Golden Crystal Golem

Location Darkroot Basin, Crystal Cave and The Duke's Archives
Health * NG: 816 / 1,360 / 1,360
NG+: 1,868 / 2,135 / 2,135
Souls * NG: 1,500 / 2,500 / 2,500
NG+: 3000 / 5000 / 5000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Golden Crystal Golem is a Mini Boss in Dark Souls.


Golden Crystal Golem Information

These humanoid crystal beings are almost identical to their cousins with the exception of their gold complexion, larger size and health/defensive attributes, and the fact that they sometimes have NPCs stuck inside them. These do not respawn.

These Golden Crystal Golems can be found throughout the game in 3 separate locations:



Drops (Darkroot Basin)

Drops (Crystal Cave)

  • 1,360 Souls

Drops (Duke's Archives)



The Golden Golem swings its fist upwards, dealing very high physical damage and knocking you down if hit. It pulls its arm back before before punching, so it's quite easy to back away when the uppercut is imminent.



The Golem throws a hook after a long wind up. This attack can knock the player down if it connects, and deals painful physical damage.


Crystal Hook

This attack is similar to the punch but the Golem crystalizes its hand, adding more damage and a little more range on the attack. It still has the slow wind up so it can be dodged by rolling towards the direction of the punch but backwards.


Crystal Smash

The Golden Crystal Golem momentarily lowers both arms before raising them high above his head, only to slam them onto the ground. This slam raises crystals from the ground (up to 2 meters) in front of the Golem and inflicts magic AoE damage. While they may be stronger, the AoE radius is smaller than that of the Crystal Golem. If you back away when the arms go up, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.


Superhero Entrance Punch

The Golden Golem feels heroic and leaps into the air, only to thrust its fist down into the floor. This attack will drain the player's stamina and health, and has a decent range as well. As it will use this to close the space between the two, you can avoid it by not straying too far; additionally, when it's out of range and squats down, this attack is imminent, so back away.  



Like normal Crystal Golems, Golden Crystal Golems are weak to strike type of damage. The golden variation boasts some of the highest magic defense in the game, so other damage types are recommended, especially lightning and fire based ones. Steer clear of their slow but painful set of punches, and look for opportunities to strike. You shouldn't have to wait too long as you can get a few hits each time, in between their attacks. Additional tips for the specific areas are:

  • For Darkroot Basin Golden Crystal Golem, it helps to have the Rusted Iron Ring.
  • Try to lure the ones in the Crystal Cave to larger patches of ground since their attacks have a great amount of stagger and knockback effect, and may blow you off the ledge, even when blocked. These two Golems can also be lured to falling to their deaths with no repercussions; just make use of the invisible paths. When luring the first, run back up the invisible path you just came from and to either side of the path. This will trigger it to use its leaping punch attack and plummet to its death. The same tactic can be used on the second, on the invisible path available on its level.


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    • Anonymous

      I don't think you need to give seigmeyer 3 purple moss. In my first playthrough I sucked ass so I used the master key to just skip most of blighttown and I never saw seigmeyer but later on I still encountered and killed the golden golem in the Duke's Archives.

      • Anonymous

        Hi, I don't think it's true about the Duke's achieve one. I didn't have the 3 purple moss to give to siegmeyer yet the golden crystal golem appeared and sieglinde appeared and moved to firelink before I went back and gave siegmeyer the 3 purple moss.

        • Anonymous

          in ds1 remastered, with the fog ring equiped you can snipe out this guy in the dark root basin (using +9 bow of pharis with std ((haha)) arrows). head around the bend to where you can first see him and stand on the little set of boulders, just rain arrows on him and when he gets about halfway towards you hold off until he gets back to his normal position. I'm getting about 3 or 4 arrows in before i let him head back, between 30-80 damage (depending on where you land your arrows) took 3 or 4 times of letting the little guy retreat to his post

          • Anonymous

            Fun fact: if a crystal golem has an NPC held hostage, you can actually see the NPC within the largest crystal on their shoulder. At least, that is the case in the remaster. I'm not so sure about the original DS1, as I never got the chance to play it. If anyone could get good screenshots, they might be a fun addition to this page.

            • Anonymous

              If I finish Siegmeyer of Catarina's quest-line before heading to the inner garden of The Duke's Archives, will the golden crystal golem in the center of the garden disappear?

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