Witch Beatrice

Witch Beatrice is an NPC Phantom is Dark Souls


Witch Beatrice Information

Beatrice is a self made woman, and somewhat of a rogue witch. She was never a student of the Vinheim Dragon School, but learned her trait from her elders, like a proper witch should. Her catalyst is also handed down, from a lineage of witches, and bears the marks of casting age-old sorceries.

  • This witch can be summoned to help you fight the Moonlight Butterfly in Darkroot Garden. The sign to summon her is at the bottom of the tower hidden in a bush. Summoning her makes this boss trivial, and if you want a challenge is not recommended.
  • She can also be summoned in the fight against the Four Kings, but only if she was summoned for the Moonlight Butterfly fight. Her summon sign is hidden behind the square tower just before entering the fog.
    • You do not have to kill the butterfly to make her sign appear in New Londo, it should be enough to summon her in the forest and send her home.
  • It is worthy of note, her armor set and her catalyst can be found, after defeating Four Kings, in the Valley of Drakes near the shortcut door and cave to Blighttown.
  • She, like the chosen undead, wanted to fight the Four Kings and did so before the time of New Londo's flooding. This makes her ancient in the storyline.
  • She was also one of the three people able to traverse the abyss. The Chosen Undead (player character), and Artorias being the other two.
  • If you are having hard time defeating Four Kings , summoning her can make the fight harder because she is counted as helping phantom and Co-op rules applies for boss fight.

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