Vow of Silence

Spell Type Miracle
icon_faith.png 30 Faith
Slots Used 2
Spell Uses 2

Vow of Silence is a Miracle in Dark Souls. To cast a miracle, you must use a Talismans or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles



Secret rite of the black-haired witch Velka. Prevents casting of magic within effect area.
Velka, the Goddess of Sin, is a rogue deity, but she is versed in arts both new and old, and is considered to have a great range of influence even as gods are concerned.



  • Self, Area of Effect
  • Duration: 30 seconds
  • Creates an AoE field around you that stops all spell-casting within its area of effect, including your own.


Acquired From



  • The miracle has no effect on Bosses. (Notably, Four kings, Moonlight butterfly, Gwyndolin, Demon Firesage)
  • Confirmed for Moonlight Butterfly: although Vow of Silence symbol appears around her, there is no silencing effect to her magic, only to the caster's own.
  • Although it does not affect Bosses, it still has uses against them. For example, it is very effective at revealing the location of Crossbreed Priscilla when she is invisible, as the ward still appears around her.



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    • Anonymous

      10 May 2019 08:20  

      It works on demom firesage in original dark souls for 360. People need to test things before just saying it

      • Anonymous

        03 Jul 2018 21:28  

        Just want to say that it does work against some bosses. At least in the remaster. A good example of this is Demon Firesage. It won't trigger its explosions when affected by vow of silence. Also Seath in his second form (Although this could have been a bug) Will only use his thrashing tail attacks under its effect. Will test Seath further in coop if I can.

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