Anastacia of Astora

Anastacia Of Astora - Dark Souls Remastered

Anastacia of Astora is a Character in Dark Souls.



Anastacia of Astora, also known as the Ash Maiden, is the fire keeper of Firelink Shrine.

  • She will upgrade your Estus Flask if you bring her a Fire Keeper Soul.
  • She is unable to talk until you bring her back to life, after she is killed by Lautrec.


Death and Resurrection

After you ring both Bells of Awakening, or pick up the two Fire Keeper Souls located in the Undead Parish and Blighttown, Anastacia will be killed by Knight Lautrec. This means you will not be able to use Firelink's bonfire or upgrade the Estus Flask there until this quest is resolved.

  • Search Anastacia's cell and you should find a Black Eye Orb, this will be important later.
  • Once you've reached Anor Londo specifically Ornstein and Smough, you should notice the Orb vibrating, this is a clue to Lautrec's location. Use the Orb to invade Lautrec, you can do this after killing the bosses as well.
  • When you defeat Lautrec you will get Anastacia's soul back, proceed to Firelink Shrine, interact with her cell and she will be revived.
  • After she is revived, she will also kindle the Firelink bonfire to 20 when you offer the first Lord Soul to the Lordvessel in Firelink Altar.


  • You can still upgrade the Estus Flask at the Ancient Spider Queen or the Fire Keeper in Anor Londo, after Anastacia dies.
  • Once Lautrec is killed, using the acquired Fire Keeper's Soul to upgrade the Estus Flask will prevent you from reviving her and thus making you unable to use the Firelink Shrine bonfire. do not make the mistake of using her soul to augment your Estus Flask.
  • On the other hand, the only reward for reviving her is that the Firelink Shrine bonfire is reactivated. If you're willing to lose the Firelink Shrine bonfire permanently, you can use her Fire Keeper Soul for your own purposes.
  • If you kill Knight Lautrec before he kills Anastacia, you will no longer be able to retrieve his or Anastacia's armor sets for that playthrough.



Cannot be killed by the player. Only Lautrec of Carim can kill her.

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    • Anonymous

      Rang parish bell, picked up (not used) parish soul, never talked to lautrec. I went to firelink, no lautrec, fire keeper other bells rung, no souls either. (Remaster btw)

      • Anonymous

        Oh my godddddd. I wasn't thinking about what I was doing after I killed Lautrec. I beelined it right for the Anor Londo firekeeper to upgrade my Estus Flask, and it was right as I clicked yes that I realized I had made a horrible mistake. I'm so sorry Anastacia, I didn't mean to. I just went completely brain dead. I really wish they would differentiate that soul.

        • Anonymous

          It's not the fire keeper souls in undead parish and blightown that trigger lautrec to kill her. Its having 2 fire keeper souls. I found this out after starting a ng+ with 1 fire keeper soul (definitely not from either of the 2 spots mentioned previously because shortly after reviving anastacia i had no fir keeper souls but ended the run with one (no clue as to where exactly it was from but definitely not thw 2 listed above. Anyways i was speeding to get the two bells rung in order to unlock frampt for exploitative purposes and on my way i pick up the fire keeper soul from the undead parish and when i got back after ringing both bells i found out that the bonfire couldnt be lit because she is gone. So heads up on that onr. Please edit it to reflect its true nature.

          • Anonymous

            Here's an interesting thing - if you try to kill Anastacia with a Shotel, which is Lautrec's weapon choice, you'll find out that ALL of your attacks either bounce off from the cage OR that Anastacia is out of range of your weapon. This little tidbit leads me to believe that the only way Lautrec could've killed her was if she dragged herself close towards the cage bars and LET Lautrec kill her, which also kinda speaks about the dude himself.

            Considering how savage she was threated back in her village and how being a Firekeeper is a pretty painful existence, I can't really blame her for wanting to die. She even says that after you supposedly break the curse of the Undead, she can finally die as a human.

            • Anonymous

              Tongue cut out, locked up, murdered by Lautrec and jesus christ the blood stained skirt description nearly made me throw up. This NPC is the definition of suffering and just continues with her duty anyway. Reviving her into a new untarnished body is the most heroic thing you can do in this game, nothing else comes close.

              • Anonymous

                The reason she can talk to you once she’s been given her soul back is that her resurrection restores her tongue as well as her life

                • Anonymous

                  It's not after you ring both bells. I made my way through The Depths and Blighttown, but before fighting the boss I decided to go back up to buy some more arrows. When I got to firelink, she was dead, despite not ringing the bell yet

                  • Anonymous

                    I wish this game was more clear sometimes. I know they wanted to make this unforgiving and stuff, but sometimes it's just annoying more like lol. Like they just wanted to troll people XD. "Hey, let's make Anastacias soul have the exact same name as normal Firekeeper soul and give no warning when you are about to use it. Let's see how many idiots will fall for it! Because F you, welcome to Dark Souls." XD

                    • Anonymous

                      Don't see it on here anywhere, so I'll say it. If you let Lautrec kill Anastacia, then contribute at least one soul to the lordvessel and talk to her again, she will thank you for agreeing to link the fire, and fully kindle the Fireling Shrine bonfire for free.

                      • Anonymous

                        Why is Quelaag's sister referred to as "Ancient Spider Queen"? She's never been called a queen or even been explicitly known for being ancient

                        • Anonymous

                          I'm surprised I'm the first person to mention this, but they should add to the notes Anastasia's similarities to "The Woman in the room"/ "The Anchoress" in grail legends.. most famously Parzival's Cousin Sigûne the Lamenting Maiden. The major difference being her lack of a dead sweetheart.. But her dead knight is apparently In the cutscene... possibly the player.

                          • Anonymous

                            Hey everyone! I made the same mistake as a lot ds 1 beginner, used her soul accidentally to upgrade my flask. :c
                            But i found the way to revive her!
                            HERE IS THE SOLUTION!
                            - Launch Dark Souls
                            - Launch Cheat Engine
                            - Start the game
                            - Go to your inventory --> Consumables (THE FIRST LIST WITH THE ESTUS FLASK ICON!!! ITS IMPORTANT! If u try this with weapon or armor, this method won't work)
                            - Choose an item from the list you want to modify(i used a copper coin)
                            - Go to cheat engine, select dark souls.exe(or DATA.exe was for me), check the Hex box
                            - Input the memory value of the item you want to modify(the HEX ID of copper coin: 0000017D, HEX ID list linked below)
                            - Drop the item
                            - Look for the value FFFFFFFF
                            - Add it to adress list
                            - Pick up the item
                            - Double click the value on adress list
                            - Change it to 00000186 (this is the HEX ID of Anastacia's soul)
                            - DONE You have the right fire keeper soul, now go to Firelink shrine to Anastacia's cage and revive her ^^

                            If it was helpful for you , press a like button to help the others find this comment.

                            If something was unclear, here is a video about item swapping with cheat engine:
                            And here is a list about the items with HEX IDs:

                            • Anonymous

                              Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've noticed Anastacia, the Anor Londo firekeeper, and Shanalotte are the only firekeepers in the entire Dark Souls series so far that aren't blind.

                              • Anonymous

                                If you consume the Anastacia's soul (as I did, not knowing the consequence) does it alter the story somehow? Or anything?

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