Priscilla's Dagger +5

120 critical_dark_souls.jpg 100
- stability_dark_souls.jpg 26
- durability_dark_souls.jpg 100
- weight_dark_souls.jpg 1.0
Requirements & Bonus
strength_dark_souls.jpg dexterity_dark_souls.jpg intelligence_dark_souls.jpg faith_dark_souls.jpg
6 20
Auxiliary bleed_dark_souls.jpg 500
occult_dark_souls.jpg 110
Weapon Type Dagger
Attack Type Slash / Thrust
Enchantable No
Special Combo

Priscilla's Dagger is a Weapon in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.


"This sword, one of the rare dragon weapons, came from the tail of Priscilla, the Dragon Crossbreed in the painted world of Ariamis."
"Possessing the power of lifehunt, it dances about when wielded, in a fashion reminiscent of the white-robed painting guardians."

How to Get / Where to Find the Priscilla's Dagger



Hints and Tips:

  • Give to Frampt to receive 5000 souls.
  • Strong attack is altered into a vicious rising slash to downward slash that can be followed up with a spinning horizontal slash with additional input.
  • Bleed build up is 20 per strike, and once inflicted will tear 50% of the opponents HP.
  • TIP: Before the battle begins, while Priscilla is standing there (no boss health bar at the bottom of the screen), position yourself near her tail. Hit her TAIL as a start to the fight. Keep swinging as she turns invisible because she wont attack you until shes completely vanished. After about 1/4th of her health bar drops, the tail should come right off.
  • The weapons bleed effect may break through the Greatshield of Artorias(confirmation needed).
  • Warning! It has the highest Bleed damage in the game at 50% (30% being the norm.) However it boasts the slowest Build up at 20bu. For comparison, Bandit's Knife has 33bu and Gold Tracer has 50bu. Meaning that for every 2 hits from G.T or 3 from B.K; You'd need 5 from Priscilla's to match it.
  • A fully upgraded Priscilla's Dagger with 40 Dex does 269 (Slash) damage. This is before any modifiers and resistances.

Youtube relevant videos:

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Priscilla's Dagger Upgrade Table

Dragon Upgrades may be performed by any Blacksmith, as long as you have the required materials.
Dragon Reinforcement Scales 122% for dexterity_dark_souls.jpg Dexterity to increase your AR.
To reach max, you need: 50,000 souls and 10 dragon_scale_dark_souls Dragon Scales 

  Attack Values Parameter Bonus Auxiliary Damage Reduction (%) Stability
Priscilla's Dagger physical_damage_dark_souls.jpg magic_damage_dark_souls.jpg fire_damage_dark_souls.jpg lightning_damage_dark_souls.jpg strength_dark_souls.jpg dexterity_dark_souls.jpg intelligence_dark_souls.jpg faith_dark_souls.jpg divine_dark_souls.jpg occult_dark_souls.jpg physical_defense_dark_souls.jpg magic_defense_dark_souls.jpg fire_defense_dark_souls.jpg lightning_defense_dark_souls.jpg stability_dark_souls.jpg
Regular 80 - - - - A - - - - 45 10 30 30 26
Regular +1 (dragon_scale_dark_soulsx1) 88 - - - - A - - - - 45 10 30 30 26
Regular +2 (dragon_scale_dark_soulsx1) 96 - - - - A - - - - 45 10 30 30 26
Regular +3 (dragon_scale_dark_soulsx2) 104 - - - - A - - - - 45 10 30 30 26
Regular +4 (dragon_scale_dark_soulsx2) 112 - - - - A - - - - 45 10 30 30 26
Regular +5 (dragon_scale_dark_soulsx4) 120 - - - - S - - - - 45 10 30 30 26

    • Anonymous

      01 Mar 2020 05:02  

      If you use firestorm, fire tempest, or chaos firestorm it is easy to make her visible. Then use a really fast, but weak Weapon like the gold tracer and only focus on the tip of the tail it is really easy to cut off, even on NG++++.

      • Anonymous

        24 Feb 2020 22:29  

        its actually pretty deadly in pvp. nobody expects this weapon to be used and it inflicts bleed really fast. apart from the lifehunt scyth its a good choice for pure bleed

        • Anonymous

          18 May 2019 05:08  

          Tbh if you have Uchigatana, just keep using it, it has better range, damage, and the bleeding effect (even if to a weaker extent), not only that, but uses the slash/thrust move-set. The weapon as whole is just underwhelming as a whole, if you still want to have a weapon similar to this, Just grab your Uchigatana (or any similar weapon), upgrade it so that it’s occult, and bam, you have an overall better version of this dagger. Only try to use it if you have a high dex build, because DANG THE DEX SCALING is GOOD (I wasn’t trying to tear into people who use the dagger, just trying give a disclaimer)

          • Anonymous

            18 Mar 2019 03:13  

            Is it possible to build up other creatures' bleed meter with, say, the Gold Tracer or Iaito, and then trigger the bleed effect with this for higher damage, or is it considered a different "type" of bleed since it has a different Aux effect?

            • 05 Feb 2019 00:52  

              Should be noted that though this weapon does 500 Aux, it has one of the slowest Build-ups in the game. (20ish per hit) Occult Modifier is nice but wont see much use past Anor Londo coupled with 100 Crit makes this Dagger underwelming. Velkas Rapier has Int Scaling with it's Mod and is a decent Dex weapon. There's better Bleed options like Gold Tracer (Curved Sword) with 50bu for 30% and Dark Silver Tracer is Dex based with highest Crit modifier in the game. Pris's Dagger 2H Strong is pretty though, guess that's something. Sorry, Priscilla! You're still a cutie who didn't deserve to be alone.

              • Anonymous

                22 Jul 2018 13:35  

                Anyone else wish it was a bit bigger? It has nice little details on it but you can barely see them. Also it'd look better as a sword imo.

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