Seath the Scaleless

Location Duke's Archive and the Crystal Cave
Health * NG: 5,525
NG+: 8,674
Souls * NG: 60,000
NG+: 120,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Seath the Scaleless is a Boss in Dark Souls Remastered.


Seath the Scaleless Information

Envy and bitterness; words used to describe Seath's betrayal of his own kind; for unlike his brethren, Seath was born without the stone scales of the Everlasting Dragons. But with the help of Gravelord Nito and the Witch of Izalith, and Gwyn, the Lord of Cinder, Seath brought his own race to the brink of extinction, with many believing him to be the last of his kind.

As reward for his service, Gwyn anointed Seath the title of "Duke" and gave him permission to build a grand archive where he could continue his research into his long held desire for immortality. This archive would come to be known as "The Duke's Archives". Along with these gifts, Gwyn also bestowed a shard of his Lord Soul upon him.

After much research, Seath finally achieved his goal of immortality through the discovery of the Primordial Crystal. However, the discovery did not come without a price. As the albino dragon delved deeper and deeper into his research, his mind began to fade, and by the time he had achieved his goals, he had descended into madness.

Becoming more and more paranoid, Seath locked himself away in the archives, fearing the other lords would attempt to steal his immortality for themselves. Barricaded within the archives, he sent his Channeler servants far and wide across the land to kidnap fair maidens and the undead for his experiments.




  • 60,000 Souls
  • Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard
  • Humanity
  • Moonlight Greatsword: Attacking the tip of Seath's larger rear tail (not the smaller side ones) will eventually cut it off, giving the host the sword automatically. Players must attack the tip of the tail and not the base. 


Cursed Crystal Breath

Seath breathes a white mist in a circular arc, directly in front of him. This mist triggers a mass of crystals to protrude from the floor, wherever the mist touched. This can be dangerous as the initial breath deals magic damage of its own, while the follow up crystals build up your curse - this is the case for any crystals that he raises from the ground. A telltale sign that this is about to happen is his head drops slightly, to his left. This is an imminent sign of the cursed crystal breath attack, so roll backwards to avoid any form of damage.

The second variation of this attack is the same, but with a larger radius. However, due to the range of it, the sign that it is imminent is clear and takes a bit longer. Seath throws his head back for a second, then sweeps his head from side to side. When you see his head swing up, bolt it, or get behind him.

The final variation on this attack is instead of throwing his head completely back, Seath winds it while still facing forward - think of it as preparing to header a ball in soccer - and blows a straight line of white mist. He starts directly below him, and follows through, for quite a large distance. When you see this, just run to the sides.


Crystal Explosion

Arguably his most deadly move, when you see Seath curl up, run for the hills. Create as much distance as you can from the white mist that forms around him, as he's about to let out a great explosion directly in front of him. This explosion is then quickly followed up with a mass protrusion of crystals in the white mist area. This attack deals a combination of physical and magic damage, and cannot be blocked.


Tail Attack

If you stay around his tails too long, Seath won't stand for it. Instead, he raises his largest tail - which should be the telltale sign for a tail attack - and slam down with all three of his tails all around the area. He can do this a few times, and getting caught will result in your death as it can stunlock the player. Seeing as you probably are trying to get the Moonlight Greatsword, you should see the sign, and since you need to attack the tip of the tail to do so, you can easily get out of range of this attack by rolling back.

Alternatively, he has a second variation on this attack in which after lifting his tail, he still slams it down but only to begin sweeping with all three tails. This is arguably harder to get out of the way of, as the tails are always grounded. Use the same preventative measures as with the other variation.



He's had it with you, Seath ain't taking your smack anymore. He raises either hand, and lays down an open-palm smack, dealing seriously physical damage. When the hand is coming down, roll in the direction it's coming from (left or right) while moving away from Seath.



The cutscene only triggers when the host player moves into the area. If you have summons with you, give them time to run forward and position themselves near the crystal before you enter the room. Once Seath enters for the first time, he will block off the entrance, leaving you and your summons closer to the crystal.

First Encounter

Meet Seath for the first time after taking the second elevator in the Archives and continuing up an increasingly-crystalized corridor, that ultimately leads up to Seath's fog gate. This is where your 0 deaths attempt comes to an end, as to progress, Seath needs to kill the player. Souls and Humanity will be lost upon death, unless a Ring of Sacrifice/Rare Ring of Sacrifice is worn - we highly recommend to equip one as this next section presents you a couple of challenges that may result in your death. 

Go gently into the night; delaying the inevitable will result in not only your death, but being cursed as well. So make it easy for Seath this time, so you can eventually return, and give him a proper fight.

The player will respawn inside the Archives Tower after being defeated, locked up in a cell in the Archive Tower Prison.

However, if you choose against equipping a Ring of Sacrifice/Rare Ring of Sacrifice and managed to complete the Archive Tower Prison without dying, when you return for your second attempt at Seath, you will find your bloodstain in the boss room.


Tips, Notes & Lore

  • Though he was never an immortal, Seath is nonetheless still a dragon, and as a consequence of that greatly susceptible to Lightning Damage.
  • The miracle Great Magic Barrier is very effective against the magic damage dealt by Seath's crystal breath, but it does nothing against Curse buildup
  • After starting the battle, re-enter the room of the first encounter to find a Large Magic Ember and a valuable Soul. The room may contain a hostile, insane Big Hat Logan if you previously saved him from Sen's Fortress and then from the Duke's Archives. You must also have purchased all of his magic spells while he was in near the moving bookcase. After becoming hostile, Big Hat Logan will be naked aside from his hat (the rest of his gear may be obtained from a chest located in the room behind the moving bookcase, where you spoke to him before to purchase spells), suggesting he is attempting to mimic Seath's "scalelessness".
  • The name "Seath" appeared before in Fromsoft's King's Field games.
  • Watch out for the clams before the fight the first time you enter his arena, it is possible for them to enter the arena, push you around during the cutscene causing your starting location to be different, and then fight you during the boss fight. (could not insert a link, it would become a blank space)

Easy Way to Get the Sword

  1. Make sure you have no armour. (Or have less than 25% Equip Load)
  2. Approach Seath directly from the front.
  3. Immediately after he begins his melee or vertical crystal breath, make a break for his tail.
  4. Seath's animation can be quite lengthy, giving you a short amount of time to get a hit or two in.
  5. Don't bite off more than you can chew. If you don't think you'll make the strike, or if he begins doing his AoE crystal storm, or if he raises his tail to slam down on you, back away immediately.
    • For optimum maneuverability, lure Seath into the center of the chamber.
    • If you have summoned someone, have them stand in front of Seath, distracting him (while they try to do a minimum of damage). This should keep him distracted long enough for you to cut off his tail. Remember step 5, though, and be careful if Seath starts getting ready to attack with his tail. 

Second Encounter

This encounter allows you to enact your revenge on Seath, for the injustice of the first. To do this, you must venture through the Crystal Cave, and find him at the end of the area, past an abundance of invisible walkways, Man-Eater Shells, and Crystal Golems. Unlike most other boss areas, Seath's area will lack a fog gate, the first time you enter from the Crystal Cave which allows the Man-Eater Shells to enter the area making it a tougher fight; however they can be damaged by Seath, and in the event that you do die, the next time you enter the area and every subsequent attempt, a fog gate will be present to block Man-Eater Shells from entering the boss' arena. Past the Man-Eater Shell area, you'll find another spacey area with a number of statues of cursed players standing in low, glowing mist.


Make your way across the area to trigger the cinematic that will show Seath the Scaleless make his grand entrance, but not before emphasizing the crystal at the end of the room; this is the Primordial Crystal, his immortality. Destroy it, destroy his immortality. Alternately, if you are entering a second time, you'll be required to run around Seath to reach it, but don't be too worried as it will break on one hit.

Unless you have already been defeated by Seath before, do not break the Primordial Crystal immediately. If he is entering for the first time, wait for him to move forward into the middle of the room, first. If you break it too early, he will spend most of the battle right at the area's entrance, and his tail will clip through the walls. This makes it extremely difficult to acquire the Moonlight Greatsword, and exposes you to much greater risk from his physical or breath attacks when trying to get behind him in close quarters.

  • It is possible to kill Seath without destroying the crystal yourself. If you would like to add insult to injury, wait for Seath to reach you, then circle around to his tail. He'll most likely attempt an attack on you but will destroy his crystal, reversing his immortality and becoming momentarily stunned, which gives you a small window to get free hits on his tail. 

Numerous strategies will be effective against Seath, as he moves slowly and can be target locked from very far away. Ranged weapons, spells, pyromancies, and miracles are all effective, as are melee attacks on his appendages. During your first battle with Seath, it is recommended that you do not rush him, but instead observe him to get a sense of his attack patterns and vulnerabilities. The boss area is quite large and it is usually trivial to stay out of range of his breath attacks until you decide to commit.

Specifically, staying off to either the left or right of Seath will allow the player to take him on quite easily. Just continue to hit his side tails until he lunges down to hit, then roll or block to get away and face his front. When Seath goes for a frontal attack, move to his side again and attack. Repeat these patterns until he is dead.


Pyromancers & Mages

Continually circle him while locked on and cast your best fast spells such as: Great Chaos Fireball, and Crystal Soul Spear. It is unlikely he will even hit you, If he does, continue to circle and Heal when behind or beside him. He is very susceptible to spells and pyromancies, and the ability to lock onto him from afar means such spells may be used quite safely.



The Paladin Set, the Dingy Set, and the Antiquated Set, all have high resistance to curse build-up. Holding extra humanity can also greatly increase resistance, however it's up to you to weigh the pros and cons of using this in a high risk area like this. If you have low curse resistance, you may want to equip the Cursebite Ring before the battle. This will help slow the curse if you do happen to get stuck in his crystal field. If you get caught in it, roll out of it ASAP. Finally, if you become stuck in one of Seath's crystal fields, keep your shield up as you try to escape. This seems to reduce damage and possibly curse buildup, and you will see stamina drain as if you are continually blocking damage. 



Seath - The Traitor Dragon seath_in_his_throne_room_laser_attack_front1 Seath - Instant Kill Attack

Seath - Thrashing Tentacles Seath - Crystal Cave Battle Seath - The End

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    • Anonymous

      12 Oct 2020 08:24  

      To be honest I don't see why some people whine about this boss fight. The boss is not hard. The boss is hard IF AND ONLY IF you are going for the Moonlight Greatsword. In other words, getting the Moonlight Greatsword is hard. That is the true boss fight: the struggle to catch Seath's elusive tail.

      Otherwise, there are many ways to cheese him. Cheesing while circling, as the page recommends, works. You can also cheese from quite long range as he creeps at snails pace towards you, and then, when he finally gets there and starts attacking, bolt around him to the other end of the arena and cheese more. It's really easy. You can lock on from the other side of the arena and use any ranged attack you'd like. I figured it would be fun to use the Avelyn I just acquired in his Archives.

      But getting the Moonlight Sword...good gosh that is hard. For one thing, you have to hit the last three yards of the tail (give or take). That little tail wiggles like crazy and sticks itself behind walls constantly. And if you manage to get behind Seath in a good position, he pretty much always will try to do his melee-slam attack, which you CANNOT block. Even if you block one, multiple other hits are on the way, and they will hit you even while you are on the ground (most attacks can't do that). Turtling is a non-option. Your only chance is to run far away from him. So maybe 1/4 of runs for the tail will result in a hit on it. And you really would not be wise to try to hit the tail multiple times unless you have a fast weapon. Greed is punished severely by his melee-slam.

      TIP: do not let yourself get squeezed into a tight space between him and a wall. If he does the slam attack, and you can't get away, you're toast, even if you are level 80. When it comes time get behind him, circle around whichever side is farthest from a wall! This means if you might start circling, then fail, then you will need to turn around and run in the other direction, running right across him in front of his face!
      Surprisingly, he will let you do this.

      • Anonymous

        12 Oct 2020 06:14  

        Fun fact: on your first encounter with Seath, you can turn around and press the conform button to leave through the white light. I believe you still need to die to him to progress though.

        • Anonymous

          07 Oct 2020 14:43  

          Seath is one of my favourite characters in the game. The endless research on magic, sinister experiments on humans and the fact that he has multiple agents roaming the lands like channellers and golems is so badass in a way. The prison section on my first playthrough was also the weirdest thing I had experienced in gaming. His boss fight is OK but everything about him prior to it gives me chills.

          • Anonymous

            30 Sep 2020 04:25  

            Over one hour of non-stop attempts at getting the moonlight gs, he doesn't stop moving for f*ck's sake and when he is not rotating it's because he is spamming the sh*tty tail thrashes/slams. I did not have half of this trouble anywhere else in the game up until this point. The ****tiest thing is after so many tries i already know how to fight him normally but i can't risk losing the sword and can't get his tail for f*ck's sh*tting sake

            • Anonymous

              15 Sep 2020 00:48  

              I beat Seath after cutting his tail in the same attempt and after he dissipated I done laps of the arena rolling his tail around

              • Anonymous

                23 Aug 2020 22:25  

                Says this above, but by far the best way to get the sword from his tail is to stand next to the crystal without breaking it. Apply buffs while he's slithering toward you. As soon as he starts his attack animation, run around behind him. He'll be stunned for a long time. I got like six hits in with a longsword and chopped his tail off. This worked in NG+ so it should be totally doable in NG.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Aug 2020 04:40  

                  my Hamburg does 100 dmg 2 handed and i die in 2 hits and the peice of **** dragon resistant to all my magic
                  im a mage

                  • Anonymous

                    18 Aug 2020 16:43  

                    i think i might have been a little overpowerd, but he went down quite quick. i was using Quelaag's Furysword +5 with 10 humanity, Heater shield +5, Giant helm + 4, Black iron chest, hands and legs +4, Havel's ring and the ring of favor and protection. also i was level 76 with high vit, dex, strentgh and endurance

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Aug 2020 12:28  

                      a dragon like him don't have any mercy, he must die, and thank you for this guide i will try some different attacks in him and in his tail.

                      • Anonymous

                        24 Jul 2020 03:53  

                        i just used the 2 handed dragon kings axe R2 and his tail broke off. I'm so annoyed at first because the tip of his tail is hiding behind the walls if you have a poor angle fighting him si I decided why not use an aoe attack instead. Wrath of God might work too, but I'm not sure though.

                        • Anonymous

                          01 Jul 2020 10:40  

                          I don’t hate Seath for his fight. I hate him for his personality. A selfish and traitorous d*ck of a dragon.

                          • 12 Jun 2020 03:37  

                            I was following the elevator and saw a fog gate. I thought it was a new area fog gate type of thing but is not, its a fakin boss. I immediately use homeward bone to get back to the bonfire afraid of losing 50k of souls lol..

                            • Anonymous

                              03 Jun 2020 04:28  

                              After dying 5 times to his curse, I decided to raise my curse resist with the paladin set + cursebite ring. Then, on my 1st try ready to tank some curse I killed him without even being hit by the crystals, I hate this boss so much

                              • Anonymous

                                12 May 2020 08:56  

                                the game was good up until this boss fight, now i doubt i'll play anymore at all. *****ing rigged bull*****from software needs to keep trash like this on consoles.

                                • Anonymous

                                  12 May 2020 08:54  

                                  ***** anyone who thinks this boss is okay in any way, it's literally unkillable in TWO *****ING ENCOUNTERS BECAUSE IT OUTHEALED MY DAMAGE MY *****ING ASSLOADS FOR NO APPARENT REASON THE SECOND TIME, DO I EVER GET A REAL *****ING FIGHT OR JUST MORE OF THIS GIMMICKS BS?

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