Titanite Demon

Location Darkroot GardenSen's fortressAnor LondoThe Catacombs and Lost Izalith
Health * NG: 1,506 - 3,137
NG+: 3,765 - 4,926
Souls * NG: 2,000 - 5,000
NG+: 9,000 - 15,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.5

Titanite Demon Information

The Titanite Demon , also referred to as Prowling Demon or Faceless Demon, is an intimidating foe that often guards valuable items or important areas in Dark Souls.  It is also one of the few sources of rare Demon Titanite  for weapons upgrades. It attacks by swinging its Titanite Catch Pole or, if at a distance, it fires powerful long range lightning bolts. As the name suggests, the Titanite Catch Pole  can in rare instances be used by the demon to grab and pin the player for high or sometimes fatal damage. Players can take advantage of its slow turning speed to attack it from behind; however they must still be wary of its jumping pounds and tail sweeps. Although all Titanite Demons look the same, some are more powerful than others so managing to kill one does not necessarily mean you are prepared to face all of them. While the Titanite Demon's lightning bolt attacks will be blocked by obstacles, its catch pole will clip through walls and obstacles making it dangerous even if you are behind cover.



  • Titanite Demons are all born from Titanite Slabs.



  NG NG+  
Location Health Souls Health Souls Respawn
Darkroot Garden, where it connects with Undead Parish (near Blacksmith Andre) 1,506 2,000 3,765 10,000 No
Sen's fortress, 4 (!) at the very bottom under the first set of swinging blades. 1,506 or
2,000 or
3,765 or
10,000 or
Anor Londo (always drops two Demon Titanite) 2,635 5,000 4,612 15,000 No
The Catacombs 2,133 2,000 4,331 4,000 No
Lost Izalith (always drops two Demon Titanite, and respawns) 3,137 5,000 4,926 10,000 Yes


Titanite Demons are weak to weapons imbued with lightning, either elemental or Gold Pine Resin. Lightning spear miracles are also very effective, and the player may time his attack by beginning the lightning spear cast while still behind cover, and then stepping out just in time to throw the spear before retreating again.

Certain other viable tactics are specific to individual Titanite Demons. When fighting Titanite Demons in Sen's Fortress, a Rusted Iron Ring is highly recommended as movement without one is extremely slow. When fighting the demon in the lower room near Blacksmith Andrei, it may be lured to the top of the lower stairs to render its horizontal pole sweeps useless, or it may be killed with arrows from behind one of the broken pillars in the room or from the trees outside. The demon in Anor Londo may be shot with arrows from the upper balcony in the room. The demon in Lost Izalith may be shot with arrows from behind in the tail if the player approaches through the Chaos Servant shortcut. The demon in the Catacombs may also be attacked from behind various points of cover in the hallway, including pillars and coffins.

It is also possible to kill them with arrows, using debris to block their lightning attacks. A long range bow such as the Black Bow of Pharis  combined with the Hawk Ring  and/or Feather Arrows also makes it possible to repeatedly shoot Titanite Demons from just beyond their aggro range. This is easier if one targets a limb (such as the extended leg) or, if behind the demon, its tail. Arrows can also occasionally stagger a Titanite Demon, although it does not have a head to target for bleeding headwounds.

For a melee fighter, the best way to approach any Titanite Demon is to position yourself behind its free arm, where it appears to be missing a leg. Although this position can be hard to maintain due to its jumping attacks, while here all of its attacks will miss you and you can score an easy hit or two. This strategy takes time, but you will eventually prevail. Combine with Gold Pine Resin for best results. A high stability shield such as the Eagle Shield can be very helpful against the demon's horizontal sweep attacks, blocking in between its horizontal sweeping attacks. Remember to circle around it, movement is crucial. It is advisable to back up if the demon leaps in the air, as its landing attacks may circumvent the player's blocking or pin the player.

Many pyromancies such as the various fireball pyromancies or Fire Whip are also extremely effective against the Titanite Demon.


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    • Anonymous

      **** the idiot who thought the grab attack should insta kill on ng+. How I am supposed to farm the lost izalith one when I get him so low and then “oop” f**k you’re dead

      • Anonymous

        I needed to farm the lost Izalith one for some Demon Titanite (NG+, Dex Build). This things are imposing. But here's what i got:
        Strike damage is supposed to be effective vs armoured enemies. This page said that lightning was usefull as well.

        - Weapon: Blacksmith Giant Hammer +5 (Hammer + natural Lightning damage). It's light, so it doesn't consume much stamina to attack)
        - Shield: Silver Knight Shield +5 (Good defense and poise)
        - Ring 1: Cloranthy Ring (To keep your stamina maxed at all time)
        - Ring 2: Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring (So i can get into melee range safelly and get a free first hit)
        - Chaos Servant Covenant (for the obvious shortcut)

        As for strategy, jam yourself into that armpit, broken leg side. If you are in front of his chest you can still be hit sometimes, being behind it will trigger jump attacks more often. Shield always blocking, you can quickly get stamina with the Cloranthy Ring, never let your stamina go too low or your blocks will fail. I was able to block all attacks, even the jumping attacks. Keep light attacking him 1-2 times during his attack breaks, you can sometimes stagger him for another 1-2 hits. NEVER pay attention to his HP, you start getting anxious when you see him low and thats a recipe for geing too greedy with the hits. Takes a bit of time, given that his HP is high and the hammer is not doing HUGE damage, but i can farm this guy safelly now.
        Sidenote: get away from him as he dies, he likes to push people off the bridge as revenge.

        • Anonymous

          I highly reccommend bringing the hardest hitting weapons in your arsenal and simply pummeling them to death. They may have high Poise and Defenses but they are slow, can be staggered and you can block their swings once while two handing. The more AR you can dish out per-hit the less their defenses will absorb.

          Do NOT use Lightning against them unless your AR is stupidly high like with the Lightning Spears, these monsters resist Lightning. Stick with Fire and Magic for elements.

          If you're using Dex I suggest using Bows and out-ranging them, they walk with a limp to you at a snails pace so bring arrows in bulk and let them loose. I wouldn't try melee Dex on them, most areas you fight them in put you at a severe mobility disadvantage AND they are tanks so you'll have more chances to screw up than the others.

          If all else fails go with any +15 Crossbow with Sniping Bolts. They are piss-easy targets to free aim from out of range.

          • Anonymous

            I only recently realised that the sound they make which you can hear from distances like the one in Anor Londo was taken from the Storm King in Demon’s Souls when it flies into view during the opening cutscene and its massive wings split the winds as it flies.

            • Anonymous

              getting one shot by a jumping attack with a **** that is a literal tank, in a cramped area with barely any room to dodge. basically to sum these ****ers up is: welp that’s dark souls for you

              • Anonymous

                Those hitboxes... I can't believe they made a reference to DS2 in the first game! They really thought of everything in this series

                • Anonymous

                  Btw, you literally NEED to use shields against titanite demons, unless you don't care about ur hp or whatever

                  • Anonymous

                    Quickest way that I have found is to backstab it repeatedly with the most powerful sword or melee weapon you have depending on your situation. Other way is to use your melee weapon and your ranged weapon whether arrows or magic, especially when these guys are facing you and sneaking is impractical.

                    • Anonymous

                      I would like to formally submit a request to execute the sadistic **** that decided that two of these ****ers should be placed in that room at the bottom of Sen's Fortress with double the health of the other two in the same area.

                      • Anonymous

                        Many pyromancies such as the various fireball pyromancies or Fire Whip are also extremely effective against the Titanite Demon.
                        Thanks to this farming the respawning one has been a piece of cake!
                        My build doesnt even use magic but I went and deleted that guy over and over.

                        • Anonymous

                          i died more often for sen fortress titanite demons than any other creature in the game (including kalameet) because of the ****in **** hitbox and the camera

                          i dont need ´´good gamers`` saying i'm dodging wrong, i just want to delete those creatures from the fortress,i just hate them

                          • Anonymous

                            Just came to see if it does thrust slash etc.

                            These guys are easy. The only thing that could be hard is if you fight them in a closed space (looking at you lost izalith demon) and some of its attacks have to big hit boxes (jump attacks)

                            • Anonymous

                              The people who always try to say this game is never unfair and any time you fail it's completely your fault must have missed when this enemy's pole attacks are able to go through 2 ft. thick stone wall to hit the character on other side of wall.

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