Crystal Soul Spear

Spell Type Sorcery
icon_intelligence.png 44
Slots Used 1
Spell Amount 4

Crystal Soul Spear is a Sorcery in Dark Souls. To cast a sorcery, you must use a Catalyst or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries


Sorcery boosted by the knowledge Logan acquired at the Regal Archives. Fire piercing crystal soul spear.
These pale magic spears, sharpened through crystallization, are on par with the armaments of the ancient lords.



  • Ranged Attack
  • Fire an even more powerful, piercing ranged attack.


Acquired From



  • Goes through enemies, allowing you to hit a line of foes.
  • Does heavy stamina damage if blocked, staggering most opponents.
  • Arcs slightly towards opponents.
  • This spell seems to deal damage equal to (Catalyst Mag. Adj. x 3.3). This was tested by using two catalysts at Int 50 against the first Undead in Firelink Shrine.


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    • Anonymous

      waltuh, you've got 50,000 souls in anor londo waltuh, you've gotta find the bonfire waltuh. waltuh, you just got invaded waltuh, missed your meth spears waltuh, died and lost all your souls waltuh.

      • They locked Priscilla in another dimension because they feared her scythe but left logan in a common cell while knowing he had powers on pair with the gods themselves

        • Anonymous

          It was a heckuva journey to obtain ten copies of this spell for my Sorceress character. But I stuck it out, persevered, and after ten playthroughs on one character, I finally had enough for every spell slot. 40 soulful spears of crystal.

          Not even Manus can match my firepower now. It’s glorious.

          • When compared with dark bead some very distinct pros and cons arise.
            CSS: Pros: High single hit magic damage (ideal for high magic armor), range, pierces enemies. Cons: Very high int requirement
            Dark Beads: Pros: Highest DPS in the game, 6 casts, next to no int requirement, really fast cast, physical damage knocks away shields Cons: Damage split between magic and physical and then into 6 beads, so magic resistant enemies will take minimal damage, and you have to be close to get the full damage

            • Anonymous

              I think I just made a new discovery! Using this spell on the knights near Anor Londo bonfire, I would receive 1801 souls instead of the usual 1500 I would get if I kill them using any other spell.

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