Crossbreed Priscilla

Location Painted World of Ariamis
Health * NG: 2,300
NG+: 3,611
Souls * NG: 30,000
NG+: 60,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Crossbreed Priscilla is an optional Boss in Dark Souls.



Half dragon boss found in Painted World of Ariamis. An optional boss, she wields a giant scythe and has the ability to turn invisible. If you do not wish to fight her, simply walk past her after talking to her, and proceed towards the open ledge to trigger a cutscene and your return to Anor Londo. (speaking with her doesn't make her aggressive)

Priscilla is the only dragon crossbreed in Lordran and most likely in the game world.

She is white as snow and has scales, though only on her brow and neck, hinting that her father is actually Seath the Scaleless. Her mother is unconfirmed but that won't stop us as well as other fans from speculating:

  • One theory is that her mother was the non-illusory goddess Gwynevere; Ariamis' painting is also housed in her cathedral, and has been kept safe by dozens of painting guardians for generations.
  • Another theory is that, due to the large number of items and miracles related to Goddess Velka that are located in the Painted World, the goddess could be Priscilla's mother.
  • The rotating statue that opens the way to Priscilla is also of a mother and child, but the mother does not resemble Gwynevere.
  • Attacking Crossbreed Priscilla will be considered as a Sin. (NPC Hostility Sin)






Casts a blizzard attack in the beginning that turns her completely invisible.


Scythe swing

Priscilla swings her scythe, and sometimes a follow-up swing or two, which has decent range and can cause heavy bleeding.



Blows a blizzard type attack that has medium range, and is easily dodged by running to the side. Causes Bleed build up.



Because this boss is not incredibly hard, nor has a particularly varied arsenal of moves and attacks, these strategies are more of how to deal with her when she's invisible.

Priscilla summons a blizzard that turns her invisible if you attack her, therefore the main way to find her when she is invisible is to keep your shield up or keep moving and watch the snow for her footprints.

Do not spam attacks when you locate her, strike her once or twice and then roll away and block. This should minimize the number of times you are struck by her scythe, and particularly avoid receiving a dangerous bleed effect as a result of repeated hits from her scythe.

If you manage to cut her health enough to reveal herself, she'll start using her blizzard attack. This is easily avoided by running to the side, or staying behind her. Keep your distance to avoid being hit by the scythe, or use Bloodshield or the Bloodbite Ring to reduce the bleed build-up from her attacks. If you manage to chop off her tail - which is what you should aim for - you get the special weapon Priscilla's Dagger. Be sure to only aim for her tail first, to avoid mistiming it and killing her before you can obtain it.

Strategy 1 - The Hard Way

When she's approaching, you will see her footprints get closer together, meaning that she is getting ready to swing her scythe. To counter this, roll directly at her and run to her right. Run behind where the footprints are facing, and she will miss you, which gives you a chance to get an attack in. To judge where the swing is coming from, watch for the footprints that form from her stepping forward during her attack. Rinse and repeat until you deal enough damage to force her to disable her cloaking.


Strategy 2 - Fire & Ice 

An easy way to get her to come visible is to as soon as you go through the boss fog, aggro her then run to the plank that you leave on and stay at the end until you see a footprint. As soon as you see a footprint on the ground throw a Great Chaos Fireball straight ahead; because the plank is suspended over nothing and there is no room to evade, it will hit her, triggering her visibility. Once this happens, run past her into the open area, take off the tail, and proceed to ending her life.


Strategy 3 - Ghost Tracking

Equip Ring of Fog and Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring inside the boss area. Wait until Priscilla goes to the center (no footprints, shooting an arrow to the center of the room). Shooting her with man-made projectiles such as arrows, and throwing knives work extremely well, as they stick onto her for a short period of time, revealing her location.

A slightly more cumbersome method is to use attacks that leave a mark, which can be used to track her invisible form. Vow of SilenceTranquil Walk of Peace, arrows, poisons, etc. will work.


  • If you do enough poise damage to stagger her, she will come visible. Some ways of doing that:
    • Using a Greatbow, even if you don't have the stats for it.
    • Using throwing knives; you can farm them from the Painting Guardians.
    • Using the whip (no upgrades). Use the R1 attack (the sweeping one) twice.
    • Using Astora's Straight Sword to attack her (+5 if possible). Hit her twice.
    • Using a pyromancy spell like Great Chaos Fireball. Just hurl it at her footprints once.
  • These methods will do almost no damage but will still reveal her, making cutting off her tail an easy task.
  • Don't rush it. She doesn't have much health.
  • You can skip her and go back to Anor Londo by just going to the ledge past her; this only works if you did not attack her. While fighting her, that drop kills you.
  • If you are using the Dragon King Greataxe two handed with a heavy attack, it will do a magic attack that will force her out of invisibility. After that, switch to whatever you're most comfortable with and finish the job.

Hints for Easy Tail Cut

  • Actually, you can easily cut her tail BEFORE the fight, while she is passive and you can still talk with her. Just get behind her and do the job.
  • To make for an easier tail cut before the fight, try to maximize damage to take the tail in one hit. Two handing and buffing a weapon if possible, and using Power Within can work well. Weapons that sweep side to side (ex. Great Scythe) can be used effectively unlocked, adjusting the camera angle to point the sweep down toward the tail.
  • When she turns invisible, since she has a relative low amount of HP, use a weak weapon (un-upgraded Scimitar works great but Broken Straight Sword doesn't) until she returns.
  • If she is getting low on health and has not yet dropped the dagger, then quit/reload to respawn in front of the boss-fog.
  • Cutting off her tail will automatically award the dagger without needing to pick it up.
  • Using a weapon that slashes vertically (the two-handed light attack with a longsword works well) is a huge help. Do not lock on her, and slash vertically aiming perpendicular to her body. (i.e. if you don't hit the tail you won't accidentally hit her body)
  • After she reappears, it is generally easier to un-target her when she attacks, especially the breath attack, to quickly run to the exposed tail and land some swings on it.
  • A sorcerer can equip Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring and Crown of Dusk to one shot her tail with Soul Spear. The key is NOT to select her. When having no target, magic spells fall downward. Positional yourself next to her tail, and let the spear fall down, onto her tail. Easy tail cut before the battle even begins.
  • A player with Chaos Storm could potentially stun lock Priscilla for a few easy swings at her tail, as it stays nearly still at this moment when hit more then once of this spell, It's also a great way of forcing her to become visible if she is hit more then ones. Beware though that this could get you killed if done at the wrong time or if you got low armor. It is advised to use a heavy armor when doing this, if possible.


  • Priscilla was intended to serve as the role of female companion NPC according to Dark Souls Design Works interview, but it was lately scrapped.
  • Also believed to be modeled after Rurufon from Shadow Tower Abyss, an early title of From Software.


Crossbreed Priscilla - Concept Art "This Land Is Peaceful, Its Inhabitants Kind" Deadly Mist "Why Could Thou Not Let Us Be" 


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      Don’t know why but I feel like I can just chill out when I’m at her tower it’s weirdly calm when she’s around

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        Guys it’s simple. Kill her in new game for the trophy then use the prostration gesture in ng+ to beg for forgiveness.

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              Covenat Idea : Painting Guardian
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              Item : Cold Blood ( Obtained by killing players who enter the painted World or 5 % drop chance by Man-Serpents )
              Rewards : Entering : Jagged Knife ( 10 uses, inflits bleeding ) 10 Cold Blood : Pyro ,,Sharp-skin ``, deals damage when touching enemies 30 Cold Blood : Lifehunt-Scythe
              Negative Effects : Makes you a target for Darkmoon-Blades

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