most common location for summoning signs is on the platform at the base of the long staircase leading down from the lordvessel, but signs may also be found scattered throughout the level and before Gwyn's boss fog gate.

Given the high rate of invasions in the area, be prepared to sprint for the boss gate as soon as your summon(s) arrive.


Game Ending (Spoilers)

Upon defeating Gwyn, you have two choices. Exiting through the doorway, after defeating Gwyn, will give you the 'Dark Lord' ending. If you light the Bonfire you get the 'Link the Fire' ending. In either case, you will then immediately go into New Game Plus, so make sure you have done everything else you wish to do in your current playthrough before you decide to defeat Gwyn.

gwyn lord of sunlight small



If you would like a complete play-by-play that will beat Gwyn, here is yet another strategy, however this one is in full detail. If the player has a weapon that can do ~150 damage on him per swipe, and a Greatshield with more than 80 stability that is at the right strength requirement such that the shield is drawn quickly, then the player is prepared. It is also recommended to use the Chloranthy Ring and the Mask Of The Child for this, to assist this strategy:

  1. He lunges for his first attack. This can be tanked on the shield, and you have room for up to two hits, if the stamina cost is not low for the player. At this event, it is good to get a lock-on. Note that this lock-on can be broken by Gwyn very frequently and easily, so keep in mind to maintain the lock. It is easy to sprint to this area if the player would sprint-jump to regain stamina, so re-attempting this fight is easy, too.
  2. When he grabs you by raising his left hand, you can back-step away. You can also dodge roll, but if that fails, you can use one of the wider and taller pillars (one of them is next to the fog gate), and that will get you the needed time to use an Estus Flask. Letting him do this more than once without fully healing is a very bad idea, and can kill your attempt. Probably the best pillar is near the fog gate, as it has a wide base, which can give a significant buffer for healing, but there is also another extra-thick pillar near the center of the arena where you first meet Gwyn and where the bonfire pops up after the fight, which will allow for safe healing.
  3. His combos are a deadly three-piece, and four piece, at longest. When his three piece is done, he will finish with an upward slash, and that's when you hit him. It is advised not to use a weapon with a slower light-attack than a short sword, and handaxes are preferred, as they balance reach, damage, speed, and durability well.
  4. Parrying is an option, and all of Gwyn's sword-swipes can be parried easily as long as the blade is traveling towards the player, while the shield is actually doing the parry animation, but it's not a 100% success rate, and does not do damage, unless the player stacks at least two significant buffs. Note that failing a parry can virtually insta-kill a player, or make his health too low to get into a healing position.
  5. Contrary to what people say, he is not weak to fire, so no Chaos or Fire weapons are going to change the outlook of the battle.
  6. If you get too far from him, he will lunge, and sometimes he will get you behind your shield, so it is better to not go further than the tip of his sword.

This strategy should take about twenty minutes, but is very safe, and effective, as it guarantees damage with little to no real health-tanking needed.


gwyn sunlight spear lightning front1 anor londo gwyn statue front gwyn leaping swing front1 

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    • Anonymous

      Tbh this boss is pretty overrated. His difficulty is so unbalanced if you parry he is a joke, but if you don't he is literally too fast for Ds1. He has almost no attack tells and he just dosen't allow you to even heal, because he dosen't slow down. He is pretty much carried by the ost, lore and nostalgia, but as a boss he kinda sucks

      • Anonymous

        i know hes like, a hollowed, burnt out, and dying old man who divested the power of his Lord Soul to Seath and the Four Kings, but holy **** this guy is easy. I curbstomped him with a +5 occult darksword in NG+1, 50 faith and like 22/20 str/dex, wouldve beat him first try if i hadnt gotten careless. second time fighting him, second try. he is showed to us and talked about all game long and then he goes down really quick and easy as long as you have a basic idea of how he moves or can parry. the legendary Lord of Sunlight, a burnt out hollow simply in our way.

        sunlight spear slaps though, best spell

        • Anonymous

          Parry, Parry, Doesn't Register Dead
          Parry Doesn't Register Dead
          Parry,Parry,Parry Parry, Doesn't Register Dead.
          Doesn't register block dead.
          NG of this is absolute cancer.

          • Anonymous

            Even if you don’t think you can, you CAN parry him. You need to give up up parrying everything, block the first swipe with the Black Knight shield, then quickly parry the second strike, you’ll get him like clockwork. I stink at parrying and was able to get him 5 of 5 second swings (I failed to critical him after two)

            • Anonymous

              Easiest boss in the game after pinwheel - I barely parried all game and just wiped the floor with him in one go without using half my estus. Kind of disappointing for a final boss tbh, but Manus and Kalameet were fun

              • Anonymous

                Why did they make the last boss a gimmick fight? You have to party him to Heath him, but it’s impossible!!!

                • Anonymous

                  You can run past/ skip the Black Knights. I used crest shield and crystal soul mass as a sorcerer and killed him 2nd try :O EZ PZ

                  • Anonymous

                    Why does this website feel the need to tell you every single character's childhood trauma but won't even tell you what the final boss's defenses are

                    • I am here to copyright-claim ''Lord of Cinder OST'' because it uses the ''plin plin plon'' which, however, is used by ELDEN RING and obv elden ring is way older than dark souls 1 because its more popular, 101% definitly sure.

                      • Anonymous

                        the guy under me always comments the same bs story to act like he doesnt get his cheeks clapped by an undead settlement peon

                        • Anonymous

                          how did i like 5 shot him without any preparation? when i beat the remastered i completely decimated him, i dont remember anything i was using but i sure as hell know i didnt prepare AT ALL, no buffs, not anything, just me, and my weapon of choice which i dont remember, all i remember is being extremely dissapointed because of how easy he was, i mean, it was my first attempt and i 5 shot him so yeah, was it a bug? did his health switch with an ennemies or something? i dont seem to find anything about such a bug and when watching people beat him they dont seem to 5 shot him, wtf.

                          • Anonymous

                            I am Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, but you may call me 'Mr. Daddy' if you want. Welcome to my sad and sexy barbecue Chosen Undead."

                            - Gwyn, in a cutscene upon entering the boss arena. i laughed s hard i cries lmao

                            • Anonymous

                              tf happened to this article - "If Solaire of Astora survived the 'Izalith incident' (please note that you need to talk to him, and specifically choose the dialogue option "It's okay if you want to take your pants off" - just killing the chaos bug with spells or by the shortcut is not enough. On my playthrough, I--if indeed it can be said that I am an "I"--that anyone can be an "I" as such--and that we are not all merely trapped in the illusion that there is a real "I"--had to run all the way back in Lost Izalith and talk to him in order to be able to summon him against Gywn), then he can be summoned at the top of the last staircase. Use him to draw Gwyn's attention. To make him survive, concentrate more on protecting Solaire than fighting Gwyn."


                              • Anonymous

                                "I am Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, but you may call me 'Mr. Daddy' if you want. Welcome to my sad and sexy barbecue Chosen Undead." what the hell

                                • Anonymous

                                  y'all complaining about how hard gwyn is without parries

                                  have you ever done a giant dad build? It makes gwyn as easy as the asylum demon

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Nice, got him first try, it was real stressful though. Went in blind with no knowledge of the fight besides "hes uses lightning right?" I thought he was going to be the one trying to create space between us, but instead he acted like a dog in heat. For the first 30sec or so I kept expecting him to calm down but then I learned that wasn't going to happen

                                    • Anonymous

                                      the one of most depending on your perspective of his actions and motives sad and tragic characters in Darksouls

                                      • Anonymous

                                        you can cheese his ass with the hill on the left of the entrance, it provides cover for emergency sip and his attacks might miss completelly because of elevation. Good luck!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          People who parry Gwyn are missing out on one of the hardest bosses in game (if you're not a havel with some crazy OP ultra greatsword). I have 200 hours on this game and have never parried Gwyn, I'm not sure if that's a bragging right but every time I come back to this game he's the boss I have the most trouble with. His one handed combos are fast and super hard to dodge and he hits like a truck, the hardest part of the fight is finding a window to heal while he tries to shove his flaming sword up your ass, definitely can't blame people for just opting to parry him.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Miyazaki when thinking of every soulsbornesekiro final boss: hmmm we need to make it fun and relevant to the lore. Also dont make it to hard or BS.

                                            Miyazaki when thinking of elden beast: random bullsh!t go!

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Bruh, only this old man has a different type of ost compared to every other bosses. I was wanting to hear the rest of it, but he is already at his 500 hp left already, omg. Old man why did you die so fast? I was a bit worried for Solaire as well, he got grabbed, so I had to finish Gwyn off early. Kinda sad now.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                do yourself a favor left hand a parry sheild and a catylyst with great magic weapon right hand a zwiehander + 15 and a pyromancy flame with power within rings are red tearstone and havels put on power wthin and wait for red tearstone to come on then put on great majic wepon on zwiehander switch left hand to your parry shield but first get giant set + 5 but fathers mask and now gow in and parry him untill he ded

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I beat him after giving up on parrying.
                                                  Staggering after 2 hits with a UGS is just easier to comprehend for me I guess

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    I didn't parry him but he died after few hits with my iaito... is he super weak to slash and bleed or smth?

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      I just whacked him with my +5 black knight sword, he staggers in just two hits! He attacked twice, which I blocked with my +3 heater shield. All in all, the battle was over in less than 30 seconds, such an anticlimactic fight after the three bosses of the DLC

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        "If you find Gwyn making an attempt to grab you, do as you would to any other old man trying the same thing; don't let him."

                                                        I never tought my everyday life experience of old men trying to grab me in the streets would serve me in a videogame

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          If you know how to parry Gwyn, this fight is easier than Pinwheel. I beat Gwyn on my first try, in my first playthrough, with 3 parries

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Beat him first try... was ready for a huge battle and I just rolled around and poked him with my sharp thing a few times and it was over. I beat every boss in this game on the first try save for O&S (probably 3 dozen tries) and Kalameet (3 tries). I wouldn't consider myself an excellent player. I played DS3 first (all achievements) and then came over to DS1 expecting to get my *** kicked.

                                                            Great game, although it should be overall quite a bit harder, maybe with a bonfire closer to O&S in particular. The worst part of the whole game was running to that arena. Anyway, time for NG+.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Is Gwyn the dad of the chosen undead? I mean, is our character his forgotten son? Are we given the options to pursue our father's plan by claiming our inheritance or deny him, kill him and do everything our way?

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                If you write "spoilers" before warning about compulsory NG+ after the ending, then those who are interested will never know.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  "While he may be highly resistant to lightning damage, a leveled Lightning Greatsword will stun him..."
                                                                  Lightning doesn't increase stagger.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    i'm an idiot, before i played dark souls i thought he was the second to last boss and the soul of cinder was the final... man..

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      I just walk around him with Havel’s shield and trigger his grab attacks which leaves an opening.Pretty easy

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        am i the only one who sucks at parrying gwyn? i can parry anything else really well, but i can never find any openings for gwyn.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          what I really like about Gwyn is that despite being the last boss he is oddly easy, he doesn't have any cutscene or epic music. similar to Guts from Berserk, despite being really powerful warriors their theme is sad instead of cool or epic. Being the god who is responsible for almost everything yet he is more humane than anybody he's simply scared of the dark. when you face him, he is nothing but a shriveled up old man who lost everything, desperately doing everything in his power to prevent the inevitable

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            i finished dark souls 3 a week ago and i beat soul of cinder in 1 try, gwyn here literally has the same moveset and i get one shot every try lol

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Gwyn did a palpatine on us he dies in ds1 and returns in ds3 as the soul of cinder darksouls did the rise of skywalker before it did it but they actually did it right with Gwyn

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                wait if Gwyn holds lightning in his hand for too long dose his hand catch fire or dose he get electrocuted ?

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  Gwyn reminds me a lot of Shishio Makoto from Kenshin series. Both the flame sword and the exploding grab attack.

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    This boss is like Gherman and Lady Maria. If you spam L2 they are so easy. If you don’t... then get ready to spam the dodge button!

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      I don't know, I think I waited too long to kill Gwyn in my first run.
                                                                                      Yet I was just level 100, but I believe it was my summoned Solaire that took him out.
                                                                                      The point is, he posed no threat, and even that one time I was hit, he took less than a quarter of my life, and my character has 11 vitality, less than 600hp.
                                                                                      I thought he was supposed to be a tough boss, but he went down on the first try with a few hits of zwei.

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        If Gwyn soundtrack was played before the advent of piano and harpsichord, it would sound exactly as shown in this video: 'Gwyn, Lord of Cinder OST - Gothic Music Version'

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          Getting killed by Gwyn is not that bad once we can listen to his soundtrack forever! Have you listened to his theme played on a real organ? If not, just look for 'Gwyn, Lord of Cinder OST - Gothic Music Version' .

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            Ok I am going to said it I wish you could not pary gwyn. I know you could not pary him fight him normally but most people go for the pary ruining the epic final fight of the game. I just feel like the final boss should be all out fight with no easy way to beat the boss.
                                                                                            Sorry if this makes you mad I just feel they made the boss to easy.

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              Gwyn is still a great character even though he’s our natural enemy. If you see it from his perspective he’s a god and all of his family and knights belong to a species that are greater than humanity. To them, the age of fire and sun is the way of life and he sacrifices himself to let his family and followers live another age before humanity and darkness overrule them. He is the story villain but still a character you can care about because Dark Souls is never a clear picture of good and bad.

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