Titanite Slab


Titanite slab for weapon reinforcement. Legendary Slabs were the domain of the Gods.

Reinforces standard weapons to +15, and crystal or lightning weapons to +5.

Legendary Slabs are the heirlooms of a nameless blacksmith deity, who forged the weapons of other Gods. Weapons forged with this slab become rare legendary weapons

Titanite Shard is an Ore in Dark Souls.


Titanite Slab Usage

  • Reinforce standard weapons to +15, Crystal and Lightning weapons to +5, reinforce standard armour to +10


Titanite Slab Location




  • Titanite Chunks display the rune "Eihwaz", which means "yew". This significance of this is discussed here



    • Anonymous

      20 Jun 2019 07:59  

      The best way to get these suckers on ps4 is to save scum the crystal lizards in the Great Hollow. Seems to be roughly a %10 chance, but that's easily the vest drop rate you'll get, as the darkwraiths droprate seems to be closer to 1/400 at 30 humanity and a covetous gold serpent ring. I only ever found 2 from them, on 5 different characters.

      • Anonymous

        23 Nov 2018 03:09  

        If you have the patience, these CAN be farmed from the Darkwraith Knights in New Londo Ruins. With Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and 30 Humanity (playing on Unpatched version), it took me somewhere around 4 hours of solid gameplay to receive two Titanite Slab drops. A good chunk of that time (maybe 30-60 minutes?) was spent purely trying to recover my lost humanity and souls from dying near the Drakes lol. It may take a few hours of serious grinding, but you can definitely get at least one titanite slab from Darkwraith Knights if you keep at it. People say the've never received one and it's probably because they simply quit before getting one. I also try to play for at least an hour straight, because in my experience you're more likely to get something if you keep at it than if you play for 20 mins then quit; play again for 30 minutes, then quit. This could be just me though. The biggest challenge is getting your groove to consistently get past the Drakes without wasting much time or resources. I usually just run past them, but there are times where it backfires. Just run down to the Drakes from the Bonfire near Darkroot Forest (where the Black Knight spawns), and run past the Drakes. This is by far the fastest way to get there.

        • Anonymous

          09 Jun 2018 23:06  

          I found one from a lizard in great hollow the near the first basilisks.. Around the height of cloranthy ring. Is this a random drop ? Cause with my second character that didn't happen.

          • Anonymous

            31 May 2018 13:20  

            Farming dark wraiths in new lindo ruins for slabs still works in the remaster.Got a few already and loads of chunks.

            • Anonymous

              27 May 2018 18:32  

              Have a chance to get up to four slab from lizard as it's my personal luck record ! But most of my playthrough i did get one or none , mostly none ( _ _')

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