The Channeler

Location Undead Parish
The Duke's Archives
Health * NG: 181-397
NG+: 465-608
Souls * NG: 800-1,000
NG+: 1,600-5,000
physical_defense_dark_souls.jpg strike_protection_dark_souls_dks.jpg slash_protection_dark_souls_dks.jpg thrust-protection-dark-souls magic-defense-dark-souls
163 - 384 163 - 384 163 - 384 163 - 384 325 - 768
fire-defense-dark-souls lightning-defense-dark-souls poison-resistance-dark-souls toxic-resistance-dark-souls bleed-resistance-dark-souls
98-231 98-231 C C C

 The Channelers are Mini-Bosses in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.


The Channeler Information

Equipped with a Trident and the Channeler Set, these mighty mages are able to dish out a lot of damage, both physical and magical. They also have the ability to buff enemies within their range, making their attacks much more effective.



  • The one in The Depths will buff the area boss, the Gaping Dragon, if not killed prior to the fight, make sure to save yourself some unnecessary hardship.
  • The two Channelers in The Duke's Archives are able to buff each other once in range of each other.
  • The Channelers can see you through the Ring of Fog's invisibility, rendering it futile.
  • They seem to be weak to fire.


  • The eyes on the channelers serve to compensate for The Paledrake's blindness.
  • The channelers assist in Seath's research, and snatch away women from near lands.
  • Channelers helped establish a connection between dragon servants and rows of eyes.
  • This tradition brought forth the Alonne Knights (DS2) and Mendicants (DS3)


Location Health NG+ Souls NG+ Respawn
Undead Parish 186 465 1000 5000 No
Depths 186 465 1000 5000 No
The Duke's Archives 387 608 800 1600 Yes




Soul Arrow

This long ranged attack can be devastating with low magic resistance, but has a slow build-up and can easily be dodged.


Trident thrust

Within melee distance, the Channeler will repeated melee thrust with his trident. Can deal a very decent amount of damage, especially when buffed.


Channeler's War Dance

This is the Channeler's infamous buff; a dance that almost doubles the damage he deals as well as that of all his allies, within a close range. Buffed enemies will have a blue aura around them.



When damaged, a Channeler teleports to a different location. Although it charges for a long period, he is invulnerable to damage during this time. Use this time to 


Strategy 1 - Melee

Since a Channeler teleports upon taking damage, engaging one in melee combat can be a challenge. The key is to wait for one of his longer attacks, and then to stagger him. So take a fast weapon that doesn't drain lots of stamina (e.g. a spear) and get close. Now wait until either, he start to dance or does a trident thrust attack - if he does then get behind him -, when this happens it's your cue to unleash as many attacks as possible. If staggered, teleportation is a no no, and you're able to get him quick.
A Channeler will die in as few as two or three hits with the Drake Sword. Just remember to pick him off alone - don't engage him in a group of enemies, unless it's absolutely vital.


Strategy 2 - Ranged (Undead Parish)

After you defeat the Tower Knight, get behind the pillars near the Fire Keeper Soul then take your bow out, and shoot the Channeler repeatedly. Hide behind the pillars to avoid the Soul Arrow attack. Headshots will stagger him, restricting use of his abilities. The Hollows will just stand there. This makes the unbuffed Hollows much easier to deal with.


Strategy 3 - Alluring Skulls

Alluring Skulls can draw the normal enemies away from Channelers. It may not sound like much but it vastly decreases the threat of these mages since they will be unable to buff anything near to them. For example, at the Undead Church you can throw one down by the benches to get the Hollows away. A prime example of reducing the amount dealt with at once. Another tactic is to toss an Alluring Skull away from the Channeler then kill it as its nearby minions are distracted.

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    • Anonymous

      I like it when he does his Wooriyu Wooriyu dance its funny.... until I get one shotted by some random ****ing hollow because that damage buff it gives to every enemy in a 3 mile radius is absurd

      • "When damaged, a Channeler teleports to a different location. Although it charges for a long period, he is invulnerable to damage during this time. Use this time to "

        • Anonymous

          How is it that these enemies have the lowest lock on range in the ****ing game? Wtf is so hard to see? Bugged as all living hell

          • Anonymous

            Wish their buff was easier to see, the blue particles are almost impossible to see until they’re really close. Especially on the blue crystal hollows in the archives lol

            • Anonymous

              410 Item Discovery (ring + 10 soft/liquid humanity), Duke's Archives. Took me 36 Channelers to drop trident.

              • Anonymous

                It took 97 tries at 410 item discovery. My route was just killing the 1 near the lift at the start of Dukes, then homeward boning back. You can return the lift from the top if you leg it, saving a bit of time. It takes about 45 seconds semi-optimally.

                • Anonymous

                  was in dukes archives with 30 vitality and full health and he randomly one shot me with a melee stab

                  ds3 master race

                  • Anonymous

                    In my first place or a dark souls I messed up and skipped Ash lake accidentally because I didn't know it was there the second time I'm playing the game I finally found can I don't really know anything about the area

                    • Anonymous

                      I hit the channeler in the parish once and he ran away behind all the hollows, buffed them and fired soul arrows at me. That’s some cowardly yet amazingly smart AI

                      • Anonymous

                        Just watched an episode of M.A.S.H in which a Korean shaman performs a sort of exorcism on the compound and at one point she raised her fan and bells in the air and danced back and forth from foot to foot. Made me think of the Channelers. Any correlation maybe?

                        • Anonymous

                          That weird little incantation incantation they utter every so often is, oddly enough, a reversed, pitched-down sample of Lord Rydell from Demon’s Souls saying “...retrieve an article from my cor[pse]” (the sample is abruptly cut off before the end of the word “corpse”). Bizarre choice - was it random or is there some kind of lore connection being obliquely implied? As always, we’ll probably never know, haha xD

                          • Anonymous

                            alright so, i was in the dukes archives, NG+0, i had the channeler's garb, silver knight helm, gauntlets of favor and black leather boots, i'm missing a few point of health, nothing too serious, than the channeler teleports over to his gank squad of crystal c*nts, so i try to escape than, BOOM, almost dead from one f*ckin magic attack from him, than the crystal with the arrow killed me.

                            • Anonymous

                              these guys are easy, i dont understand why people think they are hard, just rush in dodging the arrows and roll around his trident and hit him with a couple heavy attacks from a Longsword +5

                              • Anonymous

                                Can confirm Hidden Body affects the Channelers, Ring of Fog has been inconsistent sometimes they notice me as if I don't have it on sometimes they don't notice me until I get close enough like Hidden Body.

                                • Anonymous

                                  They have a swipe attack that is unlisted here, it seems to be quite rare, as I've almost never experienced it, but it definitely seems to do quite a bit of damage, it managed to 1-shot a character that could survive the thrust

                                  • Anonymous

                                    This weapon is extremely rare to get, it is only 1% to get. I was farming for weeks and I didn't get a thing. The only way I got one was by trading with a fellow Dark Souls player.

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