Dark Sun Gwyndolin

Location Anor Londo
Health * NG: 2,000
NG+: 6,000
Souls * NG: 40,000
NG+: 120,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Dark Sun Gwyndolin is a Boss in Dark Souls.


Dark Sun Gwyndolin Information


"Mark the words of mineself, Gwyndolin! Thou shalt not go unpunished!"

The last born of Lord Gwyn, Gwyndolin, is the leader of the Blade of the Dark Moon covenant and the only remaining deity in Anor Londo. His followers are few, but their tasks are of vital importance. Although born male, due to his magic and association with the moon, he was raised as a daughter. Gwyndolin created the illusion of a sister Gwynevere, who helps him guard over Anor Londo. An unmasking of these deities would be tantamount to blasphemy.

This optional boss is located by the Darkmoon Tomb bonfire, in Anor Londo, at the very bottom of the movable spiral staircase, behind a large statue of Lord Gwyn with a corpse lying to the left of the statue.




There are two ways to open the Darkmoon Tomb, and thus gain access to Gwyndolin:

The player must first acquire the Darkmoon Seance Ring from The Catacombs. Once inside the Darkmoon Tomb, equip the ring and the statue of Gwyn will disappear. Descend the steps.

Kneel before the fog to join the Blade of the Darkmoon covenant.

Enter the fog to initiate the boss encounter.

If the player attacks Gwynevere, who turns out to be an illusion created by Dark Sun Gwyndolin, the time of day in Anor Londo will change to twilight, and nearly all foes will vanish. When backtracking through the cathedral, two of Gwyndolin's followers will be waiting by the stairs to the Ornstein and Smough location. A girl with full Balder equipment, and one with Iron Knight equipment. They are fairly easy foes, just watch out for the girl's parries. By using Tranquil Walk of Peace they will continuously try to roll and stagger. It is also fairly easy to hit them both at the same time with area of effect spells or Pyromancies. After leaving the Cathedral, the Fire Keeper of Anor Londo will be waiting by the giant spiral staircase, with ill intent. She wields a Rapier and a Parrying Dagger, and buffs her sword with the Darkmoon Blade miracle. When defeated she will drop a Fire Keeper Soul, but her Bonfire will also extinguish. If avoided she will be hostile, even after the boss is defeated. Descend the spiral staircase, to the Bonfire below, to find the newly opened path to Gwyndolin.



Regardless of build, you will want to have a high magic resist shield for this encounter. The Crest Shield is a good option.

The fight takes place in a seemingly endless hallway, with Gwyndolin at the far end. He will fire a variety of powerful magic and ranged attacks down the hallway as you approach, and then teleport farther down the hallway and repeat this practice. Thus unless one elects to use ranged weapons (as discussed below) the battle typically involves hiding from or evading his various attacks while trying to move down the hallway as quickly as possible to land a few hits on him before she teleports, before doing it all over again until he is finally dead.

Killing Gwyndolin will place a permanent sin upon you, and you can be constantly invaded by Blade of the Dark Moon  covenant members (when human and online).

The fire keeper at the first bonfire in Anor Londo will become hostile after you have defeated Gwyndolin. She will drop a fire keeper soul when killed, so it's worth it. Her bonfire will no longer work if she's killed, but you will still be able to warp there with the Lordvessel.

By turning Anor Londo dark, the fire keeper (if left alive) will move to the revolving stairs, leaving you unable to use her bonfire again.

The "endless" hallway where you fight Gwyndolin is actually not endless, just very long. Sprinting unhindered from start to end takes roughly 5 minutes. If you follow him to the far end of the hallway, he will stop warping and instead stands in one spot. He will still turn toward your position, but staying behind will make him unable to hit with any of his attacks.

  • The first summon to enter Gwyndolin's boss fog following the host will receive their own, different cutscene. It is also possible for the first cutscene to feature a summon instead of the host if the summon attempts to enter the fog at the same time as the host. This in turn can alter the statements and lecture Gwyndolin gives, depending on the covenant and status of the summon. The summon may then receive a second cutscene as well when they try to enter again.


Soul of Gwyndolin

40,000 souls

After Gwyndolin is defeated, proceed to the room at the end of the boss-hallway to find the Brass Armor set, and the Sunlight Blade miracle. (there are three chests, the one on the left is empty.)

Defeating Gwyndolin will also make his armor available to purchase from Domhnall of Zena.


Known bugs

Sometimes, if you rest at the Darkmoon Tomb (or the bonfire in the Cathedral) and die during the fight, it will warp you back at Anor Londo's fire. This bug happens often if you already killed the Anor Londo Firekeeper. If the bug occurs and you killed the firekeeper you have to run all the way to another bonfire and teleport to Darkmoon Tomb, this can be an annoyance so a good tip is never to kill the Firekeeper before you killed Gwyndolin. She will still be there even after you kill Gwyndolin.


Covenant notes

Entering the fog will break the Blade of the Dark Moon Covenant.

Contrary to what one would think, even if you defeat Gwyndolin you won't break the Princess Guard Covenant nor will Anor Londo go dark (supposing you opened the way with the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring.)



Giant Blue Spell: This large orb of blue magic is Gwyndolin's most powerful attack, as it is fast moving and does high magic damage. It passes through all obstacles including the pillars on either side of the room, so you cannot hide from it. The best option is to roll straight through it using the Dark Wood Grain Ring, but it is also possible to roll to the side or block it with a high magic resist shield such as the Crest Shield or the Crystal Magic Ring shield. This attack can pass through Strong Magic Shield as well. You can tell when he is going to use this because it takes the longest to charge out of all his moves. If you are using more of a tank character then just keep your shield up and eat the damage. Be prepared to use an Estus flask or a Humanity if you are struck.
Blue Homing Spells: For this attack, Gwyndolin will summon a swarm of smaller blue magic orbs, which attempt to home in on their target. For this attack it is best to get behind one of the pillars and wait for them to stop. Dodging doesn't work because they home in on you and cause a heavy amount of damage. The tell for this one will be when you see a blue light above him. No matter what type of character build you are using just get behind a pillar. With the Dark Wood Grain Ring, it is also possible to roll through most or all of the orbs, which can be a good gamble if you are close to Gwyndolin and think you can land a few hits on him. A high magic resist shield is also helpful here as well.
Volley of Darts: For this attack, Gwyndolin will rise up higher and flick his arm to fire a stream of darts or large needles in a straight line at his target. For this you can either hide behind a pillar or zigzag back and forth to avoid the stream of ranged attacks. You can also put up your shield to block some of the darts. This isn't recommended unless you have a pretty good shield.

Other Tips/Misc

It is possible to stagger Gwyndolin with a sufficiently powerful weapon and a properly timed attack, which can permit time for additional attacks and even disrupt his teleportation attempts. One effective approach is a 2 handed overhead sprint attack with a greatsword, but other high poise affecting weapons are also viable.

He will drop his soul for upgrading at the Giant Blacksmith. You can upgrade to the Darkmoon Bow or the Tin Darkmoon Catalyst.

The Miracle Great Magic Barrier works well at defending against Gwyndolin's magic attacks. You will still want to dodge or block most of his attacks as you can still be staggered if hit, but this miracle can provide you with the extra defense you need to become familiar with evading his attacks or absorbing a few to reach him in time to do some damage.



Melee: This boss is fairly easy once you master dodging his moves. The only trick here is to zigzag back and forth from his darts rather than hiding. The simple reason for this is to close the distance between you and him quicker. Once you get close, hit him with your most powerful weapon. He will not attack you at this range. Instead he will teleport further down the hall and keep repeating the same moves. Just stick to the strategies above and he will fall with ease.
Equip light armor and boosted stamina recovery, then two-hand your sword. All the running you're doing can really drain your stamina, causing you to have none when you reach the boss, allowing him to get away. This is why you will want to recover stamina quickly. Run and dodge, then when you're 1/4th of the way, slow down, recover stamina, run in close and spam him with attacks. You can get a good 3 hits in with the heaviest of weapons, draining a large portion of health (his defenses are pitiful) if done properly. A lighter, lower stamina weapon such as a falchion or balder side sword can also be very effective if upgraded, as you will be able to get more swings off with your remaining stamina at the end of each chase. Also consider a weapon with a good charge attack such as a Gargoyle halberd, great scythe, or other polearm, as that may be the only attack you are able to land on the run before Gwyndolin teleports again.
Ranged: For this one you want to hang back a little bit more, but you still want to close some of the distance. Rather than trying to zigzag out of the way of the darts you can just sit behind the pillars. It will be in between attacks when you will want to advance forward. Once you get closer make sure you hang back 2 or 3 pillars from wheres he is standing . This is so he won't teleport, robbing you of a chance to hurt him. Then you should be able to sneak out in between attacks and hit him with a ranged attack of your choice. Make sure you still dodge the larger blue spell to avoid heartache.
Ranged (Using Dragonslayer Greatbow): When you first enter the fog he will teleport away after just a few steps towards him. After he teleports take a couple steps backwards and he won't attack you. If you use a Dragonslayer Greatbow you can do about 100 damage per shot without him even attacking once. It helps to have the hawk ring to increase your range.
Ranged (any other bow): After he teleports for the first time, stay where you are and shoot 6-7 poisoned arrows at him. To hit him from that far just arc arrows aiming above him. It will show no damage on hit but he WILL get poisoned and will start losing HP very slowly (probably 3/sec). It takes approximately 100 arrows to take half of his HP on NG+. It is also possible that you need less arrows to poison him. I recommend using wooden arrows to make sure he will get hit and then switch to poisoned ones when you zero in on him. It is also possible to do direct damage using range boosting gear, such as the Hawk Ring plus the Black Bow of Pharis plus Feather arrows. The damage will be low, but can be combined with poison buildup to kill Gwyndolin in relative safety.
Magic Users: Gywndolin is almost impossible to lock-on to. When you get close enough to start actually attacking he uses a teleport ability and while he is in that animation it seems like he cannot be locked on to. The solution: get as close as you can and engage Gywndolin at point blank range. As with other strategies, get closer to him by zig-zagging between pillars whenever he stands up and shoots arrows, as they are easily dodged. For his many-projectile "Homing Soulmass"-like spell, hide behind a pillar. For his most dangerous spell watch for the slightly longer charge up animation, which is otherwise the same as the multi-projectile spell, and dodge the massive, fast moving blue projectile to the left or right as it passes through the pillars. This spell also will go right through Strong Magic Shield. Once you get within a certain distance of Gywndolin (while he is shooting arrows), he will try to teleport. Since you can't lock on make sure you are at very close range before using spells like Soul Spear. It is possible to kill Gywndolin with 3-4 Soul Spears or other powerful spell as he is extremely weak once you can get close to him. Homing spells such as Homing Soulmass can also work well if you are able to get close enough for the spell to fire before he teleports.
Miracles/Pyromancy : Due to the difficulties in locking on to Gwyndolin, players can have better luck using fast cast area of effect spells that they are able to employ without targeting. Wrath of the Gods can be effective, as are pyromancies such as Combustion and Great Combustion. Fireball type pyromancies are not recommended unless the player has high Dexterity to increase cast speed, and ideally other summoned allies who can serve as alternate targets for Gwyndolin's spells and give the pyromancer time to get off the blast. Other area of effect miracles or pyromancies such as Gravelord Sword Dance or Fire Tempest-type pyromancies are very difficult to time against Gwyndolin's teleporting and are not recommended.


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    • 15 Jan 2018 09:45  

      Yeah it is confirmed that it is in fact a he. Not just by some item descriptions from the first one but also in a rings description in ds3 where it gets clear that he was in fact raised as a daughter while actually beeing a male.

      • Anonymous

        21 May 2017 00:49  

        too late to confirm the boss's gander, the fun art already said what the boss is . even if it was a she there still gonna make "her" a boy. if you don't believe me go on google (with out the safed search ) and put in the boss's and Ta da! no more can be said.

        • Anonymous

          26 Jan 2017 10:10  

          Gwyndolin should be referred to as a "he" in this article, as that is how the game describes him, as seen in the Darkmoon catalyst description:

          "Catalyst born from the soul of the Dark Sun Gwyndolin, Darkmoon deity who watches over the abandoned city of the Gods, Anor Londo. Gwyndolin is Gwyn's lastborn and a legitimate god, but he is also a Moon sorcerer, and this wand is boosted by faith, not intelligence"

          • Anonymous

            04 Jan 2017 07:00  

            Is there a reason this page refers to him as "her" opposed to he? It doesn't really matter, but it can be confusing to someone reading this the first time.

            • Anonymous

              03 Nov 2016 16:04  

              realy because Priscilla has what looks like robes that are her wings wrapped around her and Gwyndolin at the time was powerful with his magic enough to make an illusion of his sister and a sun so the tentacles just may be an illusion

              • Anonymous

                Is Gwyndolin already being eaten in Dark Souls 1 ?05 May 2016 20:04  

                Every god - except Priscilla who has a tail, but she's half-god half-dragon - has a human appearance. But Gwyndolin has tentacles instead of feet ; he is the only god who has a deformity. If we admit that in DkS3 Gwyndolin IS BEING eaten by Aldrich when we meet him (it would explain the upper part of Gwyndolin's body ), could it be possible that in DkS1 the tentacles are in fact Aldrich, beginning to eat him, before he gets the power and the monstrous shape he has in DkS3 ?Could Aldrich already be in Anor Londo in DkS1 ?

                • Anonymous

                  Canon?28 Apr 2016 16:15  

                  I guess since he was an optional boss in Dark Souls he didn't die canonically, still got an even worse death by Dark Souls 3. Literally fed alive to a mass of muck... Gywndolin must have lost a lot of his power by the time Irithyll had been founded.

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