Sealer Ingward - Concept Art

Ingward, the Guardian of the Seal, is a Character in Dark Souls.


Resides on a rooftop in New Londo Ruins, dressed in crimson robes, he holds a Tin Banishment Catalyst in his right hand and a Ghost Blade in his left. He is the last remaining of the three New Londo sorcerers who long ago undertook the task of guarding the seal; to pay atonement for all who were sacrificed when they sealed away the darkness. Two of the three former healers have since forsaken New Londo, after tiring of their duties. Rumors are that Yulva took her healing arts to Blighttown, what became of the last one is not known.

  • He will cure the player's Curse status for 1 'Liquid'  Humanity. If you have none, then use your Humanity item first.
  • He also holds the Key to the Seal, used to drain the valley. He will give it to the player after the Lordvessel is acquired, but he can also be killed for it to drop.
  • He was one of the sorcerers called in to seal away the Four Kings and flood New Londo.




Ingward's Inventory

Sells Uses Slots Souls
Resist Curse 16 4 1 5,000
Transient Curse - - - 1,000


  • On top of the roof in upper New Londo Ruins. He's wearing red. Climb the ladder inside the fireplace to reach him.
  • Talk to him after defeating the Four Kings, and he will move to Firelink Shrine.





  • With Dark Hand's R2 move you can steal 3 humanity before he dies. (must use the move 3 times)
  • Important Note: On the PC PTD Edition, killing Ingward is currently bugged, and he may not always drop the Key to the Seal. It is currently unknown what causes this, but the key becomes completely unrecoverable (quitting/loading or visiting the chest in Fire Link Shrine do not work) effectively preventing you from completing the game.


Character Info



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    • Anonymous

      He will no longer sell you **** if you kill his ass for looking menacingly at you from a roof above all the ghosts. Just FYI.

      • Anonymous

        Letting him chill in firelink shrine or getting a dark hand an intact red orb early ? Tricky dilemma for sure.

        • Anonymous

          I didn't know he was an npc I thought he was the one keeping the ghosts alive so I thought killing them would get rid of the ghosts I feel so bad now

          • Anonymous

            This Fuucker Deserved To Die For Purposely Waiting On Top Of That Fuucking Room With All Those "Tragic" Ghost Cuunts All For Just That Key...

            • Anonymous

              This guy if from new londo

              ******* tell your friends (ghosts and darkwraiths). I’m just trying to explore

              • I remember wondering what could be the shadowy silhouette of a apparently humanoid creature wearing a hood and some kind of spear right after climbing the ladder in the New Londo Ruins mausoleum..
                I was expecting having to face a painful boss fight in that area when i slowly approached him just to discover that 'it' was just an friendly regular NPC with a warming and calm elderly voice.
                Am i the only one?

                • Anonymous

                  i feel bad for killing him, but on the other hand, the f*cker has it coming for waiting above *that* room.

                  • Anonymous

                    If he moved to Firelink Shrine will he eventually become hollow like all the other NPCs if you buy all his items and exhausting his dialogues?

                    • Anonymous

                      The second sealer, Yulva is a dead corpse in Blighttown, loot her corpse for her robes and a few feet away is the Remedy spell she created. The last third sealer is a companion to Lautrec that you fight when you invade his world

                      • Anonymous

                        If you failed to buy spell from him and killed four Kings, then go to roof he will not sell you things and repeat talking. But after that he will be in firelink shrine and you can buy things again.

                        • Anonymous

                          Ingward mentions that you should "find Artorias" in order to learn the art of Abysswalking, which seems to indicate that he thinks Artorias is still alive and untainted. This could also suggest that New Londo's Abyss came before Oolacile's, especially when you consider that Artorias was a "hunter of Darkwraiths." Not sure if it's important to the story, but I think it's a neat detail.

                          • Anonymous

                            This NPC needs more storyline and use than he currently has. Its just seems pointless to even talk to him other than getting the seal, killing him is all to easy, and there actually no reason to get him to move to Firelink shrine ( Completionists Accepted.)

                            And also he gives you the key to the seal. Here ill give you the key to the seal to the four kings of whom I guard.... Really?

                            • Anonymous

                              "Talk to him after defeating the Four Kings, and he will move to Firelink Shrine."
                              Who in their right mind would go back through that ghost infested ruin just to get him to come back to firelink?

                              • Anonymous

                                Does killing him matter? He doesn't really do anything hint fat as I can tell. Buy his spell and murder him then clean up his mess.

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