Eingyi of the Great Swamp

Eggburdened Art

 Eingyi is a Character in Dark Souls.



Once a pyromancer from the great swamp, Eingyi was considered a heretic, even by his bretheren, because of his toxic pyromancy. He was driven from the great swamp and got infected by the blightpuss. The Fair Lady took him in and swallowed the blightpuss, despite Quelaag's orders to the contrary, and he has been her loyal servant ever since, although still burdened as an egg carrier.

  • Eingyi can be found after defeating Chaos Witch Quelaag. After Quelaag is defeated you can enter a building with a lever that activates the second bell. Go down one floor from this lever and hit the walls that are covered in spider eggs. One of the walls will disappear and reveal a corridor that takes you to him and Quelaag's Sister. Eingyi is an Egg-burdened.
  • He will ask if you want to become a Servant, answering with "yes" won't make you join the covenant, but Eingyi will stand aside and let you use the Bonfire (which then becomes a warpable location once the player obtains the Lord Vessel). If you answer "no" he will not let you past, but don't worry, talk to him again later and he will ask again.
  • When you join the Chaos Servant Covenant, Eingyi will be able to upgrade your Pyromancy Flame for Souls.
  • For Eingyi to offer you a pyromancy flame (catalyst) you must have a minimum Intelligence level of 11 and you must talk to him at least once while infected with an Egg Head (see below). After that, select the "talk" option  to receive the flame.
  • In order to have him selling pyromancies, you have to be infested with an Egg Head before speaking to him. The easiest way to get the egg-head is to let yourself be grabbed by a crawling egg-burdened creature in Demon Ruins (Just the moving ones are aggressive, but kicking or punching the others will make them hostile as well). This procedure is required only once.
  • After you have cured your first egg-head, Eingyi will give you an Egg Vermifuge for free, every time you get infected with a new one.
  • Killing Eingyi will not prevent you from joining the Chaos Servant Covenant.
  • It's rumored that Eingyi might be responsible for the fact that the water in Blighttown is poisonous.
  • His dialogue will change after buying the pyromancy spells and upgrading your flamme. Use the "talk" option and he will tell you interesting lore about the area and the "Izalith" family.




Eingyi's Inventory

Icon Item Details Uses Slots Cost
 item servant roster icon Servant Roster List all members of the covenant and show how much humanity they gave. Like a leader-board. 500
 item Egg Vermifuge Egg Vermifuge Cure for the "Egg-head". First one is free, as well as each time you get re-infected. 1,000
 pyromancy flame 2 Pyromancy Flame Will give this for free if your Intelligence is 11 or above. Gift
 Poison Mist Poison Mist Creates a Poisonous mist. 3 1 10,000
 Toxic Mist Toxic Mist Creates a Toxic mist. 1 1 25,000

 His items and spells, apart from the Servant Roster, will also require an Egg Head before they are available for purchase.



  • No Souls, but the larvae will drop their usual amount.
  • Egg Vermifuge x2


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    • Anonymous

      to all the folks that "accidentally" killed him, i'm just wondering why you would attacks him after seeing what happens when you kill the other ones at the entrance, i don't know why anyone would want to keep killing these things. . .

      • Anonymous

        I killed her, ı was trying to reach bonfire. This is obviously a gaming desing problem, not giving any hint before she is not an enemy i mean...So everybody, don't worry, no one talked this woman before a NG. We all killed her.

        • Anonymous

          Pretty ****ing good design to have him look exactly like the enemies you JUST encountered. No way you'd accidentally kill him..

          • Anonymous

            I realized you can not buy the pyromancy flame from him but if you have 11 int and just TALK to him he asks you if you have interest in pyromancy. Answer yes and you get the second pyromancy frame! I was pissed thinking I messed something up so I leveled int and then did TALK and it worked!

            • Anonymous

              As a pyromancer...He never gave me the pyromancy flame even though i had the egg, and int above req. He did sell me the poison and toxic mist pyromancies. would have been nice to have a second one i could use to trade for red slab.

              • Anonymous

                Worth noting is that if you kill him and then join the covenant; gaining rank wont open the shortcut (just got to rank +3). So much for those hours farming humanity..

                • Anonymous

                  His name might be derived from Old Norse or Icelandic. No way to be sure, but I think it fits, with him being an outcast to an already rejected group of miscreants, behind a hidden wall looking after a blind, dying firekeeper. Quote from Wiktionary, entry 'ekki': [From Old Norse ekki (“nothing”), from eitt (neuter of einn (“one”)) + negative suffix -gi, -ki.] einn-gi, one-not; Eingyi is (a) no one

                  • Anonymous

                    So, was Eingyi the only one blowing up the latrine in the depths and contaminating the sewage draining into the moat?? What a sh!thead XD

                    • Anonymous

                      Game bugged and there was no talk command when I got near him and had to kill him oh well no poison mist to save Solair I guess

                      • Anonymous

                        I didn't know he was a character. I just charged at him from behind screaming like a primal and killed him.

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