Green Titanite Shard


Titanite shard for weapon reinforcement.
Green titanite imbued with a special power.
Reinforces magic, divine, fire weapons to +5.

"Titanite shards are fragments of the Legendary Slabs.
Titanite is etched into weapons to reinforce."

Green Titanite Shard is an Ore in Dark Souls.



Green Titanite Shard Usage

  • Reinforce Magic, Divine, and Fire weapons to +5



Green Titanite Shard Farming


Green Titanite Shard Location

Type Location Details
Purchase Sen's Fortress Sold by Crestfallen Merchant for 5,000 souls
Purchase Anor Londo Sold by Giant Blacksmith for 4,800 souls
Purchase Oolacile Township Sold by Hawkeye Gough for 4,800 souls
Drop Depths Dropped by Slime (rare)
Drop Blighttown Dropped by Giant Leech (drops 5 at a time)
Drop Darkroot Garden Rare drop from forest invaders, when using the Cat Covenant Ring as a Forest Hunter member
Drop Oolacile Township
Chasm of the Abyss
Dropped by Oolacile Sorceress.
Trade Firelink Shrine Feed Red, White or Blue titanite chunks to Kingseeker Frampt
Treasure Blighttown In front of the two leeches under the giant branch that leads to The Great Hollow
Treasure Demon Ruins At the left side, under the first set of large stairs with the four Demonic Statues
Treasure Demon Ruins Inside the Centipede Demon arena
Treasure Lost Izalith Two shards are found on a corpse in the poison sewer, right below where you meet Siegmeyer
Treasure The Catacombs On the last ledge before the drop into the area with Blacksmith Vamos
Treasure New Londo Ruins On the broken ledge of the small tower in front of the Abyss entrance





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    • Anonymous

      I hate this item so much, I was grinding leeches for large shards, and by the end of it, I had 30 large shards and 250 green shards. I'm fuming.

      • Anonymous

        WTF is this??? Why is it green??? Did Undead Attack Dog just grab some Titanite Shards and a paintbrush and started painting them green??? WHY???

        • Anonymous

          Easiest way to crank everything up before going to Anor Londo. Grab the item discovery ring (gold serpent ring) from Senns Fortress. Return to the bottom of Blighttown and Kill all the slugs in the back corner. Repeat as much as you like. Green shards can be fed to Frampt for five titanite shards or used for divine/fire/magic.

          After 20 minutes I had all my armor +3, all weapons +5, and my magic sword +5.

          • Anonymous

            if you're grinding these in the early game, just be aware that it also costs 1 green titanite to ascend your weapon too

            • Anonymous

              Save your time and your money. If you're late in game farm the Black Knights in the Kiln. 3 of them drop colored titanite chunks guaranteed. Feed them to Frampt for easy green shards. No running through swamps and no buying them. You also get around 2,000 souls per knight so 10,000 per run.

              • Don't buy these. You can get 20-30 per run from the slugs in Blight town. Took me 5 minutes to get 30 of them, which would have costed me 150k souls to buy.

                • Anonymous

                  Farming humanities ain’t much but it’s honest work. I see little reason to go beyond 10 humanities though.

                  • Anonymous

                    Drop rate from Giant Leech conflicts with the page on Giant Leech; Giant Leech's page says 2.06% drop rate. Which is it?

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