A Dark zone after the Oolacile Township, populated with Humanity spirits and the bloat-head Oolacile residents. This area has Prism stones marking the route to the boss.

Chasm of the Abyss Walkthrough


General Information


Chasm of the Abyssn Map



NPCs in the area

  • Puppy Sif and Spirit Alvina







Full Chasm of the Abyss Walkthrough

This area begins at the Oolacile Township Dungeon waypoint. Moving forwards, you will need to make a left turn and head downwards where you will come across a Crystal Lizard (drops 2x Twinkling Titanite, 1x White Titanite Chunk). Continue down the path to see red eye heads in the distance. There are 5 residents and 1 mage protecting a Dark Bead(Sorcery). After getting the item, head down the other path and kill the resident that will be behind you to your right. Continuing down you will see a ton of Black ghostly forms, these spirits drop Humanity and Twin Humanities at a rather high rate, all sizes can drop both types. However, they are unblockable and will simply phase through you and deal moderate health and stamina damage rather quickly. medium or longer range weapons are recommended to fight them.(Note, larger spirits do more damage and have more health.) As you move down, you will find a wall where you can turn left and walk onto a ledge(illusory), or turn right and fight the humanity spirits.
Optional(left Sif route, Recommended):

  • A Spirit Alvina will save you from fall damage and then will lead you towards the shortcut to the surface. Clear the spirits as you progress forwards and the last time Alvina disappears(Shortcut will be on your left), attack or roll into the wall directly behind her, this wall is illusory and will lead you to Puppy Sif.
  • Puppy Sif is surrounded by Humanity Spirits; slay them all to save him and he will howl and disappear, dropping a Cleansing Greatshield. Should you do this, Sif's Summon Sign will become available inside Manus's boss room(extremely useful distraction and decent damage).
  • Once Sif is saved and you've opened the shortcut back to where you fought Artorias, head down the path marked with a prism stone and head up to kill the bloathead oolacile mage, grab the humanity item from the corpse, then jump down.

Right route(non-Sif or continuing from optional route)

If you took the right route, you will need a long range weapon or extensive use of the Silver Pendant, as there will be a bloathead mage attacking you from afar as you attempt to fight the spirits. Once completed, don't follow the prism stones down to the boss and the slab, instead, go to the wall that you came down and fall off the ledge to the left for "Help Me!" Carving, then further fall down for a Black Flame(Pyromancy). This leads to the same area as the optional route, but without spirit Alvina guiding you along to Sif. Head up to where the mage was/is and jump down, then follow the collapsed pillar with prism stones around it down, once down there, head under the pillar for a Twin Humanities. Then head into the caves and turn right at the intersection to find the White Titanite Slab on a ledge.
Turn around and head down to kill the spirits and the fog gate. On your left will be a Soul of a Hero behind several spirits. Head through the fog gate to Manus, Father of the Abyss.

Humanity and Twin Humanity farming
Chasm of the abyss is one of the best humanity farming arena. Starting from the Chasm's bonfire, head forward and carefully follow the path keeping your right. Keep looking for a lonely resident (red eyes in the dark) because you will need to get on his platform. Once you killed him, you should see a ton of humanity phantom, and a second platform about half the distance between you and the ground full of ghost. Get on that platform, and be prepared to fight for your life. Once you get down there, I recommend a long range weapon with a circular moveset (like the Zweihander) also, if you have the stats for it, Grant's special (R2 while 2handing it) one shot any small and medium phantom in NG++ with 36 faith. After you made yourself some space on the phantom ground, locate the "Help Me!" Carvingcorpse and jump there, then fall again where the Black Flame(pyromancy) was. From there, follow the prism stone route all the way back to the mage and kill him. Once he is dead, you can fall down on the previous ''ghost ground level'' and finish the rest of them off. Use an Homeward bone and start again. Enjoy!


Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.



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