Princess Guard


Rank Rewards
0 Ring of the Sun Princess
0 Soothing Sunlight and Bountiful Sunlight

Princess Guard is a Covenant in Dark Souls. This is the covenant of Gwynevere, daughter of Gwyn, and Princess of Sunlight. It is based around healing, and is especially useful for cooperative players with very high faith.


After defeating Ornstein and Smough in Anor Londo, proceed up the lift and into the Royal Bedchamber. Speak with Gwynevere to enter this covenant and become part of her guard.

You will receive the Ring of the Sun Princess for joining.

Miracle: Bountiful Sunlight and Miracle: Soothing Sunlight become available to use. They can be obtained by killing the two crying Pisaca at the bottom of the Archive Prison Tower, in The Duke's Archives.


Effects of covenant

  • Players inside this covenant are matched up more easily with each other during online play.
  • Players are able to use the healing miracles Soothing Sunlight and Bountiful Sunlight (as stated above). Both miracles are the only miracles that allow the caster to heal friendly players in co-op, which enables a Princess Guard member with high Faith to be a very effective party healer and support character. In particular, Soothing Sunlight heals all affected players very quickly during the initial part of the casting animation, unlike most Heal-type miracles which only heal the caster as the animation is completed. This allows an observant Princess Guard to heal themselves and other players almost as soon as they get into trouble.
  • Miracles' synergy occurs more often.
  • The Ring of the Sun Princess boosts miracles' synergy, which increases the power (healing, damage, etc.) of certain miracles by various percentages.


Rank Requirements

There are no ranks in this covenant.


Betrayal Penalties

Players leaving the covenant will no longer be able to use the two above miracles. Killing Gwynevere will, in addition to making it impossible to rejoin the Covenant during the current playthrough, break the sun illusion in Anor Londo, darkening the city. Turning Anor Londo dark also affects the number and type of enemies found in the area, and may subject the player to increased Darkmoon Blade invasions. Getting kicked out of a covenant is one way to get a sin. (PvP Sin)



  • Covenant: Princess Guard - discover Princess' Guard covenant. (25 points + Silver Trophy)




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    • Anonymous

      something to wonder about. . if the soothing and bountiful sunlights are the only ways to do a party heal and the only way to get them is to be in princess guard, why does that npc cleric that attacks you in the forest covenant area have them?

      • Anonymous

        It's weird that healers would be classed with each other, when non-healers would be the ones most needing assistance (if any).

        • Looking back, I do wonder why PG don't have colored signs when they are arguably more co-op focused than even the Warriors of Sunlight. It would be nice for people to know if they are getting a certified Medic on their team without the risk of missing a heal due to ignorance over incompetency.

          • Anonymous

            Why does she get a covenant and not Priscilla? I’d rather defend the fluffy tail! Meh, I’ll settle for her mom, ig.

            • Anonymous

              I killed Gwynodlin and this covenant dissapeard. I talked to her and "joined covenant" but still can't use covenant's miracles and bonfire dosen't show me this covenant on the list. It should be that way or it's a bug? this seems werid

              • Anonymous

                Does anyone know if this changes your summon sign? Warriors of the Sunbro get golden signs, do Healers of the SunGal get golden signs, too?

                • Anonymous

                  Do clerics get to keep any of their damn spells?... gotta be in these covenents to use them.. Ds3 is better with that. You earn them, you keep them and cast at will, in covenent or not

                  • Anonymous

                    One the one hand this seems like a pretty descent covenant if you are not interested in investing to much time. One the other hand it's just weird being the Guard of someone you know does not exist.

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