Fair Lady

Quelaan, Daughter of Chaos

Daughter of Chaos is a Character in Dark Souls


In the game called Fair Lady is one of the seven Daughters of Chaos. She is a half-spider half-woman turned demon, changed through the Bed of Chaos, and has absorbed a sickness called 'blightpuss', which lead to her weakened state. She is rather more docile than her sister Quelaag and is both the leader of the Chaos Servant Covenant and the fire keeper of the bonfire she sits beside.

She is found behind a hidden wall in the chamber underneath the second bell tower in Quelaag's Domain.

  • To find her, go down the stairs from the bell lever, cross directly over the circular platform from the bottom of the stairs and strike the wall on the other side of the room to reveal an additional chamber.
  • As you go down the following passage there will be an egg-burdened blocking the way - Eingyi. Talk to him and say YES to his question and he will then move out of the way for you to talk to the Fair Lady.
  • She appears mute initially, but if you equip Old Witch's Ring (gained either as a starting gift, or by trading a Sunlight Maggot to Snuggly in the Undead Asylum) you will be able to hear her speak.
  • Note that it is still possible to join the covenant even without the Old Witch's Ring.
  • When speaking to her through the ring. (which gives you the ability to understand her language)
  • She appears to be quite ill and thinks you are her sister Quelaag.
  • Apparently giving her humanity eases the pain of her current state, a sickness contracted by absorbing blight.

In Dark Souls 3 a humanoid spider corpse, much resembling The Fair Lady, can be found behind an illusory wall in Smouldering Lake with a Quelana Pyromancy Tome nearby.



  • Upon killing her, she drops a Fire Keeper Soul. (Note this makes the bonfire inactive until your next play-through)





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    • Anonymous

      18 Apr 2021 05:57  

      I always kill her at the end of my playthroughs as a sort of “mercy kill”. Always perform the bow gesture first then do the deed.

      • 11 Apr 2021 15:01  

        Absolute sweetheart, really. Quiet, but a really friendly soul. Too bad I don't visit anymore... not that after Tarkus asked Quelaag out. I told him I liked her!

        • Anonymous

          10 Apr 2021 03:48  

          this is just a thought but what if there was a way to save her like reveres her corruption as like a hidden side quest if you complete it she then acts as a person who can sell you like unique demon weapons or somthing like that

          • Anonymous

            01 Apr 2021 06:39  

            After I unlocked all achievements I just started farming humanity for her out of boredom infinitely. Than I noticed her animations changed to be less "dying". So Dark Souls ultimately allows the player to feel like a great person who doesn't act as if they always wanted something in exchange.

            • Anonymous

              19 Mar 2021 16:20  

              poor girl doesn't even know her sister and family are dead she's too innocent for the world she is in so I killed her not because i wanted to because it was the right thing to do rip fair lady you were to innocent for the world you live in

              • Anonymous

                10 Sep 2020 01:20  

                Oh my dear fair lady. Your torments are mine. Please don't cry for me. You have suffered enough for us. You have choked down the pus of shameful Blighttown to save us. Let me ease your suffering. Take this humanity so that my devotion to you may grow, let the purifying fire burn brightly. May I burn our enemies and all impurities to cold ashes.

                • Anonymous

                  18 Jun 2020 12:46  

                  I always kill her. An existence of pure suffering where only thing she looks forward to is to see her sister whom you have slain. Believing in a lie where you are her because of magic. It is pitiful and makes me really sad. Killing her is simple yet not easy. If only she could be saved yet this is no such game.

                  • 16 Jun 2020 23:01  

                    I joined the covenant just to save her from her pain. 80 humanities, some might call me a simp, but it's the least I can do since I made her lose her sister. She thinks I'm Quelaag, and it just breaks my heart. They didn't deserve this fate

                    • Anonymous

                      17 May 2020 01:56  

                      The Fair Lady and Andre of Astora are the only known characters to have lip movement during dialogue. (Note: You must have the Old Witch’s Ring equipped to engage in dialogue with The Fair Lady) - J

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Apr 2020 05:03  

                        Anyone else think this section of the game was a bit... *****y? Especially after seeing the Fair Lady then battling a boss called... Ceaseless Discharge? idk or am I just crazy

                        • 30 Jan 2020 15:15  

                          I went ahead and looked up whether or not the usage of Quelaan is canon. In the remastered and the original Dark Souls credits line, she is referred to simply as "Quelaag's Sister". If there is anything that can be shown to refute this, it should be screencapped and put so others can verify this. Otherwise, it is all simply hearsay.

                          • Anonymous

                            02 Jan 2020 23:42  

                            ... I've shed at least a few tears hearing some other NPC's stories, and seeing their fates in the end, but... I think this one got me balling for a good minute. Well done with adding the emotion behind the interactions, Fromsoft.

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