Siegmeyer of Catarina

 Siegmeyer of Catarina is a character in Dark Souls.The character was revealed in the product announcement. A knight swearing allegiance to an unidentified order of warriors, this NPC can occasionally assist the player in various points in the game. It is possible for this older gentleman knight to die in the course of aiding you, so be careful.

Siegmeyer can first be found sitting outside the entrance to Sen's Fortress, notifying the player that the gates are sealed shut.His armor set can be bought from the Crestfallen Merchant in Sen's fortress for 34,000 souls (10,000 for helm and chest armor and 7000 for the leggings and gloves). He is the father of Sieglinde of Catarina.






Locations Events
Sen's Fortress Right outside the Gate. Prior to both Bell's of Awakening being rung.
Sen's Fortress On a ledge, below the first hill, where the rolling boulders are encountered. Prior to changing direction of boulders.
Anor Londo Deep inside the castle, past the bonfire with Solaire and a few Silver Knights spawns. After Killing the Sliver Knights, gives Tiny Being's Ring as reward.
Firelink Shrine Standing beside the Bonfire. Gives Emit Force spell as reward for help.
Blighttown Opposite end of the swamp where the boss is located, close to the The Great Hollow entrance. He asks for 3 Purple Moss Clump. He thanks you and gives you the Pierce Shield.
Lost Izalith In the room where the floor collapses, right before the Poison Marsh. Will help kill the demons below. Reward varies dependent on outcome.
Ash Lake First Bonfire after The Great Hollow. See details below:


Guide of Siegmeyer of Catarina's Events

First Encounter: Siegmeyer will be outside Sen's Fortress waiting for the gates to open. You can talk to him and you'll get some dialogue, but this encounter is skippable. Ringing both bells makes him move to a new location.

Second Encounter: Siegmeyer will be located inside Sen's Fortress on a ledge near the part where you deal with the boulders for the first time. This encounter is also skippable (you do not need to talk to him to progress the quest) but to make him move to his new location you must turn the boulder machine until the boulders are redirected to empty space.

Third Encounter: He will be in the castle, in Anor Londo. When you finally make it up to the rooftop where an Silver Knight Archer is guarding the spiral staircase down to the main floor/bonfire there will be another parapet off to the left with another Black Knight guarding inside. After you defeat him, head down the spiral staircase and speak to Siegmeyer who is standing outside a room with 3 Silver Knights in it. After defeating the 3 knights, speak to him again and he will give you the Tiny Being's Ring. This step and the following ones are NOT skippable.

Fourth Encounter: After beating Anor Londo/Acquiring Lordvessel, warp back to Firelink Shrine. Siegmeyer should be standing by the fire. Speak to him and he will ask if you rang both the bells to open Sen's Fortress. Say yes and he will give you the "Emit Force" miracle. Say no and he wont. After answering yes, speak to him again and he will say that he is going to head down below for an adventure in Blighttown. Changing areas will make him dissapear from Firelink.

Fifth Encounter: Come back to Firelink Shrine and you will notice that Siegmeyer is missing. Head down to the swamp bonfire in Blighttown. From the fire, head northwest towards the leech area/tree branch that leads to The Great Hollow. Keep running past it and you should see him standing on a little island. He will be asleep so speak to him twice. He will wake up and ask for some Purple Moss Clumps. Give them to him and he will give you the Pierce Shield.

Finding his daughter: While heading through The Duke's Archives, right before the entrance to Crystal Cave there are multiple Blue Crystal Golems around. You should see a Gold Crystal Golem in the middle of this forest area. He is extremely strong compared to the blue ones, so be careful. Defeat this Gold Crystal Golem and Sieglinde, his daughter, will pop out. Speak to her and she will ask if you have seen her father. Say "yes" and she will thank you and nothing more. Warp back to Firelink Shrine. You will see Seiglinde here. Speak with her once and say that you have seen her "father" again.

Sixth Encounter: You will find Siegmeyer in Lost Izalith, in the room above the Chaos Eaters. Do NOT speak with him yet. The outcome of his quest line has THREE possibilities here:

  • Option 1: If Siegmeyer ends up with more than 50% HP after the battle, he will then move to Ash Lake (near the first bonfire) where he will meet his end. His daughter, Sieglinde of Catarina will be standing next to him, and give you a Titanite Slab, finishing the questline. To accomplish this (it can be tricky) the best way is to kill all but one of the Chaos Eaters before talking to him, then talk to him and quickly jump down and kill the last Chaos Eater and talk again to Siegmeyer, if he has more than 50% of HP will say he just needs a rest. A desperate maneuver you can do, if you see Siegmeyer is getting surrounded by many Chaos Eaters, is to quickly quit the game and reload. Siegmeyer will appear a bit far from the center of the swamp giving you time to finish the Chaos Demons. The Chaos Eaters will also try a special grab attack on Siegmeyer, if you see them grabbing Siegmeyer, quickly quit the game so the game saves before Siegmeyer receives the damage, then reload and kill the remaining Chaos Eaters. ‍Note:‍ this step can be done before the "Finding his daughter step". Just make sure you answer yes to both the questions of Sieglinde.


  • Option 2: If Siegmeyer finishes the battle with less than 50% HP, he will be too badly wounded to stay alive for long, he will give you a Speckled Stoneplate Ring and then perish. The questline ends.


  • Option 3: You can kill all the Chaos Eaters before talking to him. He will give you the Speckled Stoneplate Ring thanking you for saving him again and claiming he is too weak; the questline will end, but he will survive.


  • Keep in mind that the poison of the Chaos Eater labyrinth will damage Siegmeyer, so you may want to homeward bone or quit the game fast after you deal with the Chaos Eaters to avoid getting him too hurt. (This seemed to be a bug as it no longer happens as of version 1.06)
  • The Chaos Eaters that are in the poison floor under Siegmeyer (Lost Izalith), DO NOT respawn. Don't kill them before you get Siegmeyer there or you will be stuck at the Option 3.
  • Avoid using AoE attacks, as Siegmeyer can be damaged by your attacks while fighting the Chaos Eaters in Lost Izalith.
  • You have to talk to Sieglinde at Firelink Shrine after helping Siegmeyer in Lost Izalith to make them appear in Ash Lake.
  • After killing the beasts with Siegmeyer and if he survived with >50% health, you can quickly return to Firelink Shrine to talk to Sieglinde for some extra dialogue. This is not required to continue the quest.

    Video Guide of Siegmeyer of Catarina's Events


Item Condition
Emit Force Report that you've opened the gate to Sen's Fortress by ringing both bells
Tiny Being's Ring Report that you've killed all the Silver Knights in the room next to where he appears in Anor Londo
Pierce Shield Giving him a Purple Moss Clump in Blightown.
Speckled Stoneplate Ring Killing all the Chaos Eaters before talking to him, or having him end the battle with them below 50% health.




Character Info


    • Anonymous

      09 Jun 2019 00:11  

      I didn't read any of this, beforehand. Talked to him, jumped in after him, and he proceeded to destroy all but one of the tentacled beasties like it was a walk in the park. I was watching amused, and missed the last one moving in to munch on my head, which killed me. When I came back, the last beastie was gone, and he was fine, apparently above 50% as he didn't offer the ring. Perhaps he's gotten a buff?

      • Anonymous

        04 Jun 2019 05:08  

        In lost izilath i went down to help him but died quickly, when I wnet back all the chaos eaters were gone and seigmeyer was still alive and I could finish the questline.

        • Anonymous

          17 May 2019 09:48  

          Killed all the Chaos Eaters but one. Then when I tried to go up and talk to him, the damn Chaos Eater fell in one of the gaping holes and I’m stuck on option three. ***** me right?

          • Anonymous

            14 Apr 2019 19:59  

            He sacrificed himself for me before I had any clue what was going on. I tried to save him but I didn't equip the rusted iron ring, now I'll kill every last chaos eater I see.

            • Anonymous

              04 Feb 2019 05:58  

              For Lost Izalith: maaan really wish i took the time to look at the comments, killed all but one but didn't equip the RustedIronRing when I jumped down with seig, the last chaos eater I left(far left), one shot him like it was nothing because i was moving too slow to deal with it for him, IF YOURE READING THIS LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES :) (probly would've helped to shave the last ones health off a little as well)

              • Anonymous

                25 Jan 2019 21:08  

                Woah, talked to his daughter at Firelink Shrine after helping him at Lost Izalith with him above 50% health. Talked to her again after the first dialogue, and she said Siegmeyer went on "his final adventure," and then said, "if is goes hollow, I'll just have to kill him again." WTF!? Does she mean what she says about "AGAIN?" Damn...

                • Anonymous

                  03 Jan 2019 11:24  

                  What if I only talked to him once, in the beginning of Sen's but did re-direct the builder? Will he still be at Anor Londo?

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Dec 2018 07:04  

                    The easiest way to handle the 4 Chaos Eaters in Lost Izalith is to kill 3 of them with a bow and arrow, and leave one alive (DO NOT LEAVE THE FAR RIGHT ONE ALIVE! If you do, the 5th chaos eater hidden in the tunnel will see you and make its way towards you before you are ready!). To make it easiest, I leave either the far left or middle Chaos Eater alive, and then I lower it's HP by about half. Remember, it doesn't matter how much HP the last Chaos Eater has left, as long as it's alive before talking to Siegmeyer. I personally like to lower it by at least half. Equip the Rusted Iron Ring so you can move with normal speed when you drop into the water, then talk to Siegmeyer TWICE. Once he jumps down, simply jump down with him and kill the Chaos Eater. MAKE SURE YOU RUSH TO THE FAR RIGHT and kill the other Chaos Eater before Siegmeyer gets there! After all is donw, talk to him again, and after he goes to sleep warp to Firelink to talk to his daughter. Just did this earlier today, it's a breeze as long as it's done as I've described. If you still aren't sure, check out videos on youtube!

                    • Anonymous

                      19 Oct 2018 00:20  

                      it is a possibility that killing the princess before helping him in anor londo will cause him to disappear. can anyone confirm?

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Sep 2018 22:10  

                        I tried killing only 3 of the 4 chaos eaters in the pit, but the last one jumped to his death trying to follow me while i was escaping. Keep that in mind when trying that; i guess you'd be better off logging off to reset the last one's aggro or something

                        • Anonymous

                          24 Jul 2018 10:10  

                          LOL I died fighting those chaos eaters, and when returned, all of them were already killed by Siegmeyer, and he was full hp too. Playing remastered on PC

                          • Anonymous

                            24 Jun 2018 16:00  

                            After killing three of the four Chaos Eaters with ranged tactics, you should really equip the Rusted Iron Ring before dropping down with Siegmeyer so that you can get between the two of them and grab the last Eater's attention. Be warned that on occasion, a fifth Eater will make its way through the labyrinth to this location, and Siegmeyer might try to rush it (if you're standing on the ledge with Siegmeyer, this fifth Eater is down a path to Siegmeyer's right).

                            • Anonymous

                              19 Jun 2018 00:53  

                              I went talked to his daughter and went to Lost Izalith before rescuing him in the swamp. Went back to the swamp, gave him some moss and he's still not at the pit with the chaos eaters. Have I fucked it up?
                              Quests where you don't even know if you have done something wrong, without meticulously following some instructions on the internet are the worst part of Dark Souls.

                              • Anonymous

                                18 Jun 2018 16:01  

                                God this moron is a failure....I killed 2 Chaos eaters, then nearly killed the other 2(one hit from a bow doing 79 Dmg would of killed them) and he still managed to die fighting them...and now the quest failed to finish for the second time in a row...

                                • Anonymous

                                  18 Jun 2018 00:27  

                                  If you do option 3 (kill the chaos eaters, "end" the quest, he gives you speckled stoneplate ring), then kill him, does he drop anything?

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